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  • Reverend Insanity: Jan Long's path
    41 2 1

    This is a fanfiction of "Reverend Insanity" novel. Main character is a RI novel fan and he gets reincarnated in to Gu cultivation world without cheats. He uses his knowledge to overcome obstacles and starting from the bottom, he walks on his own path.

  • Give love to the villain
    71.8K 3K 17

    How do you make a villain? Remember that villains are also innocent souls tainted. What.. is the very reason there was a villain? Of course there was always that person who will lead them to the darkest pit. Vivian became a mother to these children. Got to different world, different life, different identity and dif...

  • Amongst the Gods (ATG)
    517 158 12

    A forbidden existence survives an absolute order of execution, to claim vengeance for what was taken from him, he must pursue to be the pinnacle of his kind. As he dives deeper into the root cause of evil he learned his true purpose in this world. An adventure to unveil the twisted truth and to stand amongst thy thee.

  • Lord Of The Mysteries: The Glass Angel
    667 104 23

    Inside a glass decoration shop on the side road a young man is holding a ritual then his head explodes. After a few seconds the flesh at the base starts writhing as a new head regrows like nothing ever happened, the young man suddenly opened his eyes panting. But instead of looking confused he seems... excited? What h...

  • Transmigrated as Fang Zheng (Reverend Insanity Fanfic)
    1K 40 7

    Tobias Hans Miller is an internet lurker. For years, he live in the world of Internet. He roamed online exploring the world of movies, anime, light novels, fanfiction and webnovels. He came across the webnovel Reverend Insanity. And he knows that he found a treasure. Just like some Otakus, he became a Fan of the book...

  • Waking Up As The Trash Character
    36.3K 1.6K 25

    My name is Ali! An 18 year old college student. I was carelessly crossing the street until a motorcyle hit me and my head bumped on the edge of the bridge. Suddenly, I woke up as Trashta! The most hated character in history of all web novels! How can I deal with this?! Of all the characters to be reincarnated in, why...

  • The Elemental Swordmaster[tcf Fanfic]
    8.4K 699 9

    Hyun Gi is a 'normal' high school girl until she got into a car crash incident and died in the fire. Or that was what people see. Soo Hyun Gi opened her eyes to see herself in her armor suit and her sword with her along with her mask. She was wondering how did she end up there and go on with surviving in the forest...

  • Seirin Twin (Collab between EmaYuan & LvrXavier
    3.3K 261 8

    (Trash of the Count Family Fanfic) The twin are both childhood bestfriend of the OG Cale and they always play prank in the Henituse household. They were the only one that accompany Cale when his father didn't comfort him after his mother passed away. When Kim Rok Soo transmigrated into Cale body, little does he know t...

  • Fudge, I reincarnated as the heroine!
    269K 11K 56

    As the title suggests, the story is about the reincarnated tale of our dear heroine who doesn't resemble one at all by the way! Book cover by larxene23. Note from author: My writing is questionable so don't expect much. Also... Thank you for reading !

  • I Am The Novel's Villain
    550K 25.3K 53

    She was just a typical woman, she loves her family, has a stable job she loves and a cat who doesn't love her. Everything would have been perfect only if she didn't die. When she thought she was dead, she woke up and found out she became a baby...and a male at that! " It's fine, I'll get over this trauma soon and wak...

  • Our Kind Little Prince
    27.5K 420 10

    Jung Soo, you could say, was always the villain in other people's story. Even if he did nothing wrong. He never knew why. Never really cared either way. And so he let himself be killed. No one would miss him anyway, at least.. not anymore. ------ "Mama, Papa, what kingdom do we rule?" "Well, my little prince. We, the...

  • The Dating Sim is a Horror Game
    38.6K 1.7K 23

    He didn't realize that he was living in a world of dating sim until he was enrolled in that Academy. Daydream Academy- The number one school in the world that accepts the specialize students. Unique students that possess something beyond normal human comprehension.It wasn't a school for heroes nor it was a school fo...

  • Your Highness
    191 36 12

    When you think life was just life, you'll never imagine about unbelievable thing that would happen to you. ... Skylar, an otaku girl. She never really cared about anything, and always just brushed them off like nothing. The day she got a katana, something happened, as if it was a test for her fighting skill. She thoug...

  • I became the cold duke's wife! I wish this life will turn out great!
    4.3K 136 3

    I am Scarlett and i died in the age of 21. But i was reincarnated as a villainess! I died at such a young age with no boyfriend. I was really beautiful in the past you know! But in this life, i'm not. No- i meant, i now have a husband! And i am also beautiful as well! Ehem.. But my husband is really cold, will i be a...

