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  • King of All
    24.7K 522 31

    the battle of camlann, King Arthur's final resting place along with his child, Mordred. both had many regrets and only wanted the best for each other, but ended up killing each other. with one final wish, Arthur wishes for a chance he never got and longs to give Mordred the attention she deserves from a parent, so he...

  • Wendigo, Deer Woman and Murder
    1.1K 44 7

    New England, 1778. The colonies have rebelled against the King. War, Terror and Famine are the new normal. And in this environment, people are pushed to their limits. Yet unbeknown to most, a secret battle is raging in the endless forests of the American continent. A British regiment is tasked with supporting their n...

  • X-Men (Male Reader)
    95.5K 3.7K 21

    Their world was destroyed, turned to ruin by the arrival of Apocalypse. With no other option, Charles Xavier sent his team of young mutants to another world in hopes of saving them. The youngsters find themselves in a new world, one that is years ahead of theirs. With their adult versions of themselves dead, the young...

  • Heir to the throne
    27.2K 505 11

    This is my first reader insert story so feel free to give critique on this. The hollownest, a underground kingdom for all manner of bugs to live and work under the rule of the pale king. There has been rumors spreading across hollownest that he had a son, that he'll crown king after his passing which is true. The heir...

  • ~Lady Dimitrescu X Male Y/N~
    823 19 1

    Y/N was one of the many people who worshipped Mother Miranda. He got too carried away and found both the Demon Crest and Maiden Crest, entering Lady Dimitrescu's castle...A huge mistake on his part.

  • Better Name Pending - Male Reader X Nier Automata
    38.3K 893 24

    This a PREY and NieR: Automata crossover I guess you can say. Spoilers! What if 2B and 9S encountered something drifting in space? What if You were what they found? Btw I do not own Nier:Automata, I don't own any images I use either!! All rights go to the original creaters!! I don't own PREY either! first time making...

  • The rose hero
    301 14 2

    Y/n "Ruby" rose, son of #2 hero summer rose is excited to go to UA to become a hero, although after going to UA he meets new friends that may be more, can a whole harem withstand this innocent cookie loving hero, and why does he need a giant scythe gun?

  • Gotta love them all (Male OC X Pokemon Harem)!! (On Hold)
    82.8K 1.2K 40

    Jackson Red has Just reached the age of 13 and with his Eevee by his side begins his Journey to Become the best there ever was Just Like his Father the Legendary Red! He will face plenty of Challenges, Plenty of Opponents, and Meet Plenty of Friends going across Multiple regions! Follow him as you enter the world of P...

    695 9 4

    After the completion of your mission in the Hydra systems, one of ONI's spooks contacted you and gave you the next mission. ONI had just received a distress signal from a strategic Inner Colony. ONI believes that a Covenant fleet is sitting right outside their door, which was a concerning new behavior. Because of t...

  • STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic
    28.4K 1K 32

    Four thousand years before Anakin Skywalker was born, the Jedi thrived as the guardians of peace in the galaxy. The Republic, weakened by a costly war with the Mandalorians, faces now another great threat. A false Sith Empire created by two fallen Jedi, Revan and Malak, has risen from the ashes of that war. Now the R...

  • Persona 6: Find The Truth
    57.7K 2.1K 46

    After the death of his father, a young detective prodigy moves in with an old friend of his father, in a town called Jintou. Jintou is a town with many different strange occurrences, from demons sightings to lies becoming true. This young detective prodigy now has to solve the mysteries going in the town, with the pow...

  • Mass Effect: Elucidation
    101 1 2

    "Correct, Commander, 300 years ago we lost our world to our own A.I. creations, the geth." ~ Shala'Raan vas Tonbay A young male quarian is about to learn what it truly means to be quarian, and what life has to offer him outside of the fleet. Come along with Xeal'Korai nar Iphenne as he has to venture an unknown galax...

  • Out Classed (18+)
    78.9K 764 13

    Union Academy was an all girl school only for those gifted with Quirks, Sacred Gears, Semblance Etc. However the school mysteriously disappears with no trace of it's students. (Y) a young detective tries to find the missing students and facility. However he uncovers an unholy secret

  • The Horseman of Kuoh (Strife male reader x DXD)
    2.8K 71 2

    Strife. The youngest of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and one of the last remaining Nephilim. Strife was always different compared to his siblings specially in his point of view on humans and humanity. That is the only reason he needed to leave his duties as a horseman of the apocalypse for some time to live a normal...

