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  • Black Belle #Wattys2020
    2.6K 1.2K 29

    "They say that our looks, physical appearance are gifts. Even if you hate how you look like, it still is a gift from up. I don't really believe in that, I am in a mess right now, tangled in life. Living in a mess of troubled family, accused of world wide crimes, losing the people I love the most and meeting hell of n...

  • Indelible
    752 102 6

    17 year old Carissa wakes up to find herself in a very difficult predicament. Her life is a ticking time bomb and it is up to her to make her mark. So, when faced with an opportunity she wasn't initially aware she had, she leaves her hometown and ends up on a journey of self discovery. Along the way, she meets Sam and...

  • Unto the Shadow (Completed)
    6.7K 855 44

    "What am I?" Ryder practically whispered in terror. Nothing would ever be the same again in Ryder Shaw's once normal teenage life, not after a dark stranger crashes her first high school party. A deep voice inside of Ryder convinces her to believe the stranger and his warning of a brutal death by wolves made of eart...

  • Damned but mine
    16.8K 2.6K 55

    "How can I let go of someone, whose just a mere touch of the hand could be so hot?" Nick West, a 17 year old popular football player in Chicago had to leave his life behind when his father was granted a job in New York City. Like every other kid, he wasn't too happy and thought everything was so messed up but what co...

    Completed   Mature
  • ??Who is Honey Bea??
    708 67 29

    After getting kicked out of her old school this girl shows up in a small crime filled town where she has a mission. She keeps everyone away from her until she finds herself a purpose to interact and become more powerful than she is now. This girl...goes by the name Honey Bea but only a few people know her real name...