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  • Hair Spray
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    Do you pull your hair out? Wanting to learn about something new? TRICHOTILLOMANIA: Program this word into your brain. It exists, you're not just crazy. If you have this, Then you must already know That once you start, there is no going back. It's an addiction and a habit. "T-R-I-C-H-O-T-I-L-L-O-M-A-N-I-A" [Pro...

  • Game of Survival
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    A short story I had to write for an English assessment. Please let me know if it's any good. It had to be 800-1000 words, so I apologise for the length. Feng and Sebastian are on the run. From what, no one knows. But everyone knows one thing; Follow the rules, and you'll survive.

  • When Life Meets Death
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    EDITING The young maiden of life meets the king of death for the first time. "Well, speak of the devil." "I prefer Hades, actually." Myths will not be followed exactly...