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  • The Vampire King's Mate [Completed]
    2.1M 80K 51

    "What are you doing here?" I gulped at the hoarse voice. Instead of replying, I stared at Maria's corpse lying on the floor. "You smell so sweet." I hear him speak licking his lips. He did next what I was being afraid of, he closed the remaining distance by stepping ahead and held my waist with one of his muscular a...

  • Making Love to The Alpha
    27.6M 631K 56

    (Warning Mature Content) "You don't know how long i've been waiting for you to say that..." Sam groaned into the crook of my neck, his teeth grazing my jugular. I was rigid, terrified but oh so desperate for what was about to happen. It's what I wanted more than anything, after all. Sam. To enter his world and be his...

  • I'm the Alpha's Mate
    12.3M 411K 22

    (Completed) Young werewolf, Evangeline, can do something no other can, hold communication with someone far beyond her realm. Always at her side, the Goddess of the moon has guided her through the toughest of times, but when the truth starts to bleed out, when an Alpha claims Evangeline as his own, and when the most da...

  • Her Lycan✔
    2.3M 101K 36

    Any other man I wouldn't be afraid of but Lycan Leader Malcolm's body extrude a kind of confidence and primal power that even I can't ignore. --- Running from a psychotic ex and charging straight into a familiar Scottish Lycan Leader's territory. Head strong lone lycan Isabella Carson was about to re-encounter a preda...

    Completed   Mature
  • ChaoS
    543K 21.4K 56

    Angel Dark is a lowly omega of Midnight Rain Pack. After the brutal murder of her parents, she remains the cheerful girl without hate and resentment towards her packmates with the help of her dog, Beser. Who is the light, hope, and sanity in her life. With her Angel endure bullying and pain as long as Beser is at her...

  • Silence in New York - Book One
    4.2M 153K 49 _______________✏ “It really is a beautiful piece” he murmured before disarming the safety. “Ah, I’d prefer if you didn’t-” “Hmm?” He tilted the gun back into an upright position now aiming it steadily towards her. “I’m sure he got you something without serial numbers I assume? Untr...

  • Dangerous Love
    208K 6.4K 35

    Parrish is a bartender at a big time strip club, she's only at the job to make a little money for her own little book shop then she's off to do new things, she grew up in foster care and has finally found some stability in her life. Mateo life has been complicated every since he was young being as he had 2 mafia's to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Criminal Desire | ✓
    2.5M 116K 45

    [ COMPLETED ] Kalani Reed was a regular twenty-two year old woman who was trying to get the handle on her life. She worked at a small café, lived in a small apartment by herself, and had a kind of boyfriend. Back in highschool, she was one of those girls that didn't care about anyone. She minded her own business and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Emilia
    4M 104K 49

    "The Mob Boss and the Stripper" - Suffering from an abusive relationship, Emilia didn't think her life could get any worse until the night her boyfriend made a deal with the devil and gave her away to the mafia without hesitation in order to save his life and clear his name from his debt. Now, Emilia is stuck even...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tainted Faith
    5.2M 147K 48

    "The rules for a Mafia wife were endless and strict. Once she entered into this life she would never be free. Women in the Mafia were first daughters, then wives, and then mothers; always under the control of a man, always expected to live up to their expectations." A woman who yields to no man, who cannot be obedient...

  • The Maid's Guide to the Mafia
    10.2M 344K 50

    "In a world overtaken by the mafia, there can only be one king." ---------------- Alister Mancini. His name alone was enough to make anyone's blood run cold. Infamous for his heartless and cruel ways, he was considered the most dangerous man alive. But even a mafia leader couldn't deny his attraction when he saw his m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bound To The Dark Royal Vampire {Book 2: The Dark Royal Vampire Series} | ✔️
    95K 4.5K 30

    "Well, now you're officially mine" he said taking a few steps towards me. "But I don't have feelings for you like I do towards Darren" I argued. "It was an illusion, Candice. Didn't he tell you about the eternal mark?" ---- The secrets of Candice and Darren's past continue! Just learn how far family will go to keep...

  • Kissed by the Alpha
    1.5M 51.7K 27

    ║ "It's yours, Angel," he says, his voice husky and deep, "you can stare as much as you want." ║ Emmaline Jones isn't one for surprises. Anybody who knew her could tell you that. So when a hot guy suddenly decides to kiss her straight on the lips, she does the first thing that comes to her mind. . .and punches him...

  • Forbidden Flower
    10.8M 335K 69

    Nicholas Salvatore the heir to the Salvatore's throne. Born with a diamond spoon in his mouth, he basically had everything in the palm of his hand. A player with the body of a Greek God and face liked a model, the new Don changed women like they were his toys. His hands scarred from murders, dangers lingered wherever...

