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  • The 100 memes (mostly clexa)
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    Just some beautiful clexa memes and other stuff (A lot of these aren't mine so like if it's yours and you don't want it up then tell me and I'll take it down I guess)

  • Rosa Diaz quotes
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    I love Brooklyn 99 and Rosa Diaz is my favrite character. she says alot if funny and weird things so i thought it would be fun to make a book full of her quotes!

  • How one kiss changed everything.
    71.1K 1.6K 8

    Lena and Kara have to run away from CADMUS and they end up kissing. Shows the progression of their relationship and what happens after the kiss. ;)

  • SuperCorp: Falling for a Friend
    185K 4.4K 26

    Lena and Kara have been friends for a year when kara starts to realize shes starting to get feelings for Lena, and Lena struggles with how to tell Kara that she likes her. There will be some Sanvers and no monel, Alex will accept Lena into the family. Not my characters but my story line the characters belong to the CW...

  • ~ Elyza and Alicia ~
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    Two girls Elyza Lex and Alicia Clark are living in the apocalypse later on they meet and form a close bond. How will they save the people they care about and protect each other?

  • What Happened That Night
    1.4M 61K 71

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Everyone knew Clara was in love with Griffin, the most popular and perfect kid at school - so no one understands why her older sister, Emily, murdered him. ***** Golden boy Griffin Tomlin is found dead, floating in his poo...

  • typical | rilaya au
    168K 5.7K 30

    Riley and Maya are many things. Polar opposites, school rivals and running competitors. Riley would say that Maya's ego is bigger than her 5ft body, but the blonde claims it's self confidence. Nevertheless, their personalities have clashed since the beginning. Until, one of them decides to change something.

  • Brown Eyes (octaven)
    1.8K 70 2

    "I just want you to be happy, Raven.", I glared into her dark big brown eyes. Her eyes reminded me of Lincoln, its hard to bear but I have to let him go. I can't survive if I'm like this, I have to stand up for myself. Get knocked down. Get back up. That's what he told me. Get knocked down, get back up. I rephrased th...

  • The Last Virgin Standing
    74.2M 2M 48

    (COMPLETED) Charlotte Summers is the last virgin in her school; a school where taking virginity is a sport. The sport has five main contenders: Tyler Bradshaw, the mysterious bad boy; Alec Jennings, the all-star athlete; Ian Jameson, the cocky rich guy; Beckett Cartwright, the renowned genius; and Lucas Chandler, her...

  • On Thin Ice
    7.7K 145 9

    Lexa is a kick-ass hockey player that moves into town and joins the Arkers, an elite hockey team. Clarke Griffin, Raven and Octavia just happen to be part of the team as well. What can I say? I love Clexa and I love hockey. (this is posted on AO3 as well)

  • For Always
    215 13 2

    Clarke Griffin, a 21 year old, just transferred to Polis university in LA as a junior. She's excited to finally go to school with her friends as she studies pre-med. Life is great, until she runs into a certain brunette. How much can her life change with one event? Lexa Woods, 22 years old, is a native of California...

  • Douse This Fire
    2.8K 68 9

    Clarke Griffin is teaching an art class at Polis City's art museum when there's an attack. There's explosions and gunfire, all for the sake of trying to lure out the ever elusive Nia Winters, and Clarke and the class she's teaching are caught in the middle of it. Lexa Woods and her squad get called to assist in quelli...

  • Mystery Girl (clexa)
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    Clarke comes back from high school from the holidays, but when she get back the is a new group of teens the At have joined the school but there is one girl who stands out, the one who is centre of the group.

