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  • Jaune Arc: Hope and Despair in the Multiverse
    760K 9.3K 119

    After Jaune Arc saved Cardin Winchester from the Ursa, Cardin still told everyone about his fake transcripts. The entire student body immediately turns on Jaune, making his school life hell. The only people who stay by his side are his team, team RWBY, team CFVY, Ozpin, and the teachers. Jaune disappears. His friends...

  • The Destiny of the Betrayed
    49.2K 880 42

    Jaune,Issei and Izuku were betrayed Izuku for being the son of all for one, Jaune was betrayed due to the truth of his transcripts coming Issei for finding some of the supernatural No longer needed him they are soon transported into the world of destiny by an entity that saw their potential. Their true friends, family...

  • Mass Effect Arks
    4.1K 169 25

    Not an ark game cross over, an idea of sleeper ships that are found, they are from an alternate dimension, and they change the history of the Galaxy.

  • Star Wars... The War Has Changed
    62.1K 996 30

    Groups of interest have been given information of a world called Earth, that survived a Nuclear Apocalypse. Now with watching the logs of the Storyteller can they pull the War to their favor or will they lose.

  • Star War StoryTeller
    77.2K 838 30

    Star Wars receive information from a world, and now they are learning about it from a knowledgeable chatterbox

  • Black Halo
    400K 12.1K 115

    Ho-jun is a simple student who suffers daily bullying and as a bonus he suffers inside his own home too, because of his grandfather. Being forced to work early to buy food and pay the bills. Ho-jun is a powder keg ready to explode in a chaotic and violent city (Multi Crossover) [Mature Content]

  • Akame Ga Kill: Uprising
    21.3K 585 38

    The Breach. A portal between dimensions. When the nuke detonated, James Becket should have been blown to an early grave... but instead, he was brought to another dimension. A dimension of corruption, greed, and mythical superweapons known as Imperial Arms. Now armed with one of his own, James must figure out whether t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ultraman Nexus: Justice League Mightiest Hero
    10.6K 162 36

    Himeya Jun, a deunamist of Ultraman Nexus had given his second chance by Ultraman Noa as he finally understood the power of light and why he was choosen. Join Ultraman in the world where human had receive a super power, some were mutant and many were alien, and fight along side with Earth Mightiest super hero, the Jus...

  • Usurper of Storm (Campione Jaune)
    95.3K 1.3K 35

    He is a Champione For he massacres the gods in heaven and takes for himself that confers godhood He is the King for he brandishes the godly authority that he has usurped so that so that all must Obey him This is the story of the Eighth campione Usurper of Storms

  • Crimson Sin
    66.6K 4.2K 72

    A school filled with supernatural phenomena becomes the center of an invasion from the forces of hell. The school's goth girl, a young woman descended from a family of demon hunters, takes it upon herself to try and stop the demons, however when the amount of them begins to overwhelm her she turns to ancient text to r...

  • 《Seiken Of The Fairies》[Fairy Tail X Male Reader]
    81.2K 2.8K 70

    Many Many Years after the world has been saved from the devastating and evil power of the Grimoire. The now Abandoned, Legendary Sacred Sword of the Hero... retires... Now the Spirit of a Legendary Blade, partnered with the spirits of his other fellow Sacred Swords wish to live a simple life as Laymen... But in a wor...

  • Reionic: The Universe Wanderer [Vol. 1] - The Heaven Light
    57.5K 1K 21

    Y/n Furuya is a boy who like Ultraman & Kaiju from Tokusatsu. He wish he can be become one like them (Ultraman). One day, he just back from buying new collection of new Ultraman, Ultraman Trigger. But somehow he get strike by a lightning. When he woke up he notice he on the forest with a suitcase and message write... ...

  • Kamen rider Kuuga X Highschool dxd: A God that protect peoples smiles
    128K 2K 36

    Billions of years ago there was a war between the gods and the demons. But a legendary warrior appeared and ended the war leaving to humanity to exist. This warrior is known as The protector by both Gods and demons. But the mysterious warrior disappeared and was never seen for years until in the present day a boy with...

  • The Dimensional Dragonic Knight (Genshin Impact x Male Reader)
    179K 3.1K 54

    (Y/N) Williams he is known as the traveling interdimensional hero known as Dragon Knight has fought against his greatest enemy and finished him. He was going home but.... He did not expect that he landed in the another world called Teyvat. Saving the little fairy from drowning name Paimon. He encounter meeting Lumine...