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  • Book 1: Into the Woods | Larry Stylinson ❀ [Werewolf AU]
    365K 15.8K 31

    ☾ It was only a matter of time before a gray wolf with beautiful blue eyes met the human with sparkling green eyes. ☽ [Cover Credit] : @myharryedits [Spanish Translation] : LoveAndKisses23

    Completed   Mature
  • Almost Is Never Enough // Beddy Spin-Off
    23K 587 51

    When you love someone you will defend them through everything. You will risk your self - your life for that certain other. You will believe everything they say and shouldn't.

  • Harry Styles' Son : Part II ✔
    53.2K 892 40

    Part II to HSS.

  • Harry Styles' Son : Part I ✔
    248K 4.3K 69

    My dad, he stays in London. My dad, he has a girlfriend. My dad, he was in a band. My dad, doesn't even know my first name. What is gonna happen when Harry finally meets his son after 15 years? Well . . . ____________________________________ All rights reserved

    18.6K 1.1K 53

    Harry and Zayn are vocalists of the biggest boy band in the world, ONE DIRECTION. The first rule of a band is, NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR BANDMATE! But Zayn and Harry fall for each other terribly and their relationship is quite unacceptable to the management. Will their love last? I think, True love deserves a cha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unconditionally (Harry Styles)
    82.5K 1.1K 32

    Sydney was just an ordinary girl with a very ordinary life. Until one day, her friend Grace forced her to go to a One Direction concert. Harry spots her while meeting fans, and can't keep his eyes off of her. They end up falling hard for each other and having a love that's... unconditional. Will their love work out? O...

  • 1D Assistant (Vampire and Mates)
    1.7K 66 15

    This story is about a girl named Lexie who gets hired by 1D to be their assistant, but the job is more then just getting them on schedule. Lexie is 1D special assistant, meaning they get to do whatever they want with her.

  • Moments In Time
    9.2K 323 60

    Camila and Liam know each other since childhood. But now he's in a band called One Direction. Will they realize that they love each other as more than friends?

  • Sharing A House With One Direction (One Direction Fan Fiction)
    85.1K 2.4K 70

    Chloe Anne Rives, a seventeen year old girl. Always wishes to become a famous actress one day. To her surprise she auditioned for a movie called 'Different Love' starring her and Taylor Lautner. She got the cut and finally ful filled her dream. Til one day her adorable, small home burns down into pieces. Zayn Malik, f...

  • HIS EFFECT |Harry Styles|
    672K 10.9K 77

    Olivia (Oli) moves to London to live with her friend Lou. Lou is the head make up artist of the famous british band One Direction. Olivia never heard of such band before. Olivia and Harry meet. They fall in love. But is love enough to keep them together? "Summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation. I love...

  • Confusion (One Direction and 5SOS/Vampires)
    29.3K 664 41

    Their's No Such Thing As Normal. Not In This Town Anyway.