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  • Redeeming Love
    288K 5.9K 25

    Story about two people madly in love.... two young souls, Arnav and Khushi! Some people are not our family...not our blood...still we feel complete with them. Some don't share the same blood, but they do share an unbreakable bond. Join me to enjoy a beautiful journey full of suspense, love, romance, thriller and co...

  • My love of my life [ ON HOLD ]
    314K 15.4K 34

    "The seven pheras are over" now you people are husband and wife...announced the priest.. Tears are running from her beautifully shaped fish like eyes continuously, where as the guy doesn't even know that he got married... How the girl will live her new life with a completely new family and a mentally imbalanced...

  • Connected by Blood♥️✨💫♥️
    109K 8.1K 23

    He left her but gave a part of his soul to her unknowingly ,'Their kids' he never wanted to see her again but what if his replica came in front of his eyes without knowing about his reality he feel some kind of a strong connection with him... "they are not connected by destiny ,they are CONNECTED BY BLOOD" well I am...

  • Arrogant Boss vs irritating PA
    437K 38.1K 59

    shh... just peep in to know... Copyright ©️ 2021 @jamuna23 All rights reserved. No part of this book/book may be reproduced without the writer's permission on any kind of sites or any forums. It is strictly prohibited. This story is only on wattpad Copying is strictly prohibited.

  • tere bina
    252K 13.8K 32

    sheetal track ... After basket ball match A complete different story... A new bold khushi ... Peep in the story to know how arshi will reunite ...

  • Tarnished By Him✅
    147K 14.6K 56

    A girl who never got happiness in her life from childhood and always thought one day her prince charming will come and flew away along with her.. but her all dreams got tarnished when she got married to a man bcz of his dadi wish and waited for him three years bearing all pain from his family even being called steril...

    Completed   Mature
  • I am all yours ( completed )UNEDITED
    192K 9.3K 55

    Priya Sharma is a cheerful girl, she gets into her dream college never did she know that she will meet the handsome guy in her college Arjun Khanna. but the truth is Priya is not an orphan, not after Arjun finding she is his long-lost childhood best friend and the heir of the richest family of Sharma. will Priya goes...

  • Life with my Soulmate
    108K 9.6K 63

    Hey guys i am not so good in explanation so just peep inside

  • Arshi-TUTA TARA
    648K 28.6K 43

    Journey of Arnav and khushi towards love after marriage.

  • you are my everything.
    14.8K 817 4

    arshi story peep in to know more.

  • An Unwilling Wife☆ COMPLETED✅✔
    535K 47.9K 115

    #73 in romance (1.2.18) #79 in romance (29.1.18) #83 in romance (26.1.18) #89 in romance (24.1.18) #91 in romance (22.1.18) #93 in romance (21.1.18) #97 in romance (18.1.18) #114 in romance (13.1.18) #118 in romance (12.1.18) #122 in romance (11.1.18) #139 in romance (9.1.18) #154 in romance (7.1.18) #163 in romance (...

  • Claimed By Him Without Love (#Wattys2016)
    27.8M 878K 56

    Higest rank #1 in romance on 27.07.2016 His both hands were on the wall on either side of me, pinning me to the wall... ''you will not talk to any other men except me......'' he was fuming with anger. ''James...listen to me...'' I started but cut off by his punch on the wall. ''DO YOU GET IT'' he shouted angrily. I...

  • B@bY !n My WómB ✓✓
    417K 29.3K 46

    It was my first book, And if you are planning to criticize me for my way of writing and all the grammatical mistakes i made then, it's a request to you to just scroll down and never look back to this book . Thank you❤️

    Completed   Mature
  • In Love With Mr. Billionaire
    36.6M 1.2M 47

    Caroline Marshall, a sweet, innocent and cute girl, who hates rich guys since her father threw her mother away to marry another woman for money. Living with a step-mother, a step-sister and a cruel father, her life was worse than hell. Aaron Woodwords, a multi-billionaire and the CEO of Woodwords corporation, has...

  • Queen of his Heart
    180K 18.3K 64

    it's a story of circumstances marriage where shivaay n anika understand themselves n start there marriage life

    Completed   Mature
  • Meet Mrs SSO
    192K 14K 45

    Shivay Singh oberoi the great wall,he used to love his family more than anything,his brothers om ,rudra are his life.oberoi family break every relation with shivay and throw him out of oberoi mansion because of misunderstanding create by Svetlana.oberois regret for not trusting shivay but it is too late to ask forgive...

