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  • Transition 🗸
    593 73 13

    In a world where Humans are the minority in an on-going War between Highly Trained Hunters and Feral Werewolves, Layana Thatcham, the daughter of a Lieutenant Class Hunter, is bitten after being put into a situation where being harmed by a Feral had been inevitable. Her step-brother, Axel and their fathers are suspic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Talking Misfits
    15K 2.4K 66

    It all starts one night, when Stephanie, Lora's bestie & roommate, takes her to a party at Damien's. As if her childhood crush wasn't sweeping enough, she cannot imagine the chaos his older brother and sister are going to entice them into. Content and/or trigger warning: This story mentions violence, addiction, and ch...

  • Queen of the Damned
    334K 15.7K 51

    Everyone dies, some just outrun it better than others.

  • Outcast
    1.3K 124 5

    When most wolves are rejected, they find themselves feeling heartbroken and hollow. But not seventeen year old Taliyah Nguyen. When her pack's soon-to-be alpha callously rejects their mating bond, she sees it as both a blessing and an opportunity, allowing her to push her pack to breaking point as she toys and tests h...

  • Survival Mode
    461 95 25

    *Not Edited but being edited* *sigh* it's complicated. Even one little decision can make everything end in blood. Evin Tales and her younger brother, Elon, have been living on their own for 3 years now. The opportunity finally shows for them to change their lives forever but before they can make a decision Elon is sud...

  • Killing Is Thrilling (Completed)
    1.7K 441 47

    I had gotten away with a lot in the past few weeks. Two attractive girls successfully murdered along with a house pet to warn one of my targets she was not safe. I have not forgotten her, long black hair and beautiful blue eyes as well as a model figure. Don't think I have stopped with my plan, she is still on the lis...

    Completed   Mature
  • Catastrophy (ONC Entry)
    179 42 9

    A catastrophy struck the quaint little town of Maiden. A catastrophy by the name of Jenna McLaren. Jenna McLaren. The first thing that comes to mind, when you hear her name is her looks. She is beauty personified. She is elegant, gorgeous, sexy, talented - a mix of all these and much more. Every boy pines after her...

  • The Alpha's Queen
    121K 3.8K 33

    *COMPLETED* Moving away from the big city life will finally bring her peace and harmony. Or so she thought. She loved who she was. She was proud, mysterious, rebellious, she was lightning and a queen in her peers eyes. But she wanted to get away from all that. Not a fresh start, but a change for a while. So she moved...

  • My Tri-Mate
    268 25 7

    People say something is wrong with me, That I am crazy. There is something in me. I can hear it, feel it; moving in me. It says it is me. Now, to escape and to find peace, I reach a town where no one knows me. But, What will happen when I realise the so-called peace that I am trying to find can only be achieved if I s...

  • The Alpha's Love
    2.2K 88 18

    Out of luck, beaten and destroyed River Gray has been on the wrong side of the track of life for what seemed as years. While working one night not only does she encounter a man claiming to be her soulmate but is abducted and taken far from her home. Once brought to a remote area she learns that she is the only human...

  • The Wolves of Wullferg Keep
    4.7K 86 10

    Where there is power, there is corruption. In the city of Halogaist, it comes in the form of a weak willed Council, degenerate city guards, and the League of Huntsmen. Once, the Huntsmen kept the city safe from the creatures of Wullferg Forest. Now, for people like Emily, wrongfully accused and imprisoned, the forest...

  • Ingénue
    157K 2.7K 9

    Asthenia is an naive nymph Jasper is a merciless lycan What could go wrong?

  • The Mere-luna✔#wattys2019
    5K 1.3K 38

    Rank (#24)science fiction.❤ She is a young girl, who is a typical high school teenager Soon teenagers gets missing and she soon got involved which caused the unveiling of some hidden secrets and birth of new dangers. Things get kind of complicated and the people she loves are all in danger. Being a Luna with so many p...

  • The Cabin (COMPLETED)
    43K 2.6K 32

    When high-powered, black lawyer, Stella, is married to her job, she never expects to be shipped away to an idyllic cabin resort in Hawaii. With the help of the sun, sand, and sea, she settles into her tropical getaway and befriends the resort's manager. Jason, the resort manager's son, wants nothing to do with Stella...

    Completed   Mature
  • She Alpha
    167K 6.4K 32

    Faced with the death of her father and mother, Riley Black has doubts about being able to protect her human mate from the divided Werewolf world. Her flirty mate doesn't make it easier to resist the strong mate bond that could very well kill them both. Riley has to make a decision: protect her mate, or accept the bo...

