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    ❝─¿Estamos juntos en esto?❞ © MINA VEGA | 2015 [captain america: the first avenger / book one in the sharon carter series]

  • Long Way to Nowhere ━━ S. ROGERS ✓
    756K 21.1K 61

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ❝ Tragically, we fall just like the arrows. ❞ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ - we are the hearts / exgf © STARFRAGMENT STEVE ROGERS MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE THE AVENGERS ── CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR A BALLAD OF THE DAMNED BOOK PLOT BY...

  • In Your Eyes // Steve Rogers
    5.2M 172K 112

    [based on Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Avengers: Age of Ultron; Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War; Avengers: Endgame] || book one of one || To bad luck, The Man Out of Time was a blessing. Despite his wishes, his prayers, even Clara Blake wasn't an exception to the unluckiness Steve R...

  • The Sun Will Shine Again (currently being rewritten)
    32.6K 131 2

    CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN💡 ❝I need your help, and you need mine❞ A story about a girl who ends up saving the world. Soleil Gallant, a girl with unlimited knowledge who just wants her family back, decides to take a train to New York. The Avengers, who are desperate for any help they can get, don't expect the events...

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    DEAR PETER | ❝ dear peter, play good music at my funeral. ❞ In which Peter's long time crush dies and she leaves him a series of video messages with what she wants him to do specifically for her funeral. [PETER PARKER AU] [COPYRIGHT TO ASH 2018]

  • Run To You | Pietro Maximoff [1] ✓
    1M 28.2K 34

    ʀᴜɴ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ | "I never really enjoyed running, so forgive me if I role my eyes at your speed because Maximoff, you're not that impressive." LOST SOULS SERIES | BOOK 1 [MARVEL CINAMETIC UNIVERSE | AGE OF ULTRON] Plot by tinkertaydust Beautiful cover by @yuerise

  • Emprise [Fólkvangr End, Book 2][Loki Fanfiction]
    472K 19.1K 30

    Sequel to Recompense After disappearing to find adventure, Valkyrie and Loki are kidnapped and brought back to Asgard. They must deal with the changing politics of Asgard, find a way to give the people a voice, and take care of one another. Valkyrie and Loki take risks to preserve Asgard and those they love, but in t...

  • marvel imagines.
    2.2M 51.8K 110

    EDITED This book will have lots of different one-shots involving any of the marvel superheroes! I will use characters from all Marvel movies I know- like the avengers, spider-man, wolverine, etc. I take suggestions (not requests) also! - ranked #27 on imagines [09/10/18] #12 on stev...

  • Marvel Trash
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  • The Third Soldier 〰 Bucky Barnes ON HOLD
    5.3K 303 14

    No one can hurt me like you can. ------------------------------------- Bucky x OC Cover by: @-hoecruxes DISCLAIMER: I do not own any characters of this book APART from Charlotte Age. She is my character I've made, thought of, made a back story for and introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Please DO NOT steal...

  • Sebastian Stan Imagines
    467K 9.9K 82

    Requests are CLOSED! I write: -Sebastian -Bucky -Chris -Lance -TJ -Chase Cover by: @-winnchesters This is a Sebastian x Girl book DISCLAIMER: I do not own Sebastian or any of his characters

  • Avengers and Bucky Imagines ON HOLD!
    253K 7.9K 84

    Requests are CLOSED! Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any characters in these imagines apart from my own characters! All belong to Marvel Studios! Cover by: @marvel_agents100

  • Nothing to Suspect •Peter Parker•
    18K 370 30

    "'s 11:26, you're spiderman, we have school tomorrow and we're on top of a building? " " ye-yeah, i guess " where two people fall in love, but ones dealing with a radioactive spider bite, and ones trying to find her way in the world. {mcu; spider-man} {spider-man: homecoming is not mentioned nor is the storyli...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pandora's Box ━━ MARVEL ✓
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    ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ❝death isn't so ⠀⠀⠀⠀ black and white. ❞ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ― excerpt from a book i'll never write (via small-sentences) © STARFRAGMENT A THANOS ORIGIN STORY MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE A BALLAD OF THE DAMNED BOOK ...

