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  • CLOSER | H.S.
    1.7M 46.7K 63

    To love a psycho, a psycho you must become. // COMPLETED // {WARNING: This fiction contains extreme violence, drug abuse, explicit sexual content and features strong language not suitable for minors. Discretion is advised.}

    Completed   Mature
  • Girls/Girls/Boys // H.S
    95K 1K 6

    Harry spots her in the audience at every single one of his U.S. shows and is almost immediately hooked. She's all he can think about, even in his dirtiest moments. But what he does when he realizes she has a girlfriend is what seals the deal for her. After all, girls love girls and boys.

  • Pretty Punk Cherry
    1.1M 31K 100

    Mature. Viewer Discretion is advised. *The people inside of this work are FACE-CLAIMS. This has no correlation to any IRL individual.* The story of a young woman who finds her style, self worth, and strength through the power of friendship, and true love. With a punk twist. In 2010, living in suburban CHICAGO IL, Ali...

    595K 13.8K 44

    Virulence: Toxic, Dangerous, and Unpredictable. Who will be the most virulent within this troubling tale? Toxicity simply runs through the bones of so many people....It is too soon to tell. But at a private, university-based boarding school, off of the coast of Northern Scotland, there houses an elite academy which...

  • sign {h.s.}
    1M 26.2K 44

    "i'd never seen someone sign in front of me. but, i don't know if i was more focused on the language, or the man using it." - cassidy byrne is lucky. it's luck that her brother is "dating" the dean's daughter at college. it's luck that she was accepted past the admission deadline. it's luck that she managed to get in...

  • S W I T C H [H.S. AU]
    1.7M 35.4K 55

    Sex, money, gambling. A casino in the countryside of France. Two powerful families who aren't as perfect as they seem. What's the worst that could happen?

  • blue ✓
    300K 12.4K 46

    when a girl in a bitter and unloving relationship gets involved with a quiet and beautiful boy, she finds herself again as he paints the love she craves but cannot touch. two blue souls searching for something in each other that they can't seem to reach.

    Completed   Mature
  • Spectacle |H.S|
    27.3K 2.5K 24

    Guy, gals, and non binary pals, welcome to the circus! An undercover cop posing as a dancer. A criminal living as a circus runaway. A forbidden love blossoming. Will Danica succeed in her first big job? Or will she fall trap to the entrancement of the circus? Jump aboard the tracks, come step inside the tent, pull...

  • REM - H.S.
    44K 1.8K 8

    In which a figment of Harry's imagination becomes reality, in the best and worst possible ways. . . WARNING: MATURE CONTENT

  • DRAG - [h.s. au]
    3.5M 88.7K 82

    [COMPLETED] Bentley Hale is the best street racer in the Bay Area, but everything changes when she becomes wrapped up with Harry Styles, the new official racer for the Oakland Kings gang. Bentley's got a wicked mind and the attitude to match, but so does Harry. Money, murder, family, love, gangs, drugs, sex, cars, Ca...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fine Line // H.S.
    2.8M 64.1K 108

    "You said, no you sang, you sang that everything was gonna be alright. You said that we'll be alright, Harry. But did you mean that?" Where Belle Olivia Granger encounters five young boys who happen to be in the biggest boyband on the planet, and she can't help but fall for the one with the striking green eyes. *this...

  • Verboten
    349K 15.3K 30

    ✱ In which Harry finds love in an unsuspecting town in the middle of the desert. And you find the savior you've been praying for, if only you can keep your whirlwind romance a secret long enough to escape. ✱ The well-loved, thrilling, Western gunslinging romance from Harry Tales gets its own book! Please read with dis...

    Completed   Mature
  • 1789 | H.S |
    5.1M 191K 65

    Welcome to Paris, a city in a country of supreme nobility, royalty, class and power - marvelous France. With big hair, beautiful gowns and delicate china cups meant for the classiest of tea parties, everything is perfect. That is until the year 1789. France has gone bankrupt, the cities are faced with poverty, the pe...

  • 𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲; 𝐡𝐬
    69.3K 2K 24

    she was called honey because even the sickest of men could get drunk off her sweetness - or in which a man becomes infatuated with a girl he calls honey. - Set in the 1970s

  • Grey Street // H.S.
    2.4M 89K 45

    Elle Grey doesn't need anyone. She only needs herself, a paintbrush, and if she gets desperate enough, there are the few people she actually tolerates that she can talk to. She knows that there's more out there in the world - in fact, she spends most of her time either daydreaming or painting about it. She knows that...

