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  • The Crown
    405 22 7

    Amoura has always felt different and she thought it was just because she didnt have a father like the rest of the kids growing up but when he comes back in her life will it be a blessing or curse

  • To Our Own Beat (Urban)
    321K 15.8K 40

    This is a spin-off from Calm Before the Storm. I suggest you read Joyful Storm and Calm Before the Storm before reading this work. Will chances at fame and fortune overrun the relationship between Reagan and Ricky? What happens when people start dancing to their own beats? ...

  • Ambitious Girl
    530K 17.3K 30

    (Completed) Sasha is a nineteen year old in high school Who lives with her alcoholic mother Jade and Hank her mother's abusive boyfriend who started raping her at the age of seventeen. Sasha has to deal with so much and also mange work and school. Can Sasha get through the next five months of school and keep her job w...

  • Ain't No Such Thing As To Much Loyalty
    707K 25.9K 33

    (COMPLETED) •••••THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO "Loyalty Over Everything!" IF YOU HAVE NOT READ LOYALTY OVER EVERYTHING YOU MUST READ IT FIRST OR THIS STORY WILL NOT MAKE SENSE! Ky'Mon was Beauti's Dream guy! They were the perfect couple. Being engaged and sharing a child to it all being a dream. Will these two live that fairy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loyalty over everything!
    1M 38.1K 47

    (Completed) Beauti and Babi is two bad bitches, who had everything they could ever want from the house to the cars from the commas in their bank account to every rich nigga in town they had it all. Beauti and Babi was like a Bonnie and Clyde they did everything together since Beauti parents were murder when she was si...

    Completed   Mature
  • Too Strong To Be Broken
    871K 33.1K 41

    Passion is a strong innocent and humbled nineteen year old girl who parents died in a plane crash when she was seven. Passion life is not a fair tale, having a part time job and having to pay bills, Passion life is very tough. But Passion manages to hold on. But with her grandmother fighting against cancer could a spe...

  • The Streets Or Her
    523K 17.2K 28

    (Completed) A small town girl name Joy lives at home with her strict mother who's always on her about any little thing. While her brother is married and living his life her baby sister is in Atlanta tending college and her oldest sister is coming back home. Joy works two jobs and is a full time student studying Cosme...

  • Who Can Sex You Like Me?
    3.2M 70.3K 28

    (Completed) Being the perfect daughter to becoming a big disappointment! Melodi is the perfect daddy's girl. Being under her parents wing at the age of twenty-one Melodi isn't able to explore the world. Until one day Melodi is forced to have a babysitter while her parents are out of town. Melodi gets a taste of the s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lustful Sins
    318K 12.7K 38

    Dealing with lust you can be blind. Some people often mistake lust for love. Both are dangerous! What happens when a innocent girl fall in love with the lust of a man? Exotic Sex, Secrets, Lies, and Setups! I introduce to you... Lustful Sins *Warning ⚠ This book contains explicit language and detailed sexual content...

  • The Mercy Of A Thug
    1.3M 50.6K 57

    I wouldn't call it living the fast life, I call it surviving. Tara is a 16 year old girl who always had to fend for herself. With her mother in and out of rehab and her daddy being Jon doe. Tara is left to take things into her own hands. Money was the motive until it almost cost her, her life. What will happen when a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Convicted
    3.6K 120 5

    we still blaming it on the streets? "Blame It On The Streets Series" ❤️

  • Charm | A Dave East Story
    416K 17.4K 32

    22 year old Ayana "Charm" Davis is taken under the wings of her aunt and uncle, Keyshia and Radric "Gucci" Davis - aka The Wopsters, when her parents were shot and killed in 98' over a drug deal. Ayana's uncle tries to give her the life she deserves so that way she can stay clear of the streets, the strip club, and m...

  • Tough Love
    498K 10.5K 20

    Follow Alicia's journey into adulthood as a single, teenage mother.

