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  • I Got Reincarnated To An Otome Game! [Gone Be Yeeted Off Now Sorry]
    247K 9.2K 17

    Author: D-d-d-dropped... What a demon. (︶︿︶) Sin died in a fire accident when he was inside the school building and God gave him a second chance... In what seems like an otome game? !!! PICTURE NOT MINE!!! (But I did edit it) Anyway this is bl or boys love. Yaoi. Um, this is also smut and there will be scenes y...

  • My Wife Suddenly Turns Into A Gangster
    771K 40.8K 34

    Synopsis: Xu Ming knew that he should be dead but he suddenly found himself in a woman's body once he woke up. On top of that, it was a married woman. Fortunately for him, the relationship between them was not good so his new life was not that bad. A certain husband coldly said,"Don't interfere with my life." A certai...

  • Making The Evil Protagonist My Lover
    277K 16.5K 20

    Kiyoshi is a high school student who is obsessed with light novels. One day while browsing for new novels he came across a strange website which posted a novel with a powerful protagonist. But after reading it he became angry at the story because of the unfairness to protagonist. So he angrily commented on that story...

  • Xue Zi Xuan (FOD side story)
    407K 10.7K 34

    Note: I am NOT the author of this book. However, I am the translator, please do not repost the english translation without my permission. The official places for this to be posted are Keztranslations, Wattpad and VM novels. This is a spin off of Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil so you might want to read that first...

  • No Time
    253K 2.6K 7

    Announcement: Moved to Webnovel! It's updated to 80+ chapters there! Even before the apocalypse, Shui Yu's family and life were falling apart. So when he went back to the time when he was born, he tried hard to prepare and teach his siblings so that they would not be separated in this lifetime. But even though he was...

  • You Be the Princess, and I'll Be Your Knight {bl}
    204K 8.6K 45

    Satsuki, a beautiful boy who suffered from abuse since a young age, is finally freed but physically and mentally scarred. Shuichi, the cold, blonde-haired bad boy, who fell in love at first sight with the young boy trapped in the mansion and swore to save him. After ten years, he finally found him. And he's never le...

  • The Magician & I
    5.1K 339 9

    Even if the sun no longer shines and the wind no longer blows, my love for you will be eternal. Never will it wane and forever you shall be in my heart. I will wait for you even if I waste away and become dust. --- 『I once knew a beautiful blind magician, he was as gentle as the spring breeze and his smile was like th...

  • This Protagonist Is A Bit Sick!
    319K 18.6K 21

    A salaryman, Liu Xun age 25 years old from the 21st century suddenly found himself in an unknown place once he woke up. He then realized that he actually got transmigrated into a cultivation novel. And the body he occupied is the Big Boss Villain, Wu Jing! Although his future looked so bleak he firmly believed that as...

  • System 5000
    29.2K 1.3K 7

    The last human alive now stands before the whole view of the city. Jiang Yu Yie walks before a large glass window as she proceed to look at the horrifying scene before her. Thousand of dead bodies, scattered in front of her building. She lowered her head to look at her digital wrist watch. [December 31 4999 11:58...

  • [Transmigration] of the Great Musician
    184K 8.9K 16

    The gentle and warm sounds of a Guzheng could be heard in the lone room that contains a mourning man. His eyes are sad and wistful. His nails would flick the strings of the instrument to play a song of pain and his hands would gracefully move in an achingly slow movement. He could play with your heart and emotions li...

  • Second Male Lead is Important Too!!
    433K 20.1K 24

    FeiNan who had just gotten fired from his job found himself falling into a pond, and what do you know? He transported himself to another world entirely. But he isn't alone, a notification bell rings in his mind. System: Thank you for joining *Second Male Lead System* I am your personal system. FeiNan: WAIT!! What do...

  • Hidden Away
    15.4K 820 4

    Due to failed negotiation, Takuma died and was reborn where he yet again encountered the man who changed his life. "Don't lie to me!" "When have I?" "The day you left this world." -None of the picture are mine. Credits to original owners.

  • A Lifetime's Flower Never Wilts (BL)
    65.8K 3.3K 25

    A beautiful man with a pipa, mistaken as a courtesan, met a man who he'd promised a lifetime's with a night of passion. * An innocent and cheerful boy aged 17, with only the mind of 10 years old, had his family tragically murdered in front of his eyes. He met a man who gave him love and warmth, and his compassion for...

  • Another beginning
    37K 1.8K 11

    Got idea from FOD A time that has once stopped has started to flow again. A sudden end and a new beginning. A new world is waiting. WARNING: homophobia BUZZ OFF!

  • You are suppose to be the canon fodder
    11.7K 847 3

    Lucian Evert , the leader of one of the largest bases during the apocalypse as well as one of the five strongest powerhouses in the world chooses to self destruct than to turn into a mindless zombie , following a betrayal by his trusted subordinates. Instead of dying, he end up making contract with a system and ends u...

