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  • monster ( mythical creatures etc)one shots
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    yea, you can request stuff, I most likely won't do lemons lmao but I mean I won't stop you from requesting it. Most of these fellas are my characters, I don't own you or any specific media monsters/mythology characters you might request though.

  • Shot Down (hiccup x reader HTTYD)✔️
    269K 7.2K 20

    Banished from her village, shot out of the skies, questioned, and spent the night with a strange guy was not the way y/n was hoping her 22 birthday was going to go down. But what happened when she falls in love with the dragon master? IM SO SORRY THIS IS BAD I WROTE THIS SO LONG AGO ⚠️I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO DREAM...

  • It was Fate (Older Hiccup x Reader)
    236K 6.9K 15

    All Rights are Reserved for Dreamworks. I don't own the cover either. Also this takes place before Hiccup is dating Astrid. Your just a ordinary girl in the land of Berk. You are an only child and you lost your mother. You now live with your dad. You don't usually socialize until a certain incident happens with the ch...

  • Spirited Away 2: The Return of Chihiro | ✓
    152K 3.7K 36

    10 years after leaving the Spirit World, Chihiro longs to return to her Haku. 10 years after the first humans in decades arrive and leave, Haku longs for his Chihiro to return. Chihiro Ogino is now 20 years old and still remembers her accidental visit to the Spirit World ten years ago vividly, especially Haku. She's l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Remembering Those Sea Green Eyes | Chihiro x Haku
    17.9K 555 8

    Chihiro x Haku Chihiro has been living like a normal teenager for the past 5 years and her childhood is pretty much a blur except a few things including the spirit world. Although she sometimes thinks it was all just a weird dream or her young self imagining things, she tries and convinces herself it's real. What hap...

  • FNAF Human Boyfriend Scenarios
    245K 3.9K 32

    Ever wonder what it would be like to date one of the male (humanized) characters of the Five Nights At Freddy's Series? Wellp, here are some scenarios to help QUENCH that's thirst! • Heads Up! I'm in the progress of rewriting this thing, due to the changes that have cannonly occurred since I wrote this •

  • FNAF Freddy x Reader [DISCONTINUED]
    2.3K 42 5

    Y/N L/n was looking for a job. She saw a 'Help Wanted' sign. She went and got the job. What happens when She finds out about the Animatronics turning Human. What would happen? Pictures drawn by me. FYI sorry if its horrible. I'm not used to drawing on a White Board

  • fnaf Freddy x reader
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    im open to requests :3

  • FNAF One Shots/ Scenarios
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    This book is for readers and OCs. Have fun reading about your FNAF crushes. Disclaimer: I don't own the fnaf characters, they belong to Scott Cawthon.

  • Meme high school- Barry b Benson x Reader
    6.2K 178 11

    you get transferred from lazytown high to Meme high, and meet the boy of your dreams~~~~~~ only thing is, he's not a boy, he's a bee.

  • FNAF Oneshots!
    3.2K 43 8

    Romance, shippy kind of stuff. Mostly FNAF/Reader! Cross posted from Quotev. I take RQ's! Feel free to request something if you'd like!

  • FNAF Lemons/Fluff
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  • FNAF Human Freddy x Reader (Female)
    406K 10.2K 20

    Do I have to explain? The title says it all. WARNING: There will be inappropriate words. But no lemon. I suck at lemon.