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  • Crescent city, court of starlight and wildfire
    16.7K 378 18

    After the war Feyre and Rhysand are living happily in the river house when different guests appear in Prythian I have taken a few creative liberties or things that have not been confirmed I have played how I want them to. The art is by kingdomofmaas check out their instagram *all characters belong to Sarah J Maas and...

  • Crescent City: A Court of Thrones and Glass
    76.4K 2.9K 35

    Worlds collide when strangers suddenly appear in Prythian and problems of the past resurface. A crossover between all three of Sarah J Maas' series. What would happen if Aelin's court met Feyre's court and Bryce's crew? Takes place after KoA, ACOFAS, and HOEAB. *SPOILER WARNING* #1 in #feysand (07/17/20) #1 in #cres...

  • KotLC if Sophie was a Delinquent Badass
    37.8K 1.3K 32

    Once upon a time in a parallel universe far, far away, Sophie Foster lives to give every and anyone a hard time. I wrote this just for fun so don't get tooo serious about it. /lh Mystery pairing if you squint! also Warning: Strong Language

  • Impossible (KOTLC Sokeefe Human au)
    140K 1.8K 27

    Ranked #1 in Sokeefe on March 10, 2020 Sophie Foster is sort of drifting through life at her high school, Foxfire. She doesn't really have any friends, and is just trying to keep up with classes. However, that all changes the day she meets and befriends the mysterious new girl, Biana Vacker. Suddenly, she finds that s...

  • Match KOTLC Sokeefe
    12.6K 219 14

    Sophie foster is a level eight at Foxfire along with Biana and Dex, Keefe and fitz are in their last level of the elite towers and tam and linh are in their first year in the silver tower, when one day after school Biana drags everyone down to the matchmaking department where everyone's lives change forever.

  • Good Match (A sokeefe [kotlc] fanfiction)
    330K 3.4K 33

    Set in the future and avoids Everblaze subjects, such as joining the Black Swan, but does involve some topics like Biana being a vanisher and Keefe's mom being a douche... *cough* I mean, being a... aww fudge it. His mom is a douche. THIS IS SOKEEFE FORGET SOFITZ AND DOPHIE THEY DON'T DESERVE HER! KEEFE IS PERFECTION...