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  • P A S T
    59 4 3

    " I'm sorry Andrea, I never loved you.." never say never. Rey Silver is a hardworking female student in Touro Academy. She is a boyish female whose identity to everyone is a boy, except for her family and close friends. On the first day of school, she stumbled across a boy... a quite handsome alo...

  • Caught in the Act (Male!Yandere x Reader)
    614K 27.3K 29

    F/n lived in an orphanage since she was five. Now that she is eighteen, she decides to go to the industrial city of Mardin looking for employment and something new. While in Mardin, she discovers she looks exactly like an heiress named Katrina Albright. Katrina is to be engaged to a man name Inigo Moors, but is too si...

  • Fearless
    222 7 8

    "I will show Calvaria the strength we can bear and win war. That is my oath to Calvaria." ------ A war created by two powerful kingdoms has struck the whole world with battles and enemies to face. A girl from a village in poverty along with her childhood best friend join the war to fight for their Kingdom. With all t...

  • The "Get Along" Project {AkuAtsu+ DaChuu Smut/Fluff R18}
    257K 7.6K 35

    Bungou stray dogs: When 4 frustrated men get trapped in a suite together, surly more then fighting will happen between them? Dazai Osumu, Asushi Nakajima, Akutagawa Ryunosuke and Chuuya Nakahara wake up one morning to find that they have all been placed in a suite together.. No way out. There's only one way to escap...

    Completed   Mature
  • Double Black, in an even darker world
    88.8K 3.8K 7

    some very ooc angsty/fluffly/steamy soukoku fic c': (somehow this 600 word oneshot turned into this sad excuse for a 10k word fanfic) WARNINGS/TRIGGERS: mentions of suicide, self-harm, strong language, drinking, smoking and sex (it's no smut though...)

  • Step Brothers - j.jk +
    431K 15.9K 40

    "w-what are you gonna d-do?" "you" "but we are step brothers." warning ⚠️: -strong language -smut -suicidal references

    Completed   Mature
  • Their Assassin {Black Butler x Reader}
    691K 21.9K 38

    [Y/N], an assassin with a demon butler, who is known for always being succesful. What could go wrong when you get the mission to kill two rich boys? ~ You took your gun out of your leather belt and loaded it quickly, careful not to make a sound while doing so. Lifting it up, you pointed it at the dark haired boy, but...

  • Belong To The Mafia Boss
    462K 12K 21

    "I love you, [F/N]-chan." He said as he pecked your forehead. Caressing your hair and sniffed its fragrance. You could hear the sound of his heartbeat, jumped loudly as he embraced you. But this wasn't what you wanted. This was your nightmare. You cried silently on his chest and he shushed you, but it just made your...

  • TodoBaku - Soulmate
    655K 21.8K 8

    Soulmate AU where you get your soul mark after both you and your partner use your quirk for the first time. Todoroki x Bakugo TodoBaku [Completed]

  • Hidden (But Better)
    98 0 4

    "Maybe the world is best with everyone dead and their cold dead bodies in my hands." ... Meet the unlovable yet lovable class called Ruiz with a cast of 37 students and a strict yet big-hearted teacher. This class is known for being loud and unruly and all around an annoying classroom for teachers. Everything changes...

  • Yandere X Reader ... dark |Completed|
    39.5K 696 16

    You're a young adult just starting your new exciting life at this collage , trying to pass with good grades and staying very low and away from drama....little did you know that stepping into the camps was the end of your simple and peaceful life you had planned !

    Completed   Mature
  • Ciel x Sebastian: Yaoi Fanfiction
    57.9K 1.1K 4

    Sebastian has been living in the manor with Ciel for quite some time now. After Ciel became a demon, their lives changed and so did their feelings for each other. WARNING: Bad language and sexual scenes. Don't say I didn't warn you! Anyway, enjoy!😊

  • Demon love (ciel x sebastian)
    5K 121 4

    After ciel and sebastian have gotten so close ciel is wanting to be more than master and butler as well as sebastian. Ciel is just realizing that he has caught feelings for his butler sebastian and sebastian has caught feelings for his young master ciel. They both want more however aren't sure how to express that feel...

    Completed   Mature
  • Black Kiss Ciel x Sebastian
    25K 510 26

    ok hi guys this is my first Yaoi thing so i hope you like it and who ever read or supports my books and stories thank you BTW THIS WILL BE WRITTEN IN ENGLISH! i wish all the Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) fans will like this like how they like shipping Ciel with Sebastian and also the other otakus who like this anime the...

