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  • My Mother Got Rich After Running With the Baby
    74.2K 2.1K 114

    Mo Fan has been cultivating to become an immortal for "thousands of years" in the cultivation world. The Emperor Realm was just a hand reach. She was about to soar to the Immortal World, but unexpectedly, she transmigrate back right after the Heavenly Tribulation. This time, she knew that in her previous life, she was...

  • The paranoid big brother relies on love to continue his life(MTL)
    124K 4.3K 113

    Not mine! For offline purposes only. Warning!!! This is MTL Author: Aoki Mountain 偏执大佬靠爱我续命[穿书] 作者:山有青木 Qiao Zhenzhen lived a lifetime, only to realize that she was a heroine in a novel. In the essay she was supposed to be happy and smooth. The female partner who wears the book retreats step by step and takes...

  • Just Want To Possessed You (MTL) ✓
    21.4K 559 65

    NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 只想占有你 AUTHOR: 蘑菇队长 Yin Shen, a master of flirting, has benefited all his buddies with one hand. Women, it's easy to chase, throw some money, say some love words, and change another one if you are hypocritical, what's the big deal. What's more, what is there to talk about in love, is the game...

  • The Duchess Cannot Sleep || ONC 2021
    4K 455 26

    Duchess Andreya Marivatan was murdered at the age of twenty-two. It had been during the hours the pool of night was deepest, Andreya soundlessly asleep in silk sheets behind the curtains of her elegant canopy bed. By the time she awoke to a noise, the deed had already been done and her sheets dripped with a deep vermi...

  • The Boyfriend Who I've Never Met
    97.9K 3.3K 89

    Short Title : BFWINM Alternate Title : 不见面的男朋友 Status : Completed Author : Shan Zhi Zi Xie Tao made a boyfriend. They never met. He will send her a lot of things, snacks she has never eaten, gold and silver jewelry that is very expensive at first glance, wine made from the first snow, tea brewed in plum dew, and ghost...

  • When the Sun Fell |✔|
    291K 21.2K 46

    When Summer Princess Lumikki is offered to the Winter King as payment for a debt, the Winter court is dragged into chaos. Alone in a foreign land, with no one but herself to rely upon, Lumi is quick to adapt in order to survive. But the longer the winter king stays with her, the more he is unable to let her go. Like...

  • Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide it
    474K 11.3K 85

    The time she is thirteen years old, Sang Zhi secretly has a crush on a man.
 That man looks cold and sluggish, he can be described as someone that is careless and casual. He frequently comes to her house. One afternoon, he stays at her Ge Ge's (Older brother, 桑延) room to play a game.
 Once in a while when he sees her...

  • Cinders [Completed]
    691K 31.9K 59

    I'm standing in the gateway to the larger ballroom, almost too far away for my weak eyes to see the three figures that glide onto the stage. The King and Queen walk side by side until they come to their thrones, the Prince walking about five feet behind and moving towards the smaller throne to the King's left. The Kin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Werewolf Committee
    34.9M 972K 48

    Every year a student is chosen to get a scholarship to graduate at the official Werewolf Committee. No one gets to meet or even see the high society wolves unless they are lucky enough to be born into a family of wealth, or to be chosen as a scholarship graduate...

  • DESCEND | Book 1
    182K 10K 57

    COMPLETE Descend: to move or fall downward "She freely lives in such exile?" "Yes, she descended with more grace and power than I've ever heard of. Even more than ascending alphas. More wolf than woman when she left and now, more spirit than animal." Gale was always more wolf than woman and everything is about to c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rowan
    462K 32.1K 39

    Rowan is whispered about throughout the land and feared by many. They tell the tale of her talent, spreading them into gruesome stories that keep the little ones up at night. They want nothing to do with her and her talent, keeping her at bay within the depths of a forest, where she lives. Rowan may be isolated, but s...

  • Turning Point ✓
    696K 41.3K 49

    [BOOK ONE] When hunter-gatherer Adele Shepherd comes across an injured werewolf in the woods, it's up to her to take him in and save his life: in a remote town dedicated to killing the creatures, she's the only one left who wants to help no matter the cost. All she means to do is help him back onto his feet and send h...

  • The Big Villain Asked Me to Save Him When I Was Reborn
    99.1K 3.6K 118

    Title : 反派大佬让我重生后救他 Author : 春风榴火 MTL ONLY STORY NOT MINE FOR OFFLINE READ ONLY Jiang Yu was born again and returned to a time when she was a poor and naive 17-year-old. In her previous life, because of poverty, she was forced to abandon her dreams of ballet and become the substitute for the white moonlight of a seco...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rebirth Plan To Save Leader
    104K 2.5K 85

    IT'S NOT MY STORY IT'S NOT MY STORY IT'S NOT MY STORY Important things are needed to be said three times This story doesn't belong to me in any way I'm just sharing this here for offline reading and for others to read and love this story All credits belongs to the author; Zhong Jin If this story belongs to you, pleas...

