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  • The Divine Eyes
    518 45 3

    The god was ready for his end. He would accept it---with no regrets.

  • Sunshine
    615 29 1

    You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

  • Existence [A NaLu Oneshot]
    6.6K 222 1

    Natsu and Lucy faced the wrath of Acnologia and ended up losing somebody in the process. Lucy was in despair and decided to sacrifice something in exchange for this person's life. What would become of Lucy? What did she sacrifice? Would she be able to get back what she lost?

  • Another End [A NaLu Oneshot]
    2.1K 63 1

    Natsu decides to do something and everybody is completely against him. But it was the only way to save the world? What would Lucy do in order to stop all of this? Would their friendship prevail?

  • E.N.D. [A NaLu Oneshot]
    8.4K 255 2

    Natsu decides to leave Fairy Tail and everybody decides to bring him back, even if it is to be done by force. Natsu falls into the darkside and Lucy decides that it's her time to protect him. What would become of Fairy Tail with the conquest? Would Lucy be able to save Natsu? What happens to Fairy Tail as they meet fa...

  • Fairy Tail: End of My Days With You (2nd Book In the "Intertwined Fates" Series!)
    276K 9.4K 26

    Book #2! After the crazy and disbelieving adventure concerning Rose Valentine: the Celestial Mage and Spirit Dragon Slayer, sealing away dragons, and the defeat of Rogue, everyone returns from the epic battle with news: Lucy knows where Igneel is. Knowing that fact, excitement bubbles into the hearts of every guild me...

  • Letters To Lucy
    48.1K 3.3K 17

    While Lucy is MIA, Natsu and a few others write some letters for her for when she comes back. She'll be back, right? *Short Story* Disclaimer: All characters belong to Hiro Mashima, I do not own any of them. Cover by Liana Mongeon

  • The E.N.D. is near
    32K 1K 7

    Igneel gives Lucy a very important request to Lucy when Natsu starts to fight Mard Geer. What does this request mean and why did he give it to Lucy out of all people? What does the destroying or opening of E.N.D. have to do with Natsu's safety? And how does Igneel know Layla Heartfilia? (I'm bad at summaries so please...

    Completed   Mature
  • Goodbye, for now: [Nalu]
    155 12 1

    The pain was different somehow when I knew that my Lucy was really going to disappear and never come back. I remember screaming how I wanted to go to Eclipse and back in time so I could run and protect her like I was supposed to do.

  • Stars [Completed]
    28.5K 1.2K 6

    Never fall in love with a star, No matter how pretty they may seem So far away they shall gleam. Never fall in love with a star, For you love them with a great fire But you're only a fleeting desire Never fall in love with a star, For come daybreak, A widower they shall make. Never fall in love with a star, Trust me...

  • What's a Soulmate? (Nalu, SAD ONESHOT)
    1.9K 85 1

    Four years have passed, and life isn't getting better. She died protecting him. His daughter is starting to ask where her mommy is. He can't tell her, he didn't want to take away her innocent ways with the knowledge of her mother. Lucy has died. And Natsu is left alone with their six year old daughter, Nashi. The ann...

  • insomniac | nalu imagine
    331 19 1

    [ I M A G I N E ] " i don't think they realize that sleepless nights can affect you, or how overthinking slowly kills you. i don't think they know how it can turn your mind into thoughts you wish weren't yours. " --- x TRIGGER WARNING ONE-SHOT x suicidal thoughts & actions x scariness stuffs x feels.

  • The END of winter
    33.8K 843 7

    After Natsu and Gray defeat one of the spriggan twelve, they obtain the book of END. When the book is accidentally opened and END released, events occur that will damage the Fairy Tail family forever... (The fanart is not mine)

  • Crimson Sky[NaLu One-shot]
    387 29 1

    Under the Crimson sky

  • When the E.N.D Comes
    21.5K 519 5

    He had always been there for her. In her darkest of moments, through thick and thin, he was her light, her anchor, her protector; her beloved friend. But he has become her worst nightmare, and only she can help him. Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Fairy Tail or this book