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  • SONADOW: Sonic's Secret
    49.3K 1.1K 15

    Ever wonder why Sonic the Hedgehog is afraid of water? No, not because he cannot swim in it. Oh no no no, you got that wrong. The reason why is because..... Sorry, can't tell ya'll. Read and Find Out why in this Sonadow fanfic. Hope you'll enjoy!!

  • Ask an Anime! (To Be Continued)
    16.3K 871 163

    I haven't watched every anime in the world or read every manga, but I know some. And I haven't watched some of the ones I will list all the way through, so I'll try my best. -Blue Exorcist -Fullmetal Alchemist (Original and Brotherhood) -Sword Art Online (first and second, and some of the light novel) -Tokyo Ghoul -Bl...

  • For The Love Of Speed (Sonic X Reader)
    39.1K 757 12

    You just moved to Station Square, known to be the home of the Fastest Thing Alive, Sonic the Hedgehog. You are also a speedster so you dream to meet him and race him. But what if your rivalry friendship grows to a love affair.

  • Gotta Go Fast (Sonic x Reader)
    5.4K 119 3

  • Another Dimension {Sonic x Reader} •COMPLETED•
    56.5K 1.4K 13

    You were living a normal, teenaged life when one day, a villain from another dimension blew up your school, kidnapping you. After blacking out, you woke up realizing that you were no longer human, and you had no memory of your previous human life. You were rescued by a speedy blue hedgehog shortly after, who you soon...

  • Destroy the Absolution
    11.2K 394 17

    The escape of Mephiles brings panic to Möbius, and a heavy strain to Shadow and Amy's already distant growing relationship. Can everyone survive and stick together through Mephiles' comeback and vengeance? Note: the sequel to Dreams of an Absolution. Started it on my iPod spelling and grammar might need 'tweaking' pl...

  • Sonic and the Secret Rings
    2.8K 97 5

    On a perfectly normal night, I met a Genie of the Ring named Shahra that decided to show up in the middle of nowhere and beg me to come into the world of the Arabian Nights to defeat an evil spirit. I followed her into the book, and I thought it would be a quick trip in and out, but it turned out there were a few thin...

  • Light of Hope
    1.8K 60 16

    After a shocking loss against the Eggman Empire, hope fades from the world as rumors of Sonic's failure travels across the planet. The Freedom Fighters rally together, determined not to let Eggman gain control of the world. But without knowing what they're really up against, they must fight the dangers blindly just to...

  • The Last Resort (A Sonic / Teen Titans Crossover)
    52.5K 1.8K 39

    After going through a portal in Mobius to catch Dr. Eggman, Sonic gets transported to Jump City, where the Teen Titans live on Earth. After getting help from Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven, they come across the rest of Sonic's friends and a terrible surprise. The long lost Slade has teamed up with enemi...

  • my new puppet (error sans x reader)
    22.5K 498 12

    You are a girl who gets bullied and error sans captures you and he slowly starts to like you

  • Abused In Highschool
    52.4K 903 10

    Sonic is a lonely kind of kidis gets abused at home from his father and uncle because they blame him for his mothers death. He also gets bullied at school his best friend Tails leaves him for another group of kids so that leave him on his own. Sonic spend most of his time thinking he is not worth anything or means any...

  • A Lie
    40.5K 1.6K 30

    ~sonadow~ When I first started to get feelings I thought that it was just a silly crush and it would eventually past but it didn't. The more I thought about it the more I continued to fall, fall into the endless pit never going to find the end. As much as I am going to hate to say this, I am just helplessly in love wi...

  • Deepest Desire
    52.4K 1.4K 7

    Summary: Dr. Eggman invented a serum that will make the injected person act upon their deepest desire. He believed that Shadow's was to kill Sonic. Boy, how wrong he was... Sonadow

  • The Beast Within
    10K 273 11

    There have been weird news reports about a strange creature roaming around Station Squace at night. Sonic, the famous blue blur goes to check it out after a family goes missing in the forest one night, but when getting bit by a wolf like beast and needing help by Shadow the hedgehog Sonic thinks otherwise. Now someth...