  • Baby Blue
    180K 4.8K 12

    ✔️ COMPLETE After her sister breaks both her legs in a climbing accident, Venus Sweeney has to step in as a model in her absence. Instead of spending her summer getting ready for her last year of veterinary school, she is now set to spend time in Italy with a painter who has a bad reputation, a permanent frown, and an...

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝕄𝕪 𝕆𝕟𝕝𝕪 𝔸𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕝 [𝐇.𝐒.]
    219K 3.4K 45

    "I've never loved anyone as much as I love her. I love her so much it hurts, but I love the pain... but I don't think she feels the same way and that kills me." *mentions suicide, self-harm, depression, abuse*

  • Unforgettable
    3.6M 103K 67

    *Mature and Explicit Content* "If it feels so right, how can it be wrong?" ---------- I watch as Harrys breathing shallows, his eyes glazing over as his brows furrow "You really want that?" I nod without missing a beat, assuring him "I really do, is that okay with you?" "Fuck Joey, how wouldn't it be okay with me? The...

  • the long way home [ h.s. ]
    1M 33.6K 34

    His eyes could ruin someone with a single look. Her smile could cure the loneliest heart. ☓ All Rights Reserved 2018

  • Yellow || hs au
    537K 13.7K 102

    The devastating and heart wrenching story of Yellow, takes you through the journey and relationship of an addict, and a woman who views the world through rose colored glasses. Throughout the story of Yellow, you will see how the struggles, the disappointments, and the heartbreak, that branch from the illness, weigh on...

    Completed   Mature
  • As I Lay Dying
    132K 6.8K 46

    Against the backdrop of the First World War, a young soldier tries to forget his past and survive each day. Back in England, a young woman who has made a terrible mistake tries to forget that he ever existed. Memories of happy summers long past mock the brutality of the world they now live in and each day; both on th...

  • Inclination
    1.5M 49.8K 40

    ♡ The year is 1994 and Harry is having a reawakening and discovery. ♡ By popular demand, the much-loved story from Harry Tales gets its very own book! Most Impressive Rankings //#1 in Discovery, #2 in Wattpride, #2 in Queer, #3 in Pride, #4 in Pansexual. Please read with discretion.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Finest Line [h.s]
    208K 4.8K 41

    "tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe." well, this is it. the sun and the moon. complete opposites. one formed from the collapse of its own being. one formed from a collison of two planets that weren't meant to be. live by the sun, love by the moon. tw...

  • the moon [h.s.]
    412K 17.4K 86

    in which harry is a hot-shot columnist for new york's most popular lifestyle/fashion magazine. he has his dream job, he thinks, but he's constantly sad and stuck in the past. then he meets the moon; or a girl named luna. finally, someone who gets him. if only she would just let him adore her. » [non-lowercase] This is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Petal [h.s.]
    833K 30.8K 53

    Harry appears to be a nice boy. He comes from a good, wealthy family. He's been with his childhood sweetheart forever. He owns a flower shop. Arabella appears to be a bad girl. She throws loud and obnoxious parties. She screams the lyrics to angry songs at three in the morning. She owns a sex shop. When her sex shop...

  • camp cherry | hs
    484K 10.8K 62

    →︎ complete. 08/05/20 - 22/06/20. →︎ contains mature content. Camp Cherry in the summer of 1997 is definitely the most important choice Hana ever made. currently not allowing translations!

    Completed   Mature
  • Rain | Harry Styles
    1.2M 34.6K 71

    "Love, like rain, can nourish from above, drenching couples with a soaking joy. But sometimes under the angry heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nourish from below, tending to its roots keeping itself alive." In which a girl called Ana meets a boy called Harry who has a strange fascination with the rain...

  • The Deal
    606K 19.2K 37

    All Harry wanted was to get over his best friend's girl. All Nova wanted was to get over her traumatic past. So, they made a deal. But, this deal may end up being a bit more than they bargained for. WARNING: Sexually graphic. Themes of violence, drugs, and alcohol. May be subject to feels. *Gigi is only a face claim...

    Completed   Mature