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  • The Villain and the Cannon Fodder's Mother
    634K 22.6K 200

    Right after getting the first-class chef's certificate and before that certificate had been in her hands long enough to warm up, she woke up. Not only did she age ten years, she also gained two children... --- At this time, her new daughter, who had lost two of her front baby teeth and spoke with a lisp, pointed at th...

  • Five big shots kneel in front of me and call me mom
    571K 24K 71

    25 years ago, Gu Yuan who had a terminal disease was found to possess one kind of kind rare powerful gene. In order to allow the gene to pass through the generation, she donated out 5 ova before her surgery. 25 years later, she awakens. Her 5 ova had now turned into outstandings and famous men. Mmmm....who is it that...

    848K 41.9K 108

    I suddenly woke up in the body of a 6 year old child with the memories of my past life. However, upon looking myself at the mirror, I was taken aback by how villainous my appearance is. Events went by, one by one, only to make me realize that I am actually reincarnated in an old-school shoujo manga called "Go Shi...

    848K 32.8K 73

    ♡̷̸⁩ notes: title and cover changed. avoid voting! ┈ ❥︎ synopsis I was reincarnated as a daughter of the count's family and the young one-sided lover of the male lead who recuperated as a child. The daughter is a small-time villain who tried to separate the male lead and female lead which caused her family to get ruin...

  • The Loki System
    241K 11.2K 18

    The Wicked Villain System is desperately in search of a host. In comes this sleepy looking guy who doesn't know how he died. Mot Doltishend is a mechanic. He's the sleepy looking guy who doesn't know how he died. Anyway, stuff happens, a contract is made, and now he is Loki Odinson, the god of chaos and lies. ... Oh...

  • Chasing You (Arcs 1-7)
    5.9M 299K 199

    "Do you want to live?" "If so, sign a contact with me." The young man gazes up with a faint smile on his face, "Yes." The young man didn't care who it was that he'd struck a deal with. Even if it was the devil or a God, he would have agreed. Whatever and whoever it may be, he would take their outstretched hand. Right...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Demon Commander's Runaway Consort
    975K 49.6K 27

    Heng Ming was just your average salary man from the 21st century who unfortunately died from falling down the stairs, yes ironic isn't it. He happens to transmigrate into his favourite bl novel only to realise his in the body of a minor character who was beaten to death. If that's not shocking enough he somehow gave b...

  • The legacy of a villainess
    369K 14.4K 46

    I was born for nothing . Cancer consuming my limbs I only became a curse to my parents . All I could do was read and sit in a hospital bed all day . I cursed this life for being so useless and on my death bed alone I cried for a second chance . And god felt pity for me . Like others I was reincarnated as a villainess...

  • The People Who're Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead
    1.1M 61.1K 121

    Latest Chapters can be found at !DO NOT REPOST! ANYWHERE! Author: 酒矣 Alternative Name: 《说好要杀我的人都看上我了[快穿]》 This is a novel translation by me Total chapters: 123 All chapters here have been staggered. ** Summary: What does it fee...

  • Rebirth of Fa Wei Lan
    4.3M 177K 47

    I am dying - it was inevitable. The poison given to me over the course of several months have spread throughout my veins and seep through my bones. I was alone. There was not one single person to hold me, to comfort me, or to cry for me... I am all alone... NOTE from the writer: I'm an amateur writer so please overloo...

    Completed   Mature
  • See You Again in Spring
    38.7K 1.7K 9

    Sakura is just an average high school girl who plays Otome games every now and then. She didn't expect that after losing her life, she will get thrown into the most recent Otome game she just finished playing. What's worst is that she is not even born as any of the main characters! She was not the heroine, the villain...

    3.2M 120K 60

    My name is Calla Lind. Ever since my reawakening, I have live my life the way I wanted. I was able to be Calla, meet people as Calla, and have people see me as Calla. I had thought to let go of the past and be free of it. Now I know, letting go also means moving on. This is a continuation of the CALLA. WARNING! View...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Year
    6.8M 252K 111

    One Year, that's what they agreed upon. That's why she worked so hard to please him. That's why she did everything in her power to help him and his people. So she could live her second life, the way she wanted. In peace. One Year, they promised each other. To live a life as husband and wife. One Year, to convi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rebirth of Fa Wei Lan : Volume 3
    64.2K 1.4K 1

    Even the best empire will fall because of a beauty... Wei Lan isn't a beauty that could make empires fall... If Lan wants, your Wang Feng will conquer any empire you wish... Wei Lan doesn't want empires. Wei Lan only wants Wang Feng... This is a continuation of the Rebirth of Fa Wei Lan. WARNING! Viewer discre...

