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    Camalia lived in the prison of Corona for ten years, when one day she met Varian, a young alchemist and former threat to the kingdom. As he was her only friend, she would do anything to protect him and support him as much as she wish she had been supported. But one day, she started having dreams. Dreams that told her...

  • The King Of The School
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    ¿Cómo hacer que tú hermano huraño consiga tener un amigo? Fácil, solo lo obligas a asistir a un colegio con chicos de su edad a pesar de que ya esta graduado de la Universidad. Si, Tadashi es un genio. ¿Qué su hermano será obligado a obedecer un sistema jerárquico hecho por estudiantes? Pff que idea mas ridícula AU...

  • Reemplazo
    2.8K 405 7

    Cuando fue rechazado por Inglaterra se sintió morir. La nación inglesa le había dejado en claro que jamás lo amaría del modo en que él lo hace. Vivió años tratando de olvidar sus sentimientos y cuando estaba apunto de dejarse hundir en lo profundo de un lago conoció al mismo rostro por el cual lloraba pero en forma hu...

  • Brillas (Karmi x Marco)
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    Marco siempre se sintió como el rey del parque hasta que esa niña de coletas raras y frenos apareció por la puerta de su vida, más que una princesa de alcurnia como le había dicho su madre, era una bruja fea que te chupaba el alma.

  • Two truths and one lie
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    [discontinued] Wowzers. Again, another tangled fanfic. This time, Varian finally escapes prison, but he was followed. Two guards, Pete and Stan (my dudes) had to follow him. I mean, it is their job to keep prisoners in jail after all. But, they get trapped. Just the three. And Ruddiger, obviously. What will happen ne...

  • Its Not My Fault (Varian X Reader) //On hold\\
    21.1K 475 12

    "Its Not My Fault" is a story of a young girl (which is you) who visits Corona on the day of the princesses returning. You meet someone along the way and you wonder... Will you be best friends forever? Or something more? Or will something turn and destroy it all? Find out in "Its Not My Fault". Enjoy! :D

  • Dark Kingdom Origins
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    The Sundrop has its origins, but what about the Moonstone? Why is the Dark Kingdom 'dark'? And why does King Edmund hate the Moonstone so much? Read the story of a peasant girl turned celestial being as she befriends the prince of the kingdom.

  • _Me ayudas a olvidar?_ (Tadano x Tu)
    2.5K 223 4

    °•~Tadano x tu~•° Tadano después de separarse de Ratsuko decide seguir con su trabajo para mejorar a la sociedad. Sus pensamientos y recuerdos no lo dejen seguir causando que el pobre deje un le trabajo y solo duerma y coma mas seguido que antes. debido a esto muchas otras empresas se preocupan ya que no creen poder h...

  • Big Hero 6: The Series x Reader [Volume 1]
    114K 3.6K 36

    Juggling school work is difficult, especially when a certain group of friends managed to let you into their lifes and their adventures. Sometimes life doesn't go the way you planned, so might as well live it to the fullest.

  • A Girl and Her Vampire (Temporary Title)
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    A young runaway stumbles across a castle during a storm and discovers the hundred year old vampire living inside. He lets her stay...for now... He's a mysterious being with many secrets. He refuses to tell her anything other than his name. Just who was he, she wonders. Will she find out?? (Vamparian doesn't belong to...

  • Tangled the Series: Wavering Hearts (Varian x Reader) Book 2
    163K 4.8K 62

    The Journey Begins. Evil follows you, Varian, Rapunzel, Eugene, and Cassandra without you all knowing. You've remembered everything and now it's time to find the mystery behind The Lost Kingdom of Sanghelios. Many things happen between the group, especially you and Varian. Though there is a main mysterious secret that...

  • Ask Varian and Hiro
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    Ask Varian and Hiro, neither of them are mine they belong to the creators of Tangled the series and Big Hero 6. The pictures also belong to their rightful creators.

  • Ameliorate | Hiro Hamada Oneshots
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    [ COMPLETED ] ----- some Hiro Hamada x Reader oneshots! i thought that oneshots were easier to write so i made a book heh. beware of spelling mistakes, bad grammar and crappy writing - don't say that i didn't warn you! ps: [i made this as a naive child, so this sucks] cover drawn and edited by me! :)

  • Luna Mortem
    6.9K 141 19

    (Based on Death Note the Musical with Moon Varian from Ghosta-r from Tumblr) Varian Corona was just your average teenagers, hands out with friends, face bullies, a father as a police officer and trying to get your dream girl to notice. But it all change when Allah, God of the moon, decide to mess around and now Varian...

