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  • Reveal? LadyNoir
    345K 10.2K 34

    Okay so let's be honest here, who doesn't love this ship? For the past few months(correction from year into future) I've been obsessed with them. If you like the fast paced stories i'd advise you not to read this cause it might be a little longer than you expect but don't worry there is still fluff along the way. So...

  • True love.. Or maybe not (Garroth x Laurence x Aaron x Vylad x reader) [ON HOLD]
    22.9K 589 29

    I laid down on my couch in the living room. The sun was shining through the many windows in my house. My village was quiet and calm. I could feel the sun on my skin. It made me sleepy. I slowly dozed off into a world of dreams... I woke up on my couch by someone slapping me. "Get up Y/N! O'Khasis is attacking again!"...

  • Dreamcatcher
    21 0 1

    Bleh. Just some story off the top of my head.

  • The Darkness Within
    19 0 1

    Edward Hyde and Adira Schreave have went this far in their relationship, but when life gets in their way, will they work everything out?

  • Moving?
    1.3K 97 4

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng just moved from her small, suburban town in Italy to the great city like Paris. All she can think abut is how this will affect her fighting career, and as she starts her first sight see, her life is threatened. Just when she thinks she can handle Marinette, her body is flung to the side by her s...

  • Miraculous Ladybug One-Shots
    22.4K 1.2K 13

    So these are one-shots. I write a book too but I felt like I could write some of these too so yeah enjoy. Also disclaimer they won't all be LadyNoir. You know how they have different ship names? Those will be there to like Ladybug and Adrien and Marinette and Adrien, etc. Also more like Nino and Alya!

  • When Is It Love?
    2.5K 192 8

    So this is the same thing that I did last time so I have no description. I have no idea how this book will turn out so its the kind of thing where you have to read to find out. I hope it'll be entertaining so welcome.

  • SoMa One Shots
    9.6K 423 31

    So these are one shots of Soul and Maka. Some will be from my head and some will be inspired by others. Also some will be before and after they're together, not in a particular order.

  • Inspirational Speech
    248 5 2

    My best friend Lauren is awesome. She really lifted me spirits when she told me this.

    266 9 2

    All the rules and regulations about after someone becomes a creature of the night

  • Assassin's family
    24 1 2

    it is a zombie Apocalypse themed short story

  • The Good Winter Solider
    139 1 8

    Done story, don't feel like completing it

  • What's best for you
    11 0 1

    When you want to help liberate pokemon from humans, you have to start with yourself. But that might not always be the case. A two-shot that shows a whole new perspective of the bonds between people and Pokemon.

  • At Long Last
    44 0 2

    Just a little fanfic about the wonders of long awaited love. Seriously, this is my first time posting something here so hopefully everything works out... right?

  • Interest peaked
    2 0 1

    When going to family parties, one expects many things. Seeing distant relatives, piñatas with candy in them, and that one drunk uncle who has everyone laughing at his shenanigans. But one thing Regi didn't expect was finding an interest in his best friends cousin. How does he deal with his curiosity when he doesn't ev...

  • Hiding
    39 3 3

    Everybody has their secrets hiding in their own shadows. No matter who they are or what they do. The only question is for how long can they stay hidden.

  • The Forbidden love squeal
    9 0 1

    I'm writing this to help out Rwby4always... This is a billdip hope you enjoyed. I'm going to warn you I have bad gramer.

  • Your my doll dipper gleeful x reader
    260 3 1

    You moved out of your house when you turned 18.. Dipper gleeful has became obsessed over you.. Please read. 😊😊😊😊😊😚😚

  • Lets make a deal kid (Bill x reader)
    76 0 6

    You would do anything to protect your sister jay even if it meant that you would be making a big mistake in making a deal with a dream demon.

  • Your mine (billdip)
    101 0 7

    Grammar might be bad I'm sorry if it is. Dipper is 18 bill is also 18 dipper moved in with the grunckels Mabel moved in with her boyfriend. Dipper works at the shake. What happens when dippers worse enemy of his becomes his boyfriend.

  • Psychopath
    556 12 5

    You have voices in your head. Are you mental. Are you psychopath.

  • The slender man
    51 1 8

    You live near the woods. We're stories live forever. The story goes into the woods at night because at night. Well you'll need to read to find out.

  • Blue and Red go so well
    52 0 3

    Random ideas I came up with in honor of my friends

  • one hundred sleepless nights//klance
    314 24 7

    allura's sick and tired of lance and keith constantly bickering back and forth at every chance they get so she decides, why not force them to get along? by locking them alone together in keith's bedroom. because fuck, are they annoying the hell out of everyone.

  • one shots
    13 0 1

    a bunch of random one shots since i think i write these better than anything

  • a summer's lullaby//klance
    11 0 1

    in which lance is a water fairy who gets a little lost on his way back home

  • mcclain's diner//klance
    7 0 1

    in which someone new pours keith his morning coffee

  • The Triangle's Mate
    50.8K 1.6K 8

    Dipper and Mabel's mother was killed because of who Dipper's mate is. Some people fear his mate. Others respect him. And many just think he is a good person. After all he hasn't given them much reason to think why he wouldn't be. He is a fair ruler. He lived with his Monster family that consisted of his Grunkle F...

  • Boxrunner 2 {complete}
    534 44 26

    If you haven't already, read Boxrunner 1. It has the cast in the description and I cant be stuffed to rewrite it. This is fallout meets maze runner with a twist. I hope you enjoy

  • Box Runner {complete}
    758 61 23

    Adam, Max, Ross, Mia, Scarlet and Kayla are all bounty hunters and will do anything for an excuse to go on an adventure to show off their skills. When they get sucked into a box leaving them in a massive maze they realise they might need more skills. Find out what happens in BOXRUNNER! (This is pretty much Fallout me...