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  • Love Me Again || SaTzu Book 2 (Completed) [EDITING]
    208K 8K 67

    The BOOK 2 of SaTzu Fanfic LOVE ME NEVER. "Years go by. She builds a new life Leaves the old one behind. And starts to shine in her own divine. But what if the ghost of the past comes back without her expecting? What if the perfect plan that she has in her mind starts to crumpled again? While the other one is determi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Train To Busan (TTB) || [SaTzu] [TWICE] (COMPLETED)
    39.6K 1.9K 6

    Train To Busan, Twice version but the main characters are Sana and Tzuyu. -- To end, To start over again, To fight together, To die (Inspired by: Train to Busan and some random love stories) Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction. All the incidents, businesses, places and events are either the product of the auth...

  • Hell in Heaven (Oneshot) ||SaTzu (COMPLETED)
    12.6K 552 4

    She could be heaven in hell or hell in heaven.

    Completed   Mature
  • Instagram Special
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    Instagram Special Chapters

  • Negative Zero | SaTzu
    418K 18.8K 112

    The Academy of Arcane in Azumore, teaches the arts of magic in development of Wizards and Sorcerers. The four "S Class levels" are the most powerful sorcerers in the Academy. Among them is a human wizard, Sana Minatozaki- who happens to rank 1st and is the very first Human Wizard to reach the S Class level. On the oth...

  • i'm almost me again (she's almost you) • satzu
    16.3K 795 23

    After being left heartbroken, Tzuyu finds herself in Scotland with nothing but a broken watch, a photograph of the woman who broke her heart, and the sudden urge to go for a walk. A very long walk. With stubborn determination, she sets out on a cross-country journey, with the intention of fixing her broken heart and w...

  • Beauty in a Bottle *SaTzu*
    6.4K 260 1

    Just a one shot SaTzu special story.

  • SANA (Completed)
    56.9K 1.7K 26

    Highest Ranking is #51 in Short Story Minatozaki Sana

  • Married To My Ex • SaTzu
    1.7M 66.5K 184

    In which Sana and Tzuyu are ex lovers but their parents involve them in an arranged marriage Started : Feb 10,2019 Ended : Soon #1 Narrative Credits to for the pics that I'm using for this fanfic

  • Instagram 2.0 ➺ satzu (completed)
    2.2M 76.4K 201

    "It's you, it's been you for too long" Date started : September 09, 2018 Date ended : March 26, 2019 Contains Matured Content #1 English Tag #2 epistolary Tag

    Completed   Mature
  • Back To You (Sequel Of The Feeling) ➳ SaTzu
    517K 24.3K 82

    ❝There is always that person in life that you give several chances, it's because you love them more than you hate them❞ Read "The Feeling" first Highest Ranking is #44 in fanfiction (April 18, 2018) © 2018 forsapphire ❣️

  • "Pleasure" Satzu ||COMPLETED||
    212K 4.5K 17

    Warning!!! Gender bend alert!! Read on your own risk and please if you're still innocent like me read this because this is so interesting and to those who are not, you're free to ignore this. (Note the sarcasm) I'm not going to spoil this story just read if curiosity was already drowning you😏

  • chat ↔ satzu
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    sanasquirrel: zzup tzuyoda: ?? who tf are you? - ⓢⓐⓣⓩⓤ Highest rank in Fanfiction: #25 (02/18/18)

    184K 5K 21

    Hey! Don't read this if you haven't read the first book yet! 'PLEASURE'. This will be the sequel of 'PLEASURE'so enjoy reading?

    Completed   Mature
  • Instagram ➺ satzu (completed)
    1.7M 72.6K 154

    @choutzuyu followed you "She's so pretty and famous. I'm insecure" #1 satzu tag #1 sana tag #1 tzuyu tag #1 epistolary tag Date Started : July 15, 2018 Date Ended : September 09,2018 CONTAINS MATURED CONTENT

    Completed   Mature