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  • your love is my oxygen - Zuko x reader
    533K 19.9K 56

    A Zuko X Reader story. As always, I wrote this for myself but you can read it, too, if you'd like. Y/N was an air bender, she was tasked with watching over the avatar as a punishment for something that she had done; something that the air nomads frowned upon her for. When she discovered what had become of her peopl...

  • Sensu | Zuko
    74.2K 3.1K 12

    | zuko x oc " behind the sensu is the dame you've been seeking." 2021.06.02 > #2 zuko 2021.05.25 > #3 firelord 2021.05.26 > #5 zukoxoc

  • Push And Pull. | Sokka
    27.6K 763 6

    "I remember a time of Monks, Peace, and Freedom. A simpler time, where my brother could be a child, now he had to be the Avatar. I was born with with the soul task to be my brothers protector, and Mentor. I was raised away from the children with the wisdom of the Avatar being taught every other day. Monk Gyatso was ou...

  • Doubled Elements
    2.9M 102K 96

    The story of the girl behind it all.

  • ▼ Azula x Reader △
    37.3K 1K 4

    Azula x fem! reader . △▼She has always been feared, but never loved. She was always surrounded, but felt alone. She never knew what love was, she felt so little when she was a kid. Are you the one who will change that?△▼ . Takes place during the time Mai and Ty Lee betrayed Azula . ▼Contains Violence▼ ▼ I do not own...

  • Zuko x Reader: Love Burns [COMPLETED]
    1.2M 36K 57

    (Y/N)'s parents were close friends with the Fire Lord, so it was only fit that when they passed, she would be taken in by the royal family. And so she was. And then she met Zuko. Fire Lord Ozai's eldest child, who had a bit of a temper. But when her feelings for Zuko caused her to expose her most kept secret, she, al...

    Completed   Mature
  • Zuko/Sokka x Reader - One shots - Requests CLOSED
    462K 9K 34

    A book of one shots starring Zuko or Sokka. Read chapter 'Important' for a general warning regarding my writing skills (or the lack of) and more information about requests. Starting October 17th, 2019 - Requests are CLOSED! The cover image was found on Google images where it was posted by Reddit user Momo-kun. I don...

  • Falling for the Enemy (Sun and Moon Book 1)
    506K 20.8K 69

    *A Zutara fanfic* Kara has been living in a little fishing village in the northern Earth Kingdom for as long as she can remember--literally. She woke up on its shores nearly six months ago, and she knows that if it hadn't been for Aki, she'd be dead. She's accepted that her life is in this village now, whoever she may...