  • Runaway | Wade Wilson
    711 58 2

    "I was dancing in the rain and I felt alive, I can't complain" (extended summary inside) (cover by the amazing @lokidyinginside) (Wade Wilson x OC) (plot by @-peggyscarter)

  • OMENS ✦ avengers
    15.5K 890 10

    OMENS an avengers au filled with cryptic warnings, creepy woods, and a bunch of college kids too stubborn for their own good. ALTERNATE UNIVERSE

  • The Lost Princess of Asgard
    801K 21.5K 39

    You've all heard the stories of Thor...or Loki, but you've never heard mine. My name is Astryd Odindittir. I am the lost princess of Asgard. *Takes place during Thor & The Avengers. A semi Captain America fanfic.*

  • Youth ➳ Peter Parker
    1.1M 28.5K 14

    ❝I just wish everyone could... you know, be a hero. Help people.❞ ❝If all people were like you, Peter, you wouldn't be a superhero anymore.❞ [tom holland's peter parker] [inspired by ca:cw] ©octavicblake trigger warning: mental illnesses, death | current rank: #1 in peter parker highest ranking: #358 in fanfic

  • Stay Safe (Scott Lang/Ant-Man)
    3.2K 156 3

    CJ and Scott have been best friends since they were little. CJ knows Scott better than anyone else does. She knows Scott isn't a bad guy. And when he gets arrested, she stuck by his side. However, Scott's time in jail caused Scott and CJ to drift apart. Now, years later, when Scott has a huge change in his life, the t...

  • Imaginas/Shots {Marvel}
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    Otro libro más (o no) de Imaginas de Marvel ❤️ ¡Tanto actores como personajes! Pedir los que queráis ?

  • Legendary Partner ( Book: Infinity War X Reader)
    84.6K 2.4K 15

    In times of despair, Thanos incoming invasion forced Doctor Strange to look for new allies. As he looked through the Ancient One's books, he discovers the presence of a possible ally with one word: The Wild Sentinel. WIth one goal in his mind, he looked for this legendary partner, travelling with his faithful compani...

  • Embers ( Captain America)
    51 4 1

    Une jeune fille se réveille au milieu des flammes et réalise qu'elle a perdu la mémoire. Afin de retrouver ses souvenirs, alliée à Captain America, elle va découvrir qu'elle est plus qu'une simple humaine. Mais à quel prix?

  • Doctor Strange X Reader First Book
    1.1M 35.3K 207

    Enjoy the marvellous adventures and stories of the Sorcerer Supreme and reader. This is a compilation of one-shots. I'm open to request. Feel free to send me a PM if you need. Hope you enjoy! ;) I do not own any Marvel character, just the reader. Cover made by @Annabeth_Chase008 Highest rank #3 doctorstrange...

  • Sebastian Stan (+ characters) Oneshots
    932K 21.2K 89

    A collection of (mostly) gender neutral (they/them pronouns used) character x reader oneshots featuring: -Sebastian Stan -Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier -Dr. Chris Beck -TJ Hammond -Jack Benjamin -Jefferson REQUESTS CLOSED. ||highest ranking : #189 in fanfiction, #1 in 'sebastian stan'||

  • The Impossible Mission (Avengers - [Loki] FanFic)
    995K 28.2K 18

    Whilst in combat in the US Army, Ava Richards stormed a terrorist base which contained chemically manipulated gas with extreme side effects; in Ava's case, the gas altered her brain, giving her telepathic abilities to speak without moving her lips, read minds, move objects without touching them and outright destroy pe...

  • Chosen // loki laufeyson
    2.7M 95.6K 65

    As Lienna came of age for marriage, so did the princes she had long forgotten about. And then, in the dark of night, guards and nobles came to take her away. Lienna couldn't believe it. She was Chosen.

  • Forever. I Promise (Sequel to As one. Always)
    760K 27.9K 24

    (Starts at the beginning of Thor 2) Noelle has been waiting for Loki to come home for years. And after years of separation, much has changed them and what is between them. Can Noelle find a way to bring Loki to reason and keep him from going insane from the 'voices' he hears? Or is there too much in the way of their h...

  • As one. Always. (A Loki fan fiction)
    3.3M 95.5K 35

    What if Loki was supposed to attack Earth? What if it was a prophecy? Noelle is the offspring of a demi-god and a human. Raised on earth, the halfling was close to death when she woke up in Asgard. Her life will never be the same, especially after she meets Loki, Odin's second son. From the moment they met, their love...

  • Valediction [Fólkvangr End, Book 3][Loki Fanfiction]
    178K 9.7K 32

    Third and Final Book in the Fólkvangr End Series Valkyrie, Loki, and all the other Asgardians have been cast out of Asgard by Thanos, who is now in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet. They are scattered across the globe, trying desperately to find their way back to one another, and desperate for a way back to Asgard...

  • Young God ϟ Marvel [1]
    2.5M 77.5K 39

    ❝Do you feel like a young god?❞ [across the marvel cinematic universe] [thor - age of ultron] [book one of ?] [CURRENTLY EDITING]