  • InterGalaxia (On Hold)
    256K 15.4K 62

    Tian Anjing, a renown Chinese celebrity who broke into the Hollywood scene successfully, after many years of hardship, died at the age of 36. His soul, not content his abrupt demise, remained between the Mortal realm and the Afterlife. Centuries later, Tian Anjing's soul is summoned to a branch of the Adjurer Company...

  • Fairytale System {bl}
    478K 28.4K 25

    Cerise was a worldwide famous author of multiple novels. He was widely popular with both males and females because of his looks and talent and was very successful money-wise. He was a man whose life and accomplishments were praised and envied by many. Until he died by getting hit by a car whose driver was having a gre...

  • (Old ver.) De Novo [BL]
    254K 12.4K 29

    WARNING: VERY VERY IMMATURE WORK!!! People said that there is always a reason behind why people are born. A purpose humans must fulfill. Ivan, a very unlucky human, died before the day of his wedding. Full of regrets, he cursed the seemingly drunk truck driver and asked why he was taken too soon. Cue system and the wo...

  • Waking Up in 18th Century [BXB]
    632K 33.4K 113

    They said that one's life fortune or misfortune had a connection on what you've done in your past life. If you are given a chance to go back and help your previous soul would you do it? Syl Langley who live a almost perfect life. He was rich considered as a genius and a famous singer composer in the land. Lov...

  • 'Cannon Fodder Will Rise!'System
    1.8M 82.1K 62

    Yun LiFan who used to look down from the top is now working like a slave just because she was dragged and bounded to this ridiculous system after waking up from her nap! System:[Welcome host!from now on I will be at your service^_^] Yun LiFan:"Welcome your mum!What the hell is this?!" System:[This a 'Cannon Fodder Wil...

  • Painful love[bl]
    160K 7.1K 14

    Why? I know I don't deserve it, but please... if only I could go back... I gave up every thing for him, even sacrificing my own son's happiness and love for me...yet, why? If I could go back, I would not do it again. I would not fall madly for him again.

  • Known To Be A Waste : 7th Young Master
    85.3K 4.4K 8

    He was a well-known person in the business world, nicknamed "The Demon Emperor, " To the public he was just the usual wealthy businessman but to those who truly knew him knows of his ties to the underworld. After a sniper attack, he transmigrated into the body of an abandon 7th young master who pitifully died under th...

  • [BL] DEATHBLADE; The Emperor's Blood Pledged Shadow Guard
    1.3M 77.7K 86

    ---NOT A TRANSLATION!!!!-- (be aware of this before you proceed and thought of this as a translated novel.) NOT PURE CHINESE k~😌cause I'm not good with Chinese... This is not pure. Note that. The gore of shadows, The blade of death slayed more than enough soul. Each edges is as sharp as the senses of the bloodthi...

  • Unbridled by your side
    94.5K 3.9K 28

    The Top martial artist has been chosen by the Lord God to be reborn after his dead because of the meritorious deeds he did during his life, As the world top martial art artist, Known for been cold,unapproachable but secretly shameless, watch him hop worlds as he changes the fate of those around him. ...

  • 10,000 Year System
    168K 6.4K 27

    [BL] Tiu Zhelan is a girl who had given up on life. At just a mere age of 16, she grabbed a blade and slit her wrists, blood flowed just like her consciousness getting lost by the seconds that had past. ‹10000 Year System... Player 01 has passed the requirements... Host approved... Initiating world portals...› 'What t...

  • Transmigrated Into An Otome Game Please Leave Me Alone, Okay?
    47.5K 2.2K 11

    Miyazaki Naoki, 16 years old. He has appearance, wealth, great both in academy and sports, many friends, popularity and become a favorite student by the teachers. His parents love him and always supporting him. he is satisfied with his life and does not ask for anything more than that. However when he wake up in the m...

  • System: Destroy the Plot (ON HOLD FOR NOW)
    124K 6.4K 14

    June has always been "perfect" in other people's perspective. The perfect looks, the perfect education, and the perfect social standing. But for June his life can be nothing more than miserable. When June is killed, his soul which should have gone to reincarnate or gone to either heaven or hell is instead bound to...

  • The Untitled (BL)
    31.3K 1.9K 12

    . . . . . . . . . #Mobile_story **This is a brief summary; as the story is still in development stage - more to come.

  • That Day I Found The Strangest Egg
    1.8M 119K 116

    When Lang Yuan transmigrated into his new world, he was suddenly brought into trouble because of an egg. He accidentally created a blood bond to the egg and is now treating him as its mother. Unaware of its origin, Lang Yuan carried the egg as his own child until he met its original father! *This is an original work...

  • Chasing You (Arc 8+)
    722K 36.2K 100

    Cover photo is from Pinterest. It does not belong to me and rightfully belongs to them. I love their work~ --- This is a continuation from the first book, hopefully we can fit everything into this book and not have to do a third one. --- "Do you want to live?" "If so, sign a contact with me." The young man gazes up wi...