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  • Puppy Love (Editing)
    212K 9.3K 34

    There is a planet filled with only guys who fuck each other almost all the time. The aliens of Venos have a custom where one must have sex monthly, if sex is deprived for a while, that person will take its normal, but weak form, the form of a Venu. Mikaela Hyakuya, playboy and prince of Venos, bites off more than he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Doll (MikaYuu)
    255K 12.2K 67

    And there we were, the two of us, standing at the entrance of his bedroom. "This is where you and I will get to know a lot about each other... And where I will thank you every single night for what you have done for me." "...Every night?" Mika was called a doll, but he wasn't to me... He just needed to feel human... B...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Boy Digits (Mikayuu)
    12.3K 648 8

    SEQUEL TO GREEN EYED MAID ~ Several years after encountering a certain green eyed boy, now infamous, billionaire Mikaela Shindo runs a top industry which was passed down to him from his father. He runs the country of Japan by storm as heart break settles into him, creating the monster of whom he is today. Although...

  • Love That Can't Be Hidden | MikaYuu
    106K 3.4K 15

    Mika rescues Yuu from the "evil" clutches of the humans only to be thrown into a trap made by Ferid. Will Mika and Yuu be able to escape? Finished being edited 7/13/17 Sorry if there is still mistakes.. I didn't want to reread it. BTW: -This story takes place after episode 12 of the anime. -This is an AU I OWN NONE O...

  • The Demon Inside
    63.5K 2.6K 21

    After losing his childhood memories, Yuichiro Ichinose is now adopted by Guren and Shinya, who decided to leave his childhood memories behind. Due to the new existence called ghouls, most schools throughout the globe where a boys only, seeing now that females were now rare and held more precious to keep the existence...

  • His Precious Princess
    204K 7.1K 57

    Mika , the prince of Vampires is forced to marry a princess from a human kingdom in order to make peace for both human and vampires . He didn't agree but have too . Once he met her everything changed for the both of them....BUT there's one catch...The princess is actually a Prince . ====================== This is my f...

  • S L A V E [MikaYuu] Y A O I
    47.7K 1.4K 15

    Mikaela Shindo a young rich man has been looking upon a hotel were they give "special" service. Yuichiro starts to work at this hotel were they buy people to use them for their own desires. Which fellow Yuichiro has to work here because he has his family to take care of as being the only older brother.

  • Fem-Yuu X Mika [ Owari No Seraph ]
    5.4K 86 8

    Mikaela, the oldest brother and only brother of Yoichi (female) and Lacus (Female). Yu the only oldest sister out of Akane and Shinoa. Yu has to deal with being a part time worker at a maid cafe but as a popular kid in school she must keep it secret. Mikaela a young nerd and rich boy will find out what it means to l...

    Completed   Mature