  • Hood Love 4
    151K 3.1K 3

    Final Hood Love

  • Hood Love 3
    2.1M 39.1K 39

    If you haven't read Hood Love or Hood Love 2, I suggest you read those first

  • Hood Love 2
    1.7M 38.5K 38

    Sequel to Hood Love. If you haven't read Hood Love read it before you read this.

  • Hood Love
    3.4M 61.8K 34

    Nova's life can sometimes be hard but she thinks she found the right boy. Can they stay together through every thing? READ ON & SEE

  • Harlem LOVE || COMPLETED
    843K 20K 53

    Karin is a full time college student majoring in fashion and minoring in cosmetology. Her focus is and has always been on getting out of New York. What happens when she runs into 'East?. East is a dangerous but well respected man in the streets. He wants to know more about Karin and whatever he wants he gets. Will the...

  • Speak
    85.8K 3.3K 24

    Chayse is a 17 y/o girl growing up in one of the worst parts of Phili. Her parents are way to gone off the stuff that they threw their entire life away for it. She is stuck fending for her self against them and everyone else. All the stuff she went through cause her to become Mute. What happens when she meets Meek...

  • EWNETA |Dave East |Story|
    812K 22.3K 82

    (U-net-a) Ewneta and Dave East cross paths with nothing but lust and desirable affection for each other. Read the book y'all.

    Completed   Mature
  • Damaged Goods
    8.8K 315 25

    " And then suddenly , for no apparent reason . Everything started to fall apart , too quickly to fix ." Seventeen year old Trinity Singleton is just like everyone else , playing this game called life . With a lot on her plate , she manages to push through the rough times . When bridges get burned down and the truth co...

  • The Thug's Diamond
    145K 5.5K 31

    " A classy woman with a little bit of hood in her ." After her parent's nasty divorce, Angel left her family in New York behind and moved down to the dirty south with her dad. Being the new girl in town wasn't easy and came with a lot of hate turning her into a cold thug. Years of hard work and time, she later was m...

  • Never Ending
    192K 5.1K 36

    Meet Karin as she move to New York all alone by herself. She has one hell of a past that no one knows about. She meets Dave East. While they stick it together or would they leave it alone

  • My Thug
    1K 12 12

    Is every man the same? If I do this will I regret it? Does he really loves me? This is questions these girls ask themself as the fall in love with a thug. Lets take a ride with these girls.

  • Vanilla Dipped In Chocolate Restricted Chapters
    110K 1.6K 3

    These are all the rated r chapters from Vanilla Dipped in Chocolate

    Completed   Mature
  • After Hours
    3.3M 95.3K 27

    Destiny Parker is a 31 year old African American woman stuck working a nine to five job and balancing the role of mother and the horrors of finding a good man. To make matters worse, she has a boss that she can't stand. Her new boss is evil... gorgeous but evil, and has a reputation around the office as a player. And...

  • The Boss
    40.6K 1.1K 5

    Have you ever met someone you hate but also hate that you want them so bad...... This story is marked Mature for: inappropriate language, sexual content, sexual gifs, violence, etc. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK....

  • They dont know(completed)
    16.3K 525 46

    Kim grew up in a life most would never understand no mother no father an was left to fin for herself.she go through life trying to find the right one. kim was that bitch being mixed and living her life on the top being a kingpins daughter and a Gangsta she was brought up to be,but not every gangsta bitch is as bad as...

    Completed   Mature
  • "Wrong person, wrong reasons"(urban)
    171K 4.6K 42

    Jaylen is 17 years old, and pretty conceeded. He is rich, fine, and just about every girl is in his face. They're never nothin' more then a sidechick. But that changes when he meets Payton. She is 17 pretty, nice...well she seems nice but she's 100% opposite. Family will be killed and more all because Payton cant get...

  • The Unusual {Tyga Love Story}
    415K 10.6K 30

    How long will it take a strong willed girl to fall into the arms of one of the hottest rappers in the game?

    Completed   Mature