  • Arkadia High
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    Lexa Woods can be described as one word: Badass. Slowly tearing her way through every girl in their Junior class, Lesbian or not. Somehow managed to get to her Junior year without failing any Clarke Griffin is anything but that. She is the head cheerleader but she doesn't start any drama and most of the time no one s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Another Love | Clexa (Completed)
    189K 6.1K 34

    Clarke is getting married to Lexa, who is in love with Costia. Sometimes it takes a lot more than love, to make love work. Clarke Griffin, daughter of the Arkadian Chancellor, is to be married to the Grounder Commander Lexa, for political alliance. Little does she know that Lexa was already betrothed to and in love wi...

  • Changed. (Modern Day CLEXA AU)
    496K 14.1K 36

    Clarke Griffin is starting her freshman year in college. She is attending NYU for her Doctors degree. She is so excited to start her new life away from her home which all she can see is bad memories like her dad dying and her ex boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. She just wants to forget and she feels col...

  • I Dare You to Kiss Me
    1.8M 64.5K 36

    After Emory became next door neighbors with Maizy, she slowly realizes she's been falling for her. Does Maizy feel the same? Why not find out through a classic game of truth or dare? What could go wrong? Highest ranking: #63 in romance Highest seen tag rankings: #1 in bisexual #1 in wattpride #2 in lgbt #5 in gxg #5 i...

  • Unexpected
    2.6K 72 5

    Sara Lance has just escaped Lian Yu to return home to find out her ex-boyfriend, Oliver Queen, is alive and is fighting crime alongside her sister, Laurel Lance. The guilt of leaving her love Nyssa with no notice has haunted Sara ever since she got home and fears what she'll do if she finds Sara. The guilt continues w...

  • How Do I Love You? (Connor x Reader Detroit: Become Human Fanfic)
    1.6M 55.2K 107

    "Miss (L/n), you and Anderson have been assigned with an android from Cyberlife for these cases." "Really? Well...alright. When will he or she arrive?" "I don't know, but I just hope that a stupid piece of plastic doesn't mess things up around here." "It won't Sir! Besides, they'll have me and Hank looking after it...

  • Incorrect TV Show Quotes
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    This book is filled with quotes that were definitely said in the following shows: Supergirl-Legends of Tomorrow-Wynonna Earp. #4 in Doc Holliday-1/9/19 #2 in Nate Haywood-1/9/19

  • Messenger [Lost & Found Music Studios] ✓
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    In a world where everybody tip-toes around their feelings, messenger is the perfect platform for them to leap. All Rights Reserved 2017 © crecss

  • Memes #2 {finished ✔️}
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    I'm back y'all ! This is meme book #2! Enjoy to your heart's content! DISCLAIMER: I don't cater to your wants and if it offends you, then take up with me in personal message. CAUSE I DONT CARE IF IT OFFENDS YOU WHEN ITS MEANT TO BE FOR HUMOR PURPOSES ONLY! STOP TAKING IT SO SERIOUSLY! Highest ranks: #1 - Iwasbored #7...

  • Earth 50
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    We all know that Barry Allen, Kara Danvers, Oliver Queen with their teams and a group called the Legends are awesome superheroes, both on Earth One and Earth Thirty-Eight. We also know that the multiverse consists of 53 versions of Earth. And our heroes are found on two of them. But, this story is entirely different. ...

  • the retreat snowbarry
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    Barry suffering a broken heart due to iris hurting him agrees to a vacation with Cisco wells gypsy and Caitlin. but what he didn't know was caitlin has feeling's for him in fact she always has he's always been attracted to her but never know his feelings towards her were repricated will they fight their feelings or gi...

  • Dare To Jump- Snowbarry High School AU
    20.7K 621 20

    After moving to Central City, Barry Allen's low aptitude at French gets him a tutor in Caitlin Snow. A troubled yet beautiful girl who intrigues him more than anyone in this city. After discovering her problems in school and out of it, he finds himself falling for her. But can she bring herself to jump into her feelin...

    Completed   Mature
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    the teens of riverdale have made a group chat, prepare yourselves. cover; slothtato

  • Savior || Supercorp
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    Edited chapters are marked with ✔️

  • Fangirling Reactions
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    Title says it