  • Worth Fighting For✔️
    632K 26.6K 40

    Cover Credit - the_clumsygirll #3 multiple times I sat on his bed wearing the bridal lehenga. My heartbeat was increasing. My palms were sweating. Waiting for him to arrive. Him. Somebody I donot know. My husband. My parents married me off to him to get rid of their burden. And now I am waiting for him to arrive. He...

  • My Wife
    362K 25.2K 31

    Another story on MANAN To know further please enter in story. © All Rights Reserved.

    183K 11.2K 16

    A story of Arnav Singh Raizada and his REPLACED BRIDE Khushi Gupta. Will he accept her as his Wife? Will his family accept her? Why she was replaced in someone's place? Will ever she love her unexpected husband? To know more start reading. Cover credit: @Myself Starting: 31/12/2019 Status: Ongoing. Updates: We...

  • Arshi Ki Duniya!! ✔
    166K 9K 19

    Title Translation: Arshi's World... Scene: Shots based on random plots. #1- Soch Na Sake #2- Tum Meri Zindagi Ho #3- Tera Pyaar Haar Gaya #4- It's because... #5- Sirf Tumhara #6- Main Hoon Na #7- Jee Na Paon #8- Bichre Na Par Kabhi #9- Hum Thak Gaye Hain #10- Pain #11- Akhri Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai

  • Arshi FF- My Little Bride (Completed)
    1.8M 83.9K 109

    Before they could even understand...They were bonded by a thread called "Marriage".

  • Arshi SS: Heart Beats♥️ (Completed)
    565K 28.5K 79

    The broken heart and its long lost Rhythmic beats have a beautiful story to tell...Its Heart Beats .....Regular Update...♥️♥️♥️ #Arshi - 90 on 08/04/2019 #Arshi-59 on 09/04/2019 #Ipkknd- 26 on 09/04/2019 #ipkknd-24 on 13/04/2019 #ipkknd-18 on 15/04/2019 #ipkknd-1 on 24/05/2019

  • Beware Mr ASR, Mrs ASR in action
    339K 13.5K 29

    Sheetal had entered Shantivan three years back. Three years later, everything has changed in Shantivan. Everyone is alive but not living. What happened? To Arshi, to Payash, to Anjali, to Arav. My take on Sheetal's track with lots of twist and turns. A roller coaster ride with a new Khushi and Payal.

  • FF:My Husband is mine ✔ #wattys2019
    336K 11.5K 36

    20 May 2019 #209 out of 296K on 22/06/2019 in Short story #1 out of 116 on 22/06/2019 in Gupta #15 out of 1.21K on 22/06/19 in ipkknd #20 out of 1.51K on 22/06/19 in arshi #1 out of 434 on 17/06/19 in Asr How is Kushi would be able to save her married life when her husband's Ex & her Son would live with them? Can she...

  • Unwanted... Nonessential (COMPLETE)
    628K 36.5K 73

    Being born as a girl was the biggest burden for Khushi Kumari Gupta. Her parents never cared for her, nor loved her, just her little brother, that too from a distance. All Khushi has ever desired was to be wanted and to be essential to someone. And all of that begins when someone new enters her life. Arnav Singh Raiza...

    Completed   Mature
  • WedLock ~ Union of Two Souls
    362K 36.3K 32

    Story revolves around 2 individuals with shattered hearts,both lost the one they loved! Both don't even want to move-on ,they are still stuck over past! What happens when they are tied in a sacred bond calling Marriage? Starring Parth Samthaan as Manik Malhotra And Niti Taylor as Nandini Murthy. - Cover credits: Fabih...

  • That one mistake!! ✔️
    572K 22.3K 56

    Highest rank - 2# wild 8/5 What happens when someone stranger saves you from the goons but he makes love to you the same night? And what happens when you commit a "mistake" with a stranger.. being already engaged? Khushi get pregnant by a person who is a stranger to her. How she will face the society when she get the...

  • Limitless Love (Completed)
    376K 14.8K 14

    *Ranked #11 in childhood sweethearts(11-5-18)* *Ranked #70 in trust(12-6-18)* *Ranked #204 in Romance(21-5-17)* Book 1 of LL series Genre: Romance , Drama ____ London His cell phone rang and a huge smile broke out on his lips. Quickly changing into his Armani suit he dashed out of the bathroom, water dripping from...