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  • Holographic ➸ Ashton Irwin ➸ 1/3
    209K 8.1K 47

    "It's amazing how wrong you can be about someone" WARNINGS: Language, Suggestive scenes and abuse This is not a love story, it is a story about love and losing it BOOK 1/3

    Completed   Mature
  • Amaya (Beck Oliver love story) DISCONTINUED
    37.6K 456 7

    In which Beck's childhood best friend returns to his life after moving away to London for schooling. Will Anaya and Beck rekindle their childhood friendship or will Jade stop that from happening? When a childhood friend becomes a teenage romance.

  • I am broken ~ divergent eric
    203K 4.4K 39

    I never really was made to be in Abnegation. I didn't ever fit in. All of the selflessness - I just couldn't do it. I couldn't forget myself in a matter of seconds then turn to another in need. I always thought of myself and what I would be like when I was older. Would I live in Abnegation? Could I learn to forget mys...

  • Fire & Rain ▹ Beck Oliver. [SLOW UPDATES]
    182K 3.1K 16

    [SLOW UPDATES] It's no secret that Beck Oliver has a thing for tough girls but what happens when he meets someone worst than Jade West? ✖️Beck Oliver✖️ ✖️Victorious✖️ ✖️Season 1-4✖️