    Completed   Mature
  • Octavius
    8.7M 218K 46

    One of the most powerful man in the world. He was called Octavius. Cruel, coldblooded, and completely unobtainable. The Devil in a Brioni suit. The mere whisper of his name was like lethal poison that burned through the hearts of millions. Penetrating, and clear amber eyes that made grown men weep, and women burned wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Discovering myself (18+)
    6.1M 121K 59

    BOOK COMPLETE - EDITION ONGOING. This work is intended for an 18+ audience. I stop searching for it and stand in front of him, perplexed. Is he saying what I think he is saying? Does he have my vibrator? Please tell me I'm overreacting, that I have misunderstood. To make everything better, he says. "I can help you fin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Ceo's Misfit | ✓
    3.7M 136K 56

    Amber Collins gets a job in one of the leading companies in New York, 'The Williams and co.' Sounds amazing right? Now add to it, a handsome looking, irresistible Ceo, with the body and looks of a Greek God, untamed ways, who also happens to be a Mr. I - want - everything - to - be - Perfect. Absolutely perfect! Not s...

  • I'm not yours ✔️
    2.2M 41.8K 31

    ❗️MATURE CONTENTS! BEWARE ❗️ Elizabeth is a 24 year old nurse, he work is her passion. Until she is kidnapped and forced to safe a mans life.. Little did she know that it was the ruthless, terrible and handsome Dimitri Vivaldi. A known Mafia Leader. Who then takes an interest in her. This story contains: •rape •ment...

    Completed   Mature
  • BLSC #15 : The Dark Romance
    2.8M 126K 44

    BLSC #15 Lucas Vecton Dark and Dangerous are the perfect words to describe Lucas in everyway. He's a businessman and a mafia. He doesn't hesitate to kill someone if they mess up with him. He never thought one day he met a girl who will tame him and make him get down on his knees begging Crystal Lemiere Carrying the Le...

  • Yours Forcefully
    5.3M 135K 39

    She - Innocent, shy, clumsy, naïve 19 year old beautiful girl who's trying to face the challenges life is throwing at her. With no parents besides her, she tries her best to impress her aunt who hates her. With a jealous cousin, she tries her best to cope up with her college life who loves to give her shocking surpris...

    Completed   Mature
  • Destined For the King
    8.4M 236K 72

    "Time is up, I AM CLAIMING WHAT IS MINE!" His voiced shattered throughout the entire tower. He has found me and claiming what is his; me. "Sire please, she not even 21 yet. Please let her stay for the year!" My father pleaded for my life but it was no use. I belong to him. Silence crept through the house before loud b...

  • Alpha Raven ✔
    9.8M 307K 33

    Even though the room was dark, I could still the one person who made my heart skip a beat. He stood there, his hands tucked in his pockets, staring at me. So entranced by the Alphas beauty I didn't the notice the foot in front of me. Within a second I tripped over the foot, causing the cake to fly right out of my...

  • You are MINE!
    8.1M 308K 65

    The line separating darkness and light is very thin, no one knows when they will stumble upon the other side. The same thing happened to him long ago, an incident and he was dragged into the other side of the world, but instead of being devoured by the darkness, he swallowed it. Ruling over the demons of the society h...

  • The Ruthless Mafia | ✔
    11.1M 291K 24

    Alexander Vintalli is one of the most ruthless mafias of America. His name is feared all over America. The way people fear him and the way he has his empire spread all over makes him ruthless. He is know to be heartless monster famous for his ways of torture. Blue Andrews is a simple bartender in. She is really beaut...

  • Madam Mafia
    13.4M 350K 88

    Rose Amor is the school nerd. She wears big black glasses and keeps her long black hair in a ponytail. She stays out of drama and keeps to herself. She knows that's the only way to hide from her past, so she's happy like that. No risks = no trouble. Ryder Brown is the school's new student, soon to be the schools, bad...

  • Mafia King
    1.9M 39.3K 25

    Every girl wants a bad boy to be good just for her. Although that may be hard when a girl falls for a member of the mafia. Autumn Rose Parker. This name is known around town. She gets along with everyone she meets. However, she isn't afraid to try something dangerous. But what she doesn't know is that falling for som...

  • Stuck With The Mafia
    7.9M 152K 69

    "I'm going to let go and your not going to scream or try to run, you understand?" He said, his voice was deep and he sounded dangerous I knew I had to listen to him I didn't want to speak so I simply just nodded yes. "Answer in words Ellie" he commands as he slightly removed his hand from my mouth "H-how do y-you k-k...

  • ETHAN'S EMPIRE - Laying Down the Rules- formerly PROTECTING OLIVIA
    2.3M 11K 5

    **COMPLETED** Olivia is homeless and is doing her best to survive on the cruel streets of New York City. She has managed to surround herself with some really great friends but what she can't control is fate. Fate led her to Ethan Grant, a ruthless crime boss who's very presence put her in harm's way. He gets her off t...

  • Dipped In Gold: Wattys2015
    2.4M 70.7K 44

    "If everything is dipped in gold, then baby it will never grow" Kiesh McBedet has always had an easy life. From getting everything she wanted to barely having to lift a finger. Now at the age of 18 she can't do anything but ask and beg. Her parents are tired of her lazy behavior and decide to teach her a lesson. Kies...

    Completed   Mature
  • His (Book 1) {Currently EDITING}
    2.7M 65.6K 74

    Ellie Coleman: Aspiring psychologist, introverted, reserved, safe.....and a submissive? No... Of course not. She couldn't be, or could she? Ellie believes the world to be black and white, day and night. Simple. Boring. That is until she literally runs into Leo Calavry: Club Caged owner, dominant, and the eventual own...

    Completed   Mature