  • Ciel x Sebastian
    105K 2.8K 16

    Ciel and Sebastian can't hold back any longer, filled with lust for each other they finally give in to their darkest desires. Watch Ciel discover a world of pleasure as he unleashes a new side to himself driven by the need to be satisfied completely by Sebastian.

  • Ciel X Reader (Black Butler)
    2.4M 74.9K 32

    Why would someone so rich, run away from their perfect home? To get away... To get away from all the stupid people and comments they made. She ran away to get away from all that and came here, bumping into me and surprising me. Who is she and why is she so important to me? -Ciel Phantomhive I do not own Black Butler

  • Don't Leave /Daisuga/
    168K 4.2K 18

    Suga has had feelings for Daichi for quite awhile. What happens when everyone starts noticing Suga is distracted? What happens when Suga confesses? What happens if they get together? Date started: Nov. 1st Date Finished: Dec. 26 Daisuga! (I don't own picture for cover. Found it online! :))

  • Alone With Him
    648K 20.2K 17

    What happens when your best friend, who you happen to like, stays over for 10 days?

  • Yandere Neko X Reader
    51.5K 1K 10

    Neko! x Reader Two boys mysteriously show up in your house after you pick two cats off the streets? Read to find out more! Published originally on may 17th 2016? Then scarcely updated in 2017. Then ignored for years until now, in 2021, i am editing and revising it cause people are still regularly adding it to their l...

  • Doll (MikaYuu)
    255K 12.2K 67

    And there we were, the two of us, standing at the entrance of his bedroom. "This is where you and I will get to know a lot about each other... And where I will thank you every single night for what you have done for me." "...Every night?" Mika was called a doll, but he wasn't to me... He just needed to feel human... B...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Boy Digits (Mikayuu)
    12.3K 648 8

    SEQUEL TO GREEN EYED MAID ~ Several years after encountering a certain green eyed boy, now infamous, billionaire Mikaela Shindo runs a top industry which was passed down to him from his father. He runs the country of Japan by storm as heart break settles into him, creating the monster of whom he is today. Although...

  • |Mad Love| Male Yandere Demons x Reader
    677K 23.9K 143

    Being transferred to a weird school where everyone are acting weird. "Humans ?" That's what you heard from them...their all humans too right? Well..not all of them .. This guys...are competing for your love and attention , their obsessed, crazy...MAD to get you. And to win this mad game. W...

  • No Homo (Bakushima)
    20.9K 927 4

    Things take a romantic turn after a harmless ass-slapping prank by Kirishima which lead to a kiss. What will happen to heir relationship after that? This has the fourth part to my original No Homo that somehow got deleted by wattpad, thanks man. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • No Homo (Bakushima)
    90.5K 3.1K 4

    Kirishima finds Bakugou while wandering around town and asks him to hangout. He accidentally calls Bakugou hot making the other a blushing mess, he takes advantage of the oppurtunity and slaps Bakugou's ass. I got this idea from a tumbler post, i forgot who it was by but credits to them. Also credit to the person who...

  • Yandere Step Brother X Reader
    150K 2.1K 9

    What happens when your mother gets a divorce with you're father? She also gets remarried to your art teacher. You thought it was ironic that you couldn't live your father but HAD to live with your mother. Eliot -Your Art Teacher- has a son. You never knew about his son in till the day you found out you had to move in...

  • I'm Here: Yandere Brother X Reader
    157K 4.1K 13

    You have lived through many tragedies in the past and your big brother was always there for you. And now entering high school you've made two friends and you start to fall for Akashi then you start noticing your brother change a bit once you enter high school.

    Completed   Mature
  • Infatuation (Yandere Boys x Reader)
    7.8M 264K 92

    After six new boys meet (Y/n), they begin an unhealthy obsession over the female and soon take it too far. There's not much chance of her escaping their thoughts or hands but she's definitely going to try when she's had enough.

  • Kagehina Smut Oneshot
    25.2K 298 1

    Basically a smut oneshot of Kagehina (Kageyama x Hinata, not Hinata x Kageyama) . Warning: This is about sex. Read at your own risk.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Beloved Lap Pillow (Kageyama x Hinata)
    73K 1.5K 4

    After a tiring day of practice, Hinata can't help being worn out. Kagehina ^.^

    Completed   Mature