  • Never Lose Hope~ (Tadashi X Reader) | Bh6
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    #Book No.1# You have met the Hamada brothers after moving from New York.There in San Fransokyo you've made joys, new adventures and lets not forget Love.

  • A Little Something Called Revenge! (Varian Fanfic) ((Discontinued))
    2.3K 88 10

    DISCONTINUED AND IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REWRITTEN. Thank you for reading. I just want to note that I have taken over this book. Original by @BriannaCastroYT After all chaos has been "dealt with", the kingdom of Corona (King Frederic, Queen Arianna, and Rapunzel, Eugene, and Cassandra) had been trying to solve the...

  • ~The Ghost Alchemist~
    6.6K 227 6

    When varian is killed in an accident, he awakes, confined in the castle grounds of corona with no memory of the events before his father had been encased in amber. The events within his new life are set two months after the season 1 finale! This is also posted on AO3, More chapters will be coming as soon as possible!

  • The victims of the flying flynnolium [Discontinued]
    3.1K 92 8

    Varian's in jail. Cass has betrayed Rapunzel. I mean there's nothing else innocent looking that can destroy the world... oh wait. A simple. Flask. Of. Flynnolium. (Book inspires by one of the manny aus made on the Tangled The Series Group chat on instagram)

  • Jugando a Enamorar
    1.2K 193 5

    Un concurso de robótica, un joven prodigio y un adolescente con una guitarra ¿que podría salir mal? Al parecer todo.

  • Varian, Son of Quirin, Child of the Moon...
    11.6K 272 5

    This is going to be my own version of the Moon Varian theory as well as my own Varian redemption arc. My own take on Season Two as far as we have (plus my own version of future events). Now for the summary!!! Lyrics for the Moon version of "Healing Incantation" belong to 'lunamikobrony2'. Quotes from the show belong t...

  • True Youth
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    During the Battle Of Old Corona, Rapunzel tosses a youth potion at Varian, turning him into a toddler. A toddler that still believes his father is ok, and that his mother's death was his own fault. However, he seems to be very different from the Varian they first met, what could have happened in his childhood for such...

  • It's Not My Fault. It Can't Be My Fault.
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    When he was put in jail, Varian gets intrusive thoughts and nightmares.

  • Inner Demons
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    Heya y'all! This is my first Varian fanfic and I have so many ideas for our little cinnamon roll! Let's thank my followers who voted on this idea, love you guys! Summary: While in jail, (just before Rapunzel left), Varian is sent a mysterious box that does something to him, but he doesn't know what. Not until he hear...

  • Tangled: Solar Eclipse Varian's Story
    25.9K 613 10

    Varian has been in prison for four months. Four long and boring months. Either with good luck or terrible luck. Varian came up with a plan. Little did he know, he would be getting out of prison sooner then he thought and a new power will overtake his world. Will, he accepts Rapunzel's help and learn to control his ne...

  • Stuck with you
    17.6K 592 18

    *Tangled the Series fanfic btw* In this alternate universe, everything could have been nearly the same as the original. But something went wrong. During the fight in Old Corona, Varian was impaled by a black rock (oh so original Alonna). But he's been cursed to know follow Rapunzel where ever she goes. But only she co...

  • Varian's Tale: A Tangled Fan Fiction
    7K 189 10

    After the battle in Old Corona, Varian was sent to the dungeons, but what happens when he gets out? A lot more chaos than you'd think.

  • «Circo Monster» ~Higuel~
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    Si buscas un fic con aroma a algodón de azúcar ,color de rosa y buenos espectáculos de una pareja de un adolescente y un preadolescente este fic ..... No es para ti c: ✒✒✒ ✏✏✏ ✒✒✒ que es lo que piensas al escuchar hablar de un circo? ,felicidad ,diversión ,algodón de azúcar,espectáculos increíbles... apuesto que cre...

  • Ticket to the Abyss and back
    4.3K 80 8

    NOTE; UNFINISHED AND DISCONTINUED. THIS WAS MY FIRST FANFIC WRITTEN, WAY BACK, NOTHING REALLY PLANNED OUT, AFTER THE LAST CHAPTER I MOVED ON TO ROLEPLAY AND THE STORY TOOK IT'S OWN TURN. A story about Varian, starting at his imprisonment, will he continue to dwell in the dark route or will he take the other path?

  • The Tearing Moon [«Varian»]
    1.5K 130 3

    Esa noche de total soledad la Luna lloró por última vez, y entre sus pálidos brazos yace una hermosa gema de gamas blancas y azules. Y al otro lado del páramo, en los brazos de una pobre mujer, yace un nuevo mundo. « Advertencia » ♦ Esto es un fanfic de Tangled: The Series. ♦ Los personajes no son de mi pertenencia, c...