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  • Dein Weg ist Mein Weg
    6.2K 341 47

    A terrible accident. A school on the brink of closing. A team with an impossible goal. The tale of a disgraced daughter from a great family, and a reluctant return to the sport she abandoned. It's a story you've been told before, but never like this. A darker and more dramatic retelling of GuP, set in a universe where...

  • RWBY watches My Hero Academia! Season 1+All Might Rising+OVA
    103K 1.5K 16

    RWBY characters watch the season 1 of My Hero Academia along with the OVA and All Might Rising. Hello guys! My name is RetrO and this is my first story on Wattpad. This is a bit inspired from rwby watching my hero academia by hyper gamer x. I loved that story but it was abandoned so I thought "WHY NOT?" Anyway hope yo...

  • Let's start from Zero to a new Order! (Fate/Grand Order x male reader)
    95.6K 4K 64

    Alright so I decided to do fate zero since I haven't completed watching Grand Order yet. Also, this is adopted from someone who discontinued it so yay! Y/N is the child of Kiritsugu and Irisviel. Born with a special phenomenon where he gains the powers of a hero. He works with his parents to fight in the Holy Grail Wa...

  • Family is Stronger Than this Feud
    82K 1.9K 39

    The first shipgirl created, she was based off of the design for a proposed German Battleship, and took the role of mother to the first generation of shipgirls. After a massive fight in the Atlantic against the Sirens, she was called in for repairs, which took an incredible amount of time because of the insane amount o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Azur Lane:The Lost Bismarck Class
    95.2K 1.1K 19

    There were 4 factions,united to fight against an evil that came from another world,The Sirens a unknown force that came from another world,bent on destroying humanity and everything in earth,they took the oceans,one by one,pushing humanity out of the sea,to counter this threat,humanity created a solution,with the powe...

  • My fate harem(Deku x Fate characters)
    29.2K 564 9

    Yes the name is already telling itself it's the fic where our cinnamon roll has an ability to summon fate characters. Btw I'm not so well knowledgeable about fate universe so plz help me with girls in harem.

  • Hero in Stratos (Izuku x IS)
    43.4K 1K 11

    It was an ordinary day in UA high school. Everyone were doing ther own business and most part of UA girls attention was on our green haired protagonist. But suddenly happened unexpected thing he was sucked into a portal. This portal was leading towards whole new world. Note: Izuku will have other quirks of previous OF...

  • Izuku's Innocent Murderer at UA (This version is not getting updated anymore.)
    75.2K 1K 17

    Izuku Midoriya, a 15 year old teenage boy, with a dream to become a hero who smiles infront of danger. However, people were never born equal. A world of quirks with Heroes, and Villains, 80% of the e population quirked and 20% quirkless. Unfortunately, Izuku was not blessed with a quirk and found himself bullied by ev...

  • Keeping the promise (BellxArtemis)
    32K 866 60

    Warning this story contains SPOILERS to the events and ending of Danmachi arrow of Orion. Read at your own risk. Proper description inside. Mainly (BellxArtemis) as well as hints of (BellxAis) and (BellxHestia).

  • I'm not worthless!
    72.5K 1.2K 13

    izuku midoriya is the twin son on All Might and Inko. he wants to become a hero, but is found out to be quirkless. Due to this he is abducted and experimented on to become the most powerful human. I won't be putting much thought into this one so lower you expectations dramatically. also it's gonna be Izujirou

  • A Twin's Atonement
    115K 2.3K 32

    Izumi Yagi has always cared for her older twin brother, Izuku. when she was thirteen, however, something caused her and everyone around him to neglect him. When she figures out what happened, is it to late or will she be able to atone for the past? I do not own BNHA or any of the characters.

  • Bell Cranel Master Of Heroes
    70.1K 1.1K 12

    Bell Cranel is a 14 years old boy who wanted to be a hero after the so called death of his grandfather he came to orario to fulfill his at being a hero he got accepted at the Hestia familia as their only member

  • 2 Shades of Grey
    100K 2.3K 44

    (BNHA/MHA belongs to Kohei Horikoshi) Izuku Yagi feels guilty. He feels guilty for disappointing his mother, Inko Yagi or No. 5 Pro Hero Psygirl. He feels guilty for disappointing his father, Toshinori Yagi or No.1 Pro Hero Allmight. He feels guilty for breaking his promise with his sister and friends, Izumi Yagi, Kat...

  • the life of the fox hero izuku ( izuku x harem)
    103K 1.4K 34

    i have seen a lot on my hero academia fanics so i thought why not in this story . all students on UA except a select few are females . and endevour is a good father to his children . rei todoroki is not hospitalised ( its meh story ). you readers can choose who is in the harem but the first 7 have been decided [ sorry...

