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  • The person within
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    "you found me doll," he whispered softly. "No, I found myself in you." -a Bucky barnes x OC -avengers -enemies to lovers 🦾 -new chapters when possible, balancing school and home -pre infinity war -the events of CACW didn't happen -please vote/comment I really appreciate it 🤍

  • Let Me Help // Bucky Barnes Romance //
    5.5K 184 20

    Jennifer King has had her telepathic and empathetic abilities as long as she can remember. They come to good use when she meets the Winter Soldier, broken and lost, terrified of himself and Hydra. How will she help Bucky? Will she end up in prison for it? And as time goes on, what will happen? And what of romantic att...

  • Infatuation | Bucky Barnes
    2.5M 76.3K 96

    He had two choices; leave her and let her die or take her with him and give her a life he wouldn't wish on anyone. This story is a Bucky x OC story. I've literally had this story in my head for years and I finally decided to write it. This story is going to move quicker in the beginning since I have a lot of back sto...

    Completed   Mature
  • Coffee and Books 3
    10.7K 644 21

    This is book 3 in the Coffee & Books series. Please read the other two books first. Ylva is happily dating Loki. Life with the God of Mischief is surprisingly domestic. The Asgardian people live in Brooklyn, but they're hoping to relocate to Norway to finally have a place to call their own again. Ylva gets introduced...

  • Muffins - Loki & Ylva alternate universe stories
    34.5K 2K 55

    Loki and Ylva belong together; not just in one universe, but in all of them. This book contains the stories of their lives in those alternative universes. One of the best things of love is falling in love, time and time again. Expect delicious fluff, Lokitty, Ylva as a SHIELD agent, vampire Loki, teenage Loki and Ylva...

  • Invisible To You (A Bruce Banner Love Story)
    269K 8.6K 40

    Only days after the chitari attack, the team is called together for one reason. Someone had helped them fight. The kicker? They were invisible. Meanwhile, Tony introduces the team to his best friend, his goddaughter, a firey redheaded bartender named Rose. She comes into their lives, taking Bruce by storm, but is ther...

  • Spider and Snake [REQUESTS CLOSED]
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    One shots of Loki and Peter friendship. Always complete! Requests CLOSED! (Friendship/family only, please! All romance requests will be deleted!)

  • MUTE ━ Sam Wilson
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    [UNEDITED/WRITTEN YEARS AGO] MUTE ❝And everybody KNOWS that you live FOREVER when you've done a LINE or TWO ❞ ━ Leonard Cohen brieiarson © 2019