  • Twins
    67.9K 2.5K 25

    A pair of twins were born into this world with two different thoughts. 'Ow! GOD! Shit!!' 'So it's called a house!' Thus, Luka and Lukas who, with just their own birth, changed the course of fate. In a story that once spoke of tragedy, they made peace. From captures targets to heroine to demons to humans, they correct...

  • 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗖𝘂𝗿𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝗣𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗰𝗲【Who Made Me A Princess】
    31.7K 13 1

    Being rewritten and I can't think of a description so bare with me for a while.

  • The Hero Wishes to Live
    614 42 4

    The world had been abandoned. I was the only one left, chosen by the world to fight the impending calamity by myself. Given the strength to survive, I combated the calamity until my magic ran out and my arms were too heavy to swing. And finally, at the end of it all- [Congratulations, you have defeated the Calamity an...

  • The fall of a Twin
    1.5K 32 5

    The Twin siblings new life spin off where something happens to one of the twins and what happens to the other. The story is set to where they run away at the age of 13 because Rurahel died when they were 12 almost 13. The story was inspired after I read Unfettered by silailo, Their story is amazing and I highly recomm...

  • Two Rings Of Gold
    104 8 1

    A novel or manhwa called 'Who Made Me A Princess' was very popular all around the world. There were two sisters who always wondered what's its like to live a good life. These two sisters were separated ever since they were 7 and now they both have different families. The first sister Amara, had a great family who were...

  • Reincarnated In The Magic World Called Gaia
    168K 5.4K 33

    The proffesional assassin, Kiara Aurano, was sent on a mission. Unfortunately, the ship she's riding on, suddenly had an explosion causing the ship to sink. She died AFTER saving a young girl. Yeeessss... she died. The thing is, she drowned. Despite knowing how to swim. How? You find out. Anyway, she thought that was...

  • The Crown Prince! (Who Made Me A Princess Crossover)
    167K 6.5K 22

    ***** Just a simple normal young lady living in a normal modern life. To make it simple, she is very interest at latest famous webtoon but the God had another plan for her. Death Reincarnated.. Somehow it was her fault that she jinxed herself.. Although, why she is a boy?! *****

  • Villain's Will: Redemption
    161K 7.7K 47

    ~This book is mine🥴~ In the magnificent castle of Azrian Empire, there lived an evil empress. The people perceived her as the cruel tyrant who seized the title through despicable ways. There she stood with all her glory, Willow Liariaz, the villain in the life of Emperor Lucrose and the Saintess Adelaide. Abhorred by...

  • Reincarnated As The Dying Villain
    209K 11.7K 24

    Mason Davis, a young and poor university student and an orphan was crossing the road after buying the second series of his favourite novel, "Love is a lie" when a truck hit him with full force. Concluding that this was his end, he closed his eyes only to be reincarnated into the first series of his favourite novel. Un...

  • Transmigration Diaries
    12.2K 596 26

    I, who should have a normal noble life after reincarnating, had accidentally change my fate due to my unique skill i had in my past life. I was just a normal guy who lived an average and normal life, had a unique skill in being inconspicuous. It had cause me so much misery due to the fact i can't make any friends or i...

  • Eventide Marauder
    19.7K 1K 28

    A modern century man died and found himself reincarnated back in time of the 19th century France. To be reincarnated and given a second chance was a happy occasion. But, to be back in time with the looming issues in the background and horizon? It was the worse. Yet, maybe his life in the past would be better if he sta...

  • Today, I Decided To Forgive Myself
    122K 4.8K 51

    "People only become the monster inside when they are forced to.. it's just the way the world works. Remember that the next time you're forced to stare into lifeless eyes." And I crook a smile in his direction. Just one last time for his enjoyment. Because this is finally the start of my story. No longer is my story...

    38.2K 1.6K 24

    Description: After being betrayed by his friends, Allen Smith woke up not as a human but a zombie... ***** The pictures are not mine* But the Story Is! #Slow_Update

  • The Wonderland Breakdown
    5.2K 159 5

    This story is based of a little fox girl name Charlie that went back to Wonderland, but, little did she know...Wonderland wasn't the same when she left

  • Prince of Demons, Reincarnated as an Exorcist!
    19.3K 451 7

    The demon prince has been slain by a brave party of Holy Knights. But when they return home one of the nuns has a surprise for them. A new sister in arms has been born. Little do they know that this child is the reincarnation of the demon they have just killed! I do not own the picture on the cover. All credit goes to...

  • Fᴏʀᴄᴇᴅ Tᴏ Bᴇ Tʜᴇ Vɪʟʟᴀɪɴ
    8.2K 377 15

    In one fateful night, Oliver's peaceful life ended. A fatal hit to the head comatose him eventually leading to his death. But just as he thought everything was over, he transmigrated into the novel he was reading before he died. "Manipulator, Manipulated." A story about a young knight finding his place in a cruel worl...