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  • Creepypasta Texts
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    Book 2 Highest Rank(s): 47 in #smiledog 61 in #sallywilliams 5 in #suicidesadie 34 in #ninathekiller

  • Watched From The Shadows
    30 3 2

    Greetings! ~~*This book contains Mature Themes such as Gore, Language, and some Sexual References. It also has Triggering Themes, which includes Manipulation, Obsessiveness, Anxiety-Inducing Scenes, Panic Attacks, Mentions of Death (of either a loved one or another person), and Gas Lighting. There may be more than wh...

  • Do I Miss You? | Jimin x Reader
    98.9K 2.8K 42

    "Did you miss me?" he asked. "You wish." I said to him. Do I miss you? Yes. I did. I asked myself this everyday, morning and night. I missed you very much. "Y/n... Are you crying?" he asked me.

  • Fools | Park Jimin ✔
    174K 5.3K 35

    I started to become greedy. I want to live with you, grow old with you, hold your wrinkled hands, and say how warm my life was with you. I hope, we'd have a better fate in another life; Y/N. The pains were inevitable, I wonder if it would heal. It is killing me inside. I know the facts that both of us were hurts ins...

  • The field trip (jimin x reader)
    91.3K 2.6K 65

    "What am I gonna do its a three Week field trip", "I honestly don't see what your so upset about. I mean don't you get to pick who your gonna stay with?" "Jimin already picked me. Now what do I do?" He's always wanted my attention. I just didn't worry about it. I didn't ever recognize how much he actually cared...

  • Bts Jimin x Reader
    102K 2.4K 34

    "jiminienopabo: who is that girl next to you?" •were bts finds out about Taehyungs bestfriend through an Instagram post •αn ínѕtαgrαm ѕtσrч [book still in progress] ©esravdw

  • I D I O T (Bakugou x Female Reader)
    250K 8.5K 32

    With a supportive mother, educated sister and explosive crush, (y/n) has her hands full. Coming from the California suburbs to sparkly Japan, this international student has another thing coming her way. With her sweet and sour personality, this firecracker is sure to draw some unwanted attention. Will she be able to s...

  • They Can Love? Human FNAF x Reader
    528K 13.1K 26

    Y/n decides that it's time to get a job. Especially after what just happened. Y/n see's an ad in the paper for a night guard at a kids pizzeria. Accepting the fact that it wouldn't be that bad, she decides it's worth a shot. What she didn't know was that the animatronics come alive at night, and they want Y/n. * I do...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark Times (Darkiplier x reader x Markiplier)
    32.4K 996 22

    You and Mark have been dating for a about a year now. Unfortunately for the both of you, Dark is getting jealous. When October rolls around, Dark begins to get a little more power, and he plans to use it to get to you.

  • The Wrong Choice ( Discontinued)
    74.9K 1.8K 34

    (DISCONTINUED) " Y/N, you well never escape me!" I need to keep running, Wait Mark had his keys in his pocket, before I..." I chose the wrong twin...... This is base on A date with Markipler. The chocolate scene and what happens after....

  • Dangerous Love (Jeff X Reader)
    196 14 5

    *I'll add a description later...*

  • ✓Scared? Of... Me? (LJ x Reader)
    20.1K 515 23

    You can be male or female :) (Your full name) has always beed afraid of clowns ever since a certain incident happened when she was four, she remembers the memory as clean as day. But she didn't have no family left, of friends at that. So what happens when she meets someone new and gets invited to their daughters birth...

    Completed   Mature
  • I want you to be Mine and Mine only||Ticci Toby x Reader
    107K 2.9K 31

    "You kidnapped killed Chris...You tried to take advantage of me...I know you as the bad guy I've been seeing for the past week. But I dont think I can love you... " Is it possible to love someone as cold and crazy as Toby Rogers? Will you be able to? Or will you keep reminding yourself of what he's done? Sti...

  • Tainted Love (Yandere! Jeff the Killer)
    51.1K 1.4K 57

    I love you, but you can never love me. I wish I could meet you, soulmate. Jeff the Killer has found someone he wants to protect, but can't seem to fathom those feelings. He can't even seem to get a grip on them. Read on to find out what happens next.

  • Sweet Dreams // Creepypasta x Reader
    84.5K 1.9K 15

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • My New Family Creepypasta x Reader
    152K 3.2K 28

    Y/n meets the creepypasts's and becomes a family with them with your brother Damien but what trouble lies ahead of you? *CURRENTLY EDITING* So sorry for any misspelled words!!

  • Make You Beautiful - [Jeff the Killer x reader]
    436K 14.6K 41

    [COMPLETED] "There's something I just have to do. Remember that incident with BEN?" I frowned and slowly nodded my head. "Well, I need to make sure something like that never happens. I need to make sure that everyone knows that you're mine." He smirked and took a knife that was on a night table next to the bed. "Ho...

    Completed   Mature
  • (Discontinued) Avoiding Proxies (Reader x Marble Hornets)
    136K 4.8K 42

    After Geeky boy next door Alex is murdered shortly after cancelling a movie you were to star in, you have a run in with his best friend, Jay. Jay is an amateur detective with a heart of gold that only wants to solve his best buddy's murder. When you team up with him, you catch the attentions of three sketchy henchmen...

  • You Cannot Destroy Me(Jason the Toymaker x Reader)
    60.5K 1.5K 14

    This is the story of you meeting some weirdo guy named Jason and soon enough, you two fall in love. What do you expect? It's a fanfic. Also, your a girl. If you want a gay version ask me. I will make it happen. W i n k w o n k

  • Jason the Toymaker X Reader
    59.1K 1.6K 15

    Summary? Asexual love.. I guess...

  • Jacksepticeye x reader
    131K 2.7K 34

    This is about a young girl who escapes to Ireland from her abusive ex. When in Ireland she realises she was being followed by him and is stabbed multiple times... Ur tester over! If this is shit (which I already no it will be) then its bc this is my first fanfiction sooooo...DONT JUDGE