  • Guns and Claws
    164 29 13

    It wasn't my fault I was curious to see what creatures like me weren't allowed to touch... right? I mean, life as a werewolf never used to be like this 50 years ago. We were allowed to see, touch, communicate and be with humans whenever we wanted too. But, other than not actually being fully human, we could fit right...

  • Savage (Lupus Antiqua Series Book #2
    7.6K 589 24

    Quinn is the last surviving member of the Mercenary Dogs pack, and she's just become the Luna of the pack that destroyed her family. Her new mate is unworthy of her and there's something not quite right about her new pack. There's a secret they're all hiding. Question is, will their secret destroy her, or can she be t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Last Fae
    2.3K 308 29

    Last of her kind, Delilah Grey is a lone Fae living amongst the humans. Victim of a werewolf bite during the war she hates all Wolves with a passion, even herself. She would do anything to rid herself of the reminder of her history and teams up with a human scientist in an effort to discover a cure for her Mythic side...

  • Secret Wolf
    324 24 16

    When my mother divorced her husband my brother and I were extremely happy. Then when she finds her true love and is truly happy with him, I get even happier. Their wedding may have been short and small, but I gained a happier mother, a new father and older brother. Moving into a large house with many other people was...

  • Queen: Throne of Revenge
    981 49 19

    Destinie Luciana Scar. The name sent tremors through everyone in the cursed village. If they saw her, they hid. Locked the doors and prayed she didn't pick any of them as the sacrifice. Once taken, they never came back. Men, Women, children, babies. She shows no mercy. It is said she loves only herself and no one else...

  • Moone
    460 83 17

    The daughter of the Alpha King, Princess Lilah Moone, is of age and ready to take over her father's spot as the next Alpha Queen. This is the first time in all of wolf history that an Alpha Queen is going to be named. Coming to find her mate within the royal games, all Alphas and single males will come and test out t...

  • The Heart of the Shadow
    312 31 31

    I shift to my human form and walk over to the crumpled paper on the ground a few feet away. Grabbing only the corner when I see it is covered in wolf slobber. The handwriting on the page is almost illegible. I see you have your powers Little One. Finally, the day has come to have a worthy op...

  • The Fallen Goddess
    553 16 17

    There is an ancient prophecy, told that there was once a ruler of the gods. She ruled over the Moon Goddess, Goddess over Werewolves, The Fates, Gods Of The Vampires, Alisa, Goddess over the Mermaids, Rosie, Goddess of Angels, and Haides, God of Undead, Witches and Devils, and Zafern, God of Humans. They once lived in...

  • Alpha's Wandering Woman
    953 108 17

    Maggy's eyes grew large to see who was the man. "Andy!?" she thought to herself. Andrei lovingly touched Lily's face. Maggy watched. She didn't know but she felt the silent crack of her heart slowly breaking. She holds her chest as if trying to stop the crashing. Andrei still hugging Lily. "It's alright. We'll talk to...

  • The Unwanted ~ Book 1
    1.3K 171 55

    #64-Fairies 08/03/2018 #45-Fairies 10/02/2018 #17-Fairies 10/18/2018 #19 Supernaturalbeings 08/15/2020 *COMPLETED: 08/28/2020 *Not edited!* Cassandra was just your regular teenager, until she had a weird dream and woke up with strange occurrences happening that she did not plan. Now she must join a group known as The...

  • Taming the Alpha
    3.3K 70 5

    ❝ if Scott saves everyone, who saves Scott? ❞

  • Alpha Killian
    92.6K 2.7K 27

    He crouched low, shifting into his wolf. When he looked at me with those ice-blue eyes. I knew I was in trouble. ::: Aspen is an omega of the Blue Moon pack. She's an outsider thanks to her father. After ridding of him from her home she didn't come out for a year. She steps one foot out and all hell breaks out. She me...

  • Kairi
    2.9K 103 7

    A spoilt brat! Who let depression get the best of her, hides her emotions from the world, secludes herself from others and treats people with less importance. She unexpectedly falls in love, with a driver's son.... And heads out to rescue her mother from a mafia

  • Domesticated
    354 36 12

    Something pulled Asher south, towards the town that rested just outside the pack land. He usually did not venture towards town, as the humans utterly disgusted him, though his mind kept yelling at him to go that way. Night had falllen, and with his black fur, it was doubtful anyone would be able to see him. Suddenly...