    9.7K 396 10

    This story is about XENOMORPHS. But, it is about one particular xenomorph called, XENA. She serves her Queen but, Xena is a lot different then the other xenomorphs. She is stronger, faster, and smarter than the others. She is a ..... TO FIND OUT WHAT XENA IS YOU HAVE TO READ THE STORY! ;D

  • The Grim Reaper: Death Male Reader! Insert!
    21.9K 451 5

    Death itself has expired, it seems that the very entity of Death cannot outrun it's own inevitable clutches. With no one to stand in for the role of Death, the demon named Marik summons a human teenaged boy to the Demon world and offers him the position of the Grim Reaper. What will young (Y/N) choose?

  • Digimon Fusion X Male Reader
    20.1K 261 4

    You end up in the Digital World where you meet BlitzGreymon and CresGarurumon

  • The Wolf of Remnant (male witcher reader x rwby)
    36.4K 378 8

    As one of the last generation of Witchers from Kaer Morhen. Y/n or by his nickname the young wolf by his mentors has been a protege in combat and knowledge of monsters and in witcher signs. He's been on the path for 5 long years though many say that he is not like the other witchers and has made good friends in the wa...

  • A Whaler's Tail
    654 11 3

    Long ago there was a gang of supernatural Assassins called the Whalers Lead by the legendary Assassin Daud who one day spotted potential in a street kid In becoming one his Assassins. This is his story through his life as a Whaler.

  • Breaking the code (Male 9s reader x Rwby)
    1K 21 2

    9s. A soldier of atlas. Meant to be the strongest weapon. What will happen when there is a error in his code.

  • Devil's retribución ( rwby x abuse x negleted male reader x devil may cry)
    102K 935 9

    Born as a demon freak Yet innocent boy call Y/n all he wanted Is to live as human but the world took His family and whats worse Is that His friends dislikes him even make fun of him, but they took too far leaving him to die alone in a cold place to feed up agains the Grimms but Fate has something else in mind was resc...

  • Fatal Bullet - A New Challenger (Male Reader X Sword Art Online II Harem)
    37.5K 451 8

    Y/N is invited to join Kureha, his childhood friend, into a game known as Gun Gale Online, or GGO. Y/N makes friends with the most well known veterans of VRMMO's, Kirito. Under the guidance of his new friends, Y/N quickly rises to fame, and becomes the most famous player to log into GGO. Fame is not without its strin...

  • (On Hold) The Slayer's Retribution(Remake)(Tortured Nero/DmC 5 Reader x Velvet)
    31K 370 12

    ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE A Boy who loses everything is taken in and experimented and tortured by his captors finds out his true identity and searches for those who wronged him and his family. He learns of certain legends that foretold his families misfortunes and now he's here to change it all This is his journey...

  • The Hunter of Dunwall: A Dishonoured 2 x RWBY story (Being Rewritten)
    2.7K 40 7

    The new royal spymaster and apprentice of Corvo Attano who wields the powers of the outsiders mark, is sent through a portal by Delilah Copperspoon, and into a new world. He must learn, adapt, kill and do anything else as long as he finds a way back home, even if he has to go back to school again. (This story is curre...

  • A Miraculous Webbing: Spiderman Male Reader x Miraculous Ladybug
    326K 3.8K 54

    You are a 17 year old boy, who has recently moved from New York into Paris, France. Unknown to everyone, You are known in the Big Apple as Spiderman. For two years, you have been defending your home from enemies who threatens your friends, family and loved ones. Now, you'll have to defend this city, like you have for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Penance (RWBY x Abused Male Reader)
    426K 3.1K 29

    I do not own the cover picture or RWBY. RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth. CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT You guys are probably familiar with the abused male reader bit. Those fanfics are all over the place. In the unlikely case that you don't know, I'll explain in the intro. Y/N = Your name L/N = Your last name E/C = Your eye...

  • My Xenomorph: Male Xenomorph faunus x RWBY
    81.7K 900 34

    Aiden was a normal faunus living on the streets at a young age when a man named ironwood took him to atlas. what he saw as a chance at life was a life full of testing and pain. until ironwood had found a queen xenomorph and captivated it and planted a face hugger onto aiden changing him.

  • I'm only Vader (RWBY x Darth Vader Reader) [Discontinued]
    81.2K 728 9

    Basically you are son of Raven and Tai, you weren't neglected or abused but Raven was always on missions so she feels more like an aunt, but Summer is alive and is the mother you always wanted. You were born from the force into Raven. Nevertheless the rest of the family loves you dearly, in addition to using the force...

  • RWBY x Male Reader (Request Book)
    1.7M 11.3K 348

    This book is for all my wonderful readers. I'll only be accepting request when I post a chapter in this book stating that I am. This is to make sure I don't overwhelm myself with requests. I do not own RWBY. RWBY is owned by Roosterteeth

    Completed   Mature