  • The Robotic Endgame
    11.6K 570 28

    Sonic and Mega Man are meeting again. But this time, it's far more deadly than either Sonic or Mega Man could have imagined. Everything robotic is turning evil, due to one mastermind. A single virus is spreading throughout both worlds, helping Dr. Wily in his plots to take over the world. As Sonic and Mega Man find ea...

  • Enemies Merge (A Sonic / Mega Man Crossover)
    59.4K 1K 31

    Sonic is somehow pulled into the world of Mega Man, and he doesn't know which side to pick until he and Mega Man are captured by the infamous 'Dr. Wily', forced to join sides with the robot kid. They join together to try and stop a nefarious plot of the evil doctor, but will Sonic be able to help his friend, or will t...

  • An Elemental Secret
    127K 4.2K 21

    There is something strange about Sonic the Hedgehog. Have you ever noticed that the sun seemed to shine brighter on him? Or that plants grow or shrink, depending on what he needs? There are actual reasons for that. What if Sonic actually created all living things? [Sonadow]

  • Teen Titans/ Sonic crossovers!!!
    1.8K 40 13

    Raven has a dream about....Beast boy...or more like a nightmare about him bringing Terra back. Read to see what'll happen in the next role-playing. PLEASE, COMMENT SO I'D KNOW THAT SOMEONE IS READING THESE.

  • TT/Sonic crossovers
    184 1 3

    Raven notices that the other four titans are missing. What will Raven think? Will she find them with Shadow's help? Read to find out!

  • TT/Sonic crossovers
    361 10 4

    Raven was been captured by the Hive and a mystery bad guy. Will anyone be able to save her? Or will it be too late? Read this story to find out. I would appreciate comments, that way, I know people are reading these fan fictions.

  • Quills
    29.3K 566 5

    After Eggman's experiment goes wrong, Shadow and Sonic find themselves in quite the situation... Contains: Sonadow Rape Gore

  • Escape (Sonadow
    19.3K 378 26

    I was captured. Turned in to darkness. I fight in mind. Will the Freedom Fighter and Shadow save Sonic from his worst nightmare or will the all die.

  • The Failed Experiment
    155K 3.8K 16

    Dr.Eggman kidnaps Sonic and does an experiment on him, hoping to put Sonic under his control but Eggman ends up turning Sonic part cat. Now Tails is figuring how to turn him back while Shadow take care of him. Wonder what will happen? Read to find out!

  • Shadow's son
    8.2K 184 10

    In this story shadow the hedgehog adopts a baby (sonic) and raises him.

  • You're Worth It... (Baby sonic Fanfiction)
    5.4K 105 3

    When tails shows up at his doorstep begging him to take care of sonic, Shadow is introduced into a world of fatherhood and responsibility. Can he put aside his pride to take of sonic and be a proper care taker? Or will his pride get the best of him?

  • Sweet Baby Sonikkuuu
    7.2K 131 12

    Sonic is a baby again... What will come from it?

  • Baby Hedgehogs
    9.1K 249 27

    Sonic,shadow and silver just stomping around the green hills just as in one most rarest thing sonic saw,TV box that he use crush in his past time yet never made again. Just as shadow and silver warn sonic,sonic made big mistake! Cover:

  • Baby Sonic One-Shots
    11.8K 245 15

    Imagine, if you will, Sonic as a toddler. What might happen if Shadow (I assume you all know who Shadow is) adopted that toddler? (I've read a lot of tmnt toddler one-shots and one Sonic one, figured there was plenty of room out there for another one. And yes I am a super sonic nerd)

  • Baby Sonic's abuse
    14.7K 201 6

    A child is born. Unfortunately into a abusive family. Introducing a new kind of sonic story.