  • Abandoned and Forgotten(On Hold for Now)
    244K 4.1K 44

    Toshinori yagi (All Might) and Inko Shimura ( Green Psychokinesis or telekinesis) are both rising hero in Japan All might is the No. 1 Hero GP or GT is No.5 and both fell madly in love with each other in a young age Yagi was 18 and Inko was 17 they were UA Highschool sweet hearts. But they took an unexpected turn, 5 y...

  • Deku
    190K 2K 22

    well what will happens if ua staff, class 1 A, class 1 B, lov, gran torino, mirko, mt lady, ryuku, and some other pro heroes watching certain green hair boy life..(more characters coming up) yup someone will have a harem..heheheheh Thank You for supporting me !!!

  • The Wolf and The Rabbit
    495K 10K 55

    Izuku was alone in the world. Abandoned by the ones he called his family and left to his own accord. But thanks to a chance encounter with the rabbit hero Miruko, Izuku had survived and is now prepared to become the greatest hero ever. His dream is to become the worlds strongest hero and make lots of friends along the...

  • Music Of Cinnamon Roll
    626K 6K 38

    OK this is my first time I write this story so.... This story where they found out that our Cinnamon Roll who always nervous, Hero fan boy, innocent boy, strong heart & Cry a lot. That they have discovered that 'Deku' can Sing. By the I'm not very good in 'English' too. but I will try my best! so Enjoy!

  • Disguised as a hero. (Villain!Izuku x Izumi)
    49K 845 13

    In a world where 80 percent of humanity possess various abilities from manipulation of elements to shapeshifting called "quirks". Izuku Yagi is one of the individuals that are quirkless. "DEKU! This is the perfect name for you!" "TRASH!" "QUIRKLESS!" "Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof, useless Deku." "Hey ki...

  • Father-Daughter
    252K 3.6K 22

    This will be a very slow going story but it will follow the life of Eri and Izuku as He takes on the role of Eri's father, and She struggles to cope with her trust issues and fear of new things.

  • Only Hope - (Nejire x Izuku)
    133K 2.1K 24

    As Izuku is falling to his end, he remembers a promise he made, a promise he made to someone important to him. Follow Izuku as he goes through his life undercover in U.A, gathering information, forgetting the promise that he made, only to have it resurface in the face of danger. 3/22/2020 - #20 in Nejire 3/26/20...

  • UA multiverse
    1.2M 10.4K 85

    let's just say that 1A, 1B, Hatsume, Shinso, Big 3, UA teachers, The Pussycats with Kota and Eri are "kidnapped" by a figure to the auditorium of UA to watch a multiverse of their lives How will they react? Note: this is my first time writing something like this so bear with me if there's a mistake. Also, English is n...

  • Izuku the wolf nomu (currently being rewritten)
    185K 2.1K 25

    Everything change after deku was deemed quirkless. His parents forgotten and neglected him, his sister and friends bullied him and almost killed him and after 8 years of torture his was kidnapped and experiment to be turn into a nomu. He returned and he's not the same person for before.

  • Watch The Deku's of The Multiverse (Deku X Harem)
    792K 5.5K 42

    Just for fun, a random God decides to show the cast of MHA their emerald-haired friend across the multitude of realities.

  • The Deku-Verse
    773K 8K 114

    It was a normal day for the students of Class 1-A, until a mysterious portal opens up and sends them to a theater, along with multiple other people. It's there that a man offers to show them alternate versions of Izuku and the others. What universes will they see? How will they react to them? And will Bakugo ever stop...

  • Akame Ga Kill reacts to My Hero Academia
    257K 3K 40

    General Najenda and Akame has finally lived peacefully after overthrowing the Empire. But, a sudden warp delivers them to a room where they will watch a show about Izuku Midoriya and My Hero Academia. And wait, who are these people and Gods that will join them?!

  • Overwatch Abuse Hero
    185K 2.3K 21

    Izuku is quirkless meaning he cannot become a hero. His parents neglect him for being useless. His sister and friends use him as their own punching bag. He lives in world entirely made of heros. One day he's found by Overwatch agents. After explaining his home life they take him. His family won't see him until UA Univ...

  • Date A Live: Savior (X Male Reader)
    47.5K 979 8

    Note: Note that this is a Date A Live (X Male Reader) Summery/ Description: (Y/n) (L/n) lives in Tengu city with his step sister Kotori. He's a not so normal high school student at Raizen high school. The thing that doesn't make him normal is that he's a spirit, He's known about it for a long time and hides it from th...

  • Sword Art Online: Nightmare (X Reader)
    25.1K 518 8

    Note that this is a (Sword Art Online X Reader) Summary/Description. In 2022, a new virtual reality game called Sword Art Online was released. After 10,000 players logged into the game. Soon after it's launch, the developer of the game, Akihiko Kayaba, trapped the 10,000 players in the game, You included. You do what...