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  • Predator and the Prey (Cai XuKun x Reader)✓
    26.4K 977 45

    It's my second Cai XuKun x Reader FF. 😅 And again my English is terrible(Not as good as others) 🛑No real representation of Greek mythology beware He's Mr. Popular or may I say Mr. Death. He's not a playboy nor Mr. Perfect. He has one flaw, it isn't his looks or anything, but when it comes to love. He isn't skilled l...

  • Cai XuKun x Reader✓
    71.1K 2K 62

    A scarf offering from a celebrity and took the offering randomly not thinking twice. A weird high school love story unfolds with heartbreak then back to one another. Cause two souls that are meant to be will always come back to one another. Celebrate weird holiday chapters and weird coding all in one weird first fan f...