  • Cinderella Rebirth //hiatus
    161K 7.8K 29

    What was happy ever after? What was the ultimate happiness? Cinderella was believed to live happily ever after with her prince charming at the end of the midnight magic. They got married and died still smitten in love. Or so they said. Was it the truth? Oh. It was all a lie. In this world, there was no such thing as l...

  • ☑ | World of Mary Sue, But I'm Not Mary
    278K 13.7K 50

    Jesse (man) died only to be transmigrated as Feng Mian (woman), in a world ran by Mary Sue. Fortunately, he doesn't need to dress up as a woman, because he is recognized as a man in the entire D City and no one doubts this! Gotta thank the greedy father (throws him in jail) and thank the Mary Sue of a step-sister (x2...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm the Mother of the Heroine? (Book 1)
    909K 31.6K 91

    (Highest Ranked: #24 in Fantasy/Magic) THIS IS AN ORIGINAL STORY (2nd Book is already up on my Profile; This one is Complete) I died and when I woke up I had just given birth to a child. Not just any child though, but the Heroine of an Otome game called 'Revenge Served Sweetest Alongside You'. All I want now is to rai...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Shameless Young Miss
    4M 165K 112

    After living living her life until she was old and grey. Poison expert Lihua Lei died peacefully at an old age, surrounded by those she love. Expecting to rest in peace in the afterlife, Lihua Lei finds herself not in heaven, but instead her soul transmigrated into the body of a young 18 year old who died full of hat...

    Completed   Mature
    111K 2K 2

    Violet Calla Lily I walked by in the dark Dizzying scent We are but simple flowers This is a continuation of the CALLA. WARNING! Viewer discretion advised: BOOK 3 contains adult content that is unsuitable for children. NOTE from the writer: I'm an amateur writer so please overlook plot holes, grammar issues, or an...

  • Rebirth of Fa Wei Lan : Volume 2
    5.4M 177K 68

    2 years is short... 2 years is long... Days pass like years. Years continues on for eternity. Do you still remember the promise? This is a continuation of the Rebirth of Fa Wei Lan. WARNING! Viewer discretion advised: Volume 2 contains adult content that is unsuitable for children. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Where Colors Rule [ PLANET BLUE ]
    96.2K 2.5K 19

    In a universe far away, the social life is ruled by colors. Whichever color you were born in, is where you'll spend your life in as the government controls you. Kana Hashira didn't care about that. All she wanted was to repay the orphanage and the citizens living in the Blue City 13 for what they have done for her. T...

  • Ghost Du Hongmo
    1M 52.4K 83

    She was known as The Ghost, the most fearsome poison assassin in Bido Kingdom. No one lives after she attacks. No one can buy her loyalty. No one can control her. No one knows her whereabouts. She comes and goes as she pleases, blowing in with the eastern wind and leaving with the northern storm. But before she wa...

    Completed   Mature
    4.3M 173K 55

    My name is Calla Lind. For 20 years, I have lived within the shadow of my beautiful older sister - chasing and holding onto an illusion of love. A love that will never belong to me... Now with this second chance of life, I won't chase after illusion. I won't rely on someone else for happiness. I will do what I want, e...

    Completed   Mature
  • IGNORED. "That's what mobs are"
    249K 11.4K 35

    I was thrown into a world where things were like olden days, with castles and princesses and knights. Put into the body of the kingdom's rarely seen princess, I was forcefully made to deal with situations that do not benefit me, but benefits another. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't appeal to the people who surr...

  • The Bright Future Awaits! The Villainess Lady's Route of Happiness
    1.9M 73K 94

    HIGHEST RANK #1inFantasy (07.30.18) A young genius doctor in her peak of career died in a bank robbery. As she thought that it was the end of her life, she is reborn as a daughter of a duke. Her dream to become a protagonist of a fantasy world starts now.... or not. She actually reincarnated as the villainess lady of...

  • Reincarnated as the evil fat pig villainess in an Otome game
    890K 31.4K 39

    My name was Satori when I died in the 1960s and I was reincarnated as Lilian before I died and was reincarnated as the Villainess in an Otome Game called "The Flower of Love". I was reborn as Sarah a fat ugly 7 year old Villainess daughter, I have both memories when I was a man and when I was a woman in Japan. This st...

  • Otome Game vs Demon King Game
    121K 4.4K 37

    The sequel to "Reincarnated as the evil fat pig Villainess in an Otome Game", where Princess Sarah now known as the goddess Sarah has to navigate the World of the Demon King, the Hero and the Evil God. Imagine what's it's like if you are in a romance game and was suddenly thrust into a game where you have to kill the...