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  • care about happy endings
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    He's delicate. Not just in the way he looks at you when he shows up at your place after a sleepless night. Not just in the way he turns the rings on his fingers when he's nervous. Not just when he wraps you in his arms and presses you against his soft body. Finlay is delicate in the way he plays the piano: gentle, as...

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    Depression, hatred, forlorn and anxiety were the only things I know of. I never knew life could be this way,i cared about nothing, not even myself, I hate and fought with everything until she came into my world and showed me there is a world I never thought I could be in.

  • Escape | TheFreeLush
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    Alyssa Parker has been living a crap of a life, but an unexpected change of events stumbles upon her as she finally attends high school. Will this be her escape or will she have to suffer till she breathed her last? - - - Warning: This story contains swearing and may be a little dark for some. Only read if you choose...