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  • School Of Obsession: Various Yandere Greek Mythology/Percy Jackson X OC
    2.9K 73 1

    Marie Jackson is the daughter of Poseidon and she is now going to Demi God School a School for the Greek Gods where Obsession lurks.

  • The Sea Prince
    112K 2.5K 11

    Percy is broken by the death of his mother and Paul, Annabeth cheating on him, fake friends well he's betrayed and banished from both camp, the gods saw everything and do everything they can do to help Percy. I don't own Percy Jackson series and I don't own the others too.

  • Percy Jackson Child of Hera (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    24.3K 378 5

    Percy was dead killed by Zeus for 'betraying Olympus' He should be dead. But Chaos finds him, gives him a pep talk and sends him back to Olympus for a do over - only this time as a baby. Can the gods atone for their terrible mistake, Or will it go pear shaped for Percy again...

  • There's something about Percy...
    2K 45 4

    The Gods have been around for millennia and soon it's hard to tell one pretty face from the next. Love can lose it's meaning as the immortals falls into a repetitive cycle of love, loss, mourning and yet they somehow learn to love again. Thousands of mortals and only a few can keep the Olympians from eternal grieving...

  • My Name is Omega, Not Percy Jackson
    2M 51.5K 79

    Percy Jackson ran away from his family and friends because they betrayed him. Zeus and Hades ask if he wants to be in Chaoses army as a commander. Percy accepts and becomes Omega (his code name.) Percy never wanted to go back to earth but when the gods and demigods need his help to defeat Kronos and Gaea he must becom...

  • Once Strong, Now broken
    150K 2.3K 43

    "I tried as hard as I could to understand why you all abandoned me. I could never understand, what I did to you. As far as I remember, I didn't and it wasn't my fault. You all have been my last resort in life, but I guess, I'm not wanted here also. I wanted to tell all of you, you have my best wishes. Don't get yourse...

  • Forever love of Olympus ( Percy Jackson ) DISCONTINUED
    42.2K 617 8

    When Percy comes back from a quest from Athena for Annabeths hand to find out that she broke up with him as soon as he got back. he was heart broken while on Olympus the gods are wanting to help till the figure out that percy is much more that what they thought.

  • Love of Olympus (A Percy Jackson FanFiction)
    249K 4.5K 13

    Annabeth breaks up with Percy because she has found someone else. Percy tells people it was mutual, but inside he is heartbroken, devastated. The gods notice but do not know what to do to help their hero. One day the fates show up with some shocking news...and a way to help Percy. WHAT IS THIS NEWS? HOW CAN THE OLYMPI...

  • It's not like you know (A Percy Jackson story)
    281K 4.2K 3

    Many people say I have the best childhood of all the demigods, well is not like they know my past, my childhood. My name is Percy Jackson. (A story where the gods and campers find out percy childhood with Gabe.) *Bad grammar

  • The Children Of The Big Three:Book 1; The weapon thief.
    173K 3.4K 37

    "This oath is pointless!" Yelled Poseidon, "You cannot prevent a prophecy! You know this... little brother." "You dare..." Says Zeus;deadly quiet. At this point Hades could take it no longer, "Both of you,we are GODS;not children. Start acting like it." "Hades is right," Said Zeus "But I still fear this prophecy...I h...

  • Forced| A Polympians Fanfiction
    2K 65 1

    They knew they'd incur his wrath by doing this. They knew they'd break him.. shatter him completely. But they didn't care. They were selfish. They always have been. And they didn't think that they could change. The gods needed a.. breeding mare of sorts to birth new heroes. They wanted the most powerful and kindhearte...

  • Percy Jackson: A Spark of Betrayal Complete
    236K 5.3K 14

    Percy has become invisible and unwanted at camp. Fed up with everything that the campers threw back in his face, he leaves. Annabeth once said that the real world is where you learn if you're any good or not. What will Percy find? Remember, all it takes is a spark to throw the world into chaos. Full credit to Tears o...

  • Percy Jackson, Assassin of Ice
    150K 2.7K 12

    After false rumors being spread throughout Camp half blood, Percy, once the Hero and Savior of the world became the traitor, deceiver. He was hated to the very core of his heart. This shattered him. He became depressed as soon as the first few campers started to hate him, but after the mystery hater got to his closest...

  • The Adventures Of the Royals of Olympus: The Missing Weapons (BOOK 1)
    7.3K 135 8

    (Book 1) Percy, Thalia, Jason, Nico and Hazel have spent almost their entire lives on Mount Olympus as Olympian Royalty. In fear of their immense power which exceeded even their own fathers' and their safety, the Big Three raised their children on Olympus and kept their existence hidden from all the other demigods. B...

  • percy jackson various x male reader x egyption gods various DISCONTINUED :(
    25.4K 434 7

    just in case you cant see the full title its cakled "PERCY JACKSON X MALE READER X EGYPTION GODS VARIOUS" anyway i said i would write this and ive come up with a bunch of ideas so first of all ima explain the story plot just a bit so ima start the story on how you met your godly parent which is anubis and continue f...

  • Children of The Big Three Book 2: The Sea of Monsters
    33.6K 956 23

    Book two of the children of the big three saga! Please try to remember that I am human and won't be able to post everyday...

  • Smiling At Darkness
    16.8K 291 5

    Percy was once abused by his stepfather, Smelly Gabe. What will happen if Poseidon and the Gods found out about this? And what's this gossip that Gabe is secretly a minor god in disguise. And they knew who Minor God he was... In the meantime, Percy is having nightmares and his best pal (second in Grover, who was out i...

  • Percy Jackson Shattered like Glass
    719K 10.6K 45

    {Completed} Broken-hearted..... Lost...... Depressed... Percy Jackson only felt broken after everyone betrayed him. But when the time comes and they realize their mistake is it too late? Follow Percy's story on how he feels, expresses his emotions, and reacts to the actions that occur throughout the time after he wa...

  • Percy Jackson, The Missing Hero.
    7.9M 195K 64

    Percy had never asked to be a demigod. It was a fact that he had maintained ever since he'd made the discovery that he was a demigod all of those years ago. He'd been pursued for years by Prophecy after Prophecy, each one greater than the last. Now, Percy's biggest desire is peace; to be able to relax and have a chanc...

  • Percy Jackson: A God
    57.9K 805 8

    [All rights go to Rick Riordan as I don't own the PJO or the HOO series] I already have a story as Percy as a God while writing this it's still going but it's kinda annoying with what I've done so this one will be simpler hopefully Percy gets betrayed by a new Demi-God son of Hecate. Soon the whole camp, Thalia, Nico...

  • The New Trojan War| A Percy Jackson Fanfiction
    8.7K 227 7

    Percy had power. He didn't know where he got it. What he did know is that if anybody ever found out about his power, he'd be majorly unavoidably screwed. For he had the ability to give anyone an unlimited amount of power- he could restore the gods to the way they were in their Golden Age, back when everybody sacrifice...