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  • Fuck Me Bareback (BxB||One Shots)
    672K 7.2K 13

    BDSM, ass eating, sex, etc. >> Sexual one shots. >> Wrote these when I was like 14 beware. I am making new one shots and they'll be in a different book. If you make comments about how bad the writing is or about how something is wrong or stupid I honestly couldn't care less. I wrote these on my OLD OLD account when W...

    Completed   Mature
  • Whore.
    2.9M 103K 42

    "Meat" has been a call-guy in Chicago's gay district for over a year and seems largely satisfied with his job. Until a peculiar new client makes him question if he should be serving his meat to everyone.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rookie (manxmen)**Hothouse Book 1**
    5.4M 146K 32

    Young, fit, and fresh from the Fire Rescue Academy, Rookie Firefighter,Thaddeus Martin landed the newly opened position to the infamous Ladder 29 station. Ecstatic to be getting the chance to put his training into real life action, he was more than eager to jump into the deep end with both feet, the heroism of the job...

    Completed   Mature
  • Damn STRAIGHT I'm GAY! (MPreg)
    239K 6.8K 21

    Milyn Echols is openly gay. His parents accept him. Even though he grew out his hair. Wears girls clothes and make up from time to time. He's starting a new school, Academic High. A rich private school not welcome to the LGBT community. What happens when Milyn attends here? Will he be accepted? Or will it all go to he...

  • Werewolf's and Magic Mpreg
    216K 8.2K 20

    Ps, first story :Avery is a witch who ran away from his boyfriend with his friend Austin to stay with his aunt but what will happen when a certain Alpha named Winter starts to take in a liking to Avery not to mention the secrets Avery is hiding and will he ever escape his ex boyfriend.

  • My Ninety Day Prince (ManxBoy Mpreg)
    115K 3.6K 13

    Meet Hazel Camp. He's poor and his family have no money. So they do what they think is right. They Send Hazel off to be the wife of Prince Xander of Azaliea. But.....He doesn't want it. Xander falls for Hazel in less than 5 minutes and he couldn't wait to make him his wife. But what happenes when Hazel declines the o...

  • Blue eyed Boy - Nouis (Mpreg boyxboy)
    373K 6.9K 31

    Louis Tomlinson is a famous pop star, living the dream life and on tour around the UK and Ireland. Niall Horan is a small town boy working at Nando's dreaming about meeting his idol, Louis Tomlinson. What happens when they meet? What happens when sparks fly? And will Niall ever tell Louis his little secret?

  • Mate? Alpha? What? BoyxBoy
    135K 4.3K 27

    Alex average Rain above average What will happen when a party meeting changes the fate of an over protective tempered Alpha werewolf and a bullied math nerd? Rain- The Alpha wolf or should I say soon to be Alpha. Anyone who knows Rain, knows to never be rude. Rain's whole life everyone has never voiced their displea...

  • Daniel ღ
    1.1K 33 4

    For my Daniel <3 I've never loved anyone as much as you...