    Completed   Mature
  • All of Me
    2.4M 97.3K 44

    Storie Sovany is used to being dismissed as the fat friend, until she moves from New York City to rural Ohio for college and the charming frat boy Liam Alexander approaches her. Torn between disbelief and flattery, Storie hopes her luck may have finally changed - but is it too good to be true?

  • 𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬
    1.6M 56.1K 36

    Caught between her ex and his brother, Maxwell toes the line of love and friendship in the shoes of a 'grooms woman' who refuses to settle down. ****** Fresh out of college and working in her dream role as a graphic designer at one of the most prestigious fashion companies, M...

    Completed   Mature
  • Joy [EXCERPT]
    56.9K 734 3

    Joy. Meaning? A great pleasure or happiness. For Joy DeVries, her great pleasure comes hand-wrapped with secrets and murder. Joy DeVries grew up a childhood star, and it came with as much baggage and scars as one would imagine. Nowadays, she's known as Joy Daisy, a kids show TV legend, and that's all she'd prefer p...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fragments of Memories 1: Married at Seventeen (Wattys2019 WINNER)
    1.2M 19.6K 25

    The Wattys2019 Winner : Romance Category Ranked #1 in Romance Ranked #1 in Pain Ranked #1 in Broken Ranked #1 in Drama Ranked #1 in Amnesia Ranked #1 in Marriage Thera De Marco was hated and feared by many. For inexplicable reasons, within five years of marriage to her husband Sean, she has gone from being soft-hear...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hooking Nash
    7.2M 182K 49

    Nash Reed is a hot commodity, both on and off the ice. When his childhood friend Kennedy moves to town, the torch he's been carrying for her really heats up. ***** Kennedy Miller has finally scored her dream job. After years of putting her career fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Frostbite | Book 1
    969K 47.5K 90

    "She is weakest in the winter and that is when he hunts." She's a deity hidden in the forbidden forest. A creature that has been unseen for centuries, but that does not deter the ambitions of a ruthless man wanting to become the Alpha King with a deity at his side. They say she is blind, and weak at the solstice of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Drakkon
    12.4M 608K 54

    When Daiyu is summoned with dozens of other girls to be the Emperor's concubine, she doesn't think that she'll be chosen. Although beautiful and kind, she's hardly qualified to be with the emperor, whose name is stained with blood and whose reputation is blacker than sin. When she accidentally catches the eye of Emper...

  • (1) Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs
    1.6M 69.5K 198

    FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY All credits goes to the following: Author(s) NanFangLiZhi Southern Lychee 南方荔枝 Original Publisher aliwx / Alibaba Literature English Publisher N/A Translation from: Explore Méihuā's Note: If you want me to delete the story and have my fellow readers and me continue reading the origina...

  • (2) Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs
    240K 11.8K 50

    FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY All credits goes to the following: Author(s) NanFangLiZhi Southern Lychee 南方荔枝 Original Publisher aliwx / Alibaba Literature English Publisher N/A Translation from: Explore Méihuā's Note: If you want me to delete the story and have my fellow readers and me continue reading the origina...

  • After Transmigrating Into the Cultivation World, the School Topper Was Reborn
    443K 15K 120

    For Offline Purposes Only Credits to the Author and Translator(s) Description: A rebellious girl transmigrated to the world of cultivation. Then she was reborn again in her world! Having passed the rebellious period of youth, she decided to turn around and reinvent herself! She studied hard, and improved every day, st...

  • I'm A Paranoid Villain Harvester [Quick Transmigration]
    21.6K 494 20

    Original Title: 我是偏执反派收割机[快穿] In many worlds, the system data was sent into chaos due to some kind of obsession skyrocketing, turning decent protagonists into murderous villains. The system appointed You Xu to cross into the world, warm the paranoid villains, and gain their trust to eliminate the root causes. The syst...

  • Taste my Luna
    8.4M 48.6K 6

    A wet dream with a stranger took away Anna's virginity in reality. What she didn't know is that the stranger is a werewolf and he's a handsome man going to her new school. On her first day, guys are fighting over her and she's being pursued by two handsome Alphas. But one strange incident after another terrified her...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Undesirable Wife
    1.2M 9.7K 7

    **WATTYS 2018 SHORTLIST** (COMPLETED) The early 17th century England- a time when women were treated as mere commodities for their families and burdened with unreasonable expectations of beauty and mannerisms. In such a world, Lord Bradford raises his daughter, a girl of Indian descent named Saya, with all the love an...

  • He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo / Silent Separation
    263K 6K 24

    A young love leads to a lifetime of entanglements. Zhao Mo Sheng is a university student with a sunny disposition. The bright and cheerful Mo Sheng fell in love at first sight with He Yi Chen, one of the top students from the Law Faculty. However, his poor communication skill, makes her depart sadly for overseas. Seve...

  • Heir to the Ice Queen (Book 1)
    172K 11.2K 34

    The land is always covered in snow, so how can anything - let alone anyone - survive there? They don't. At least not without the Ice Queen's permission. It's her land that goes on for miles, her power that she gains from the cold, and her wickedness that has kept her the most feared living thing for over a t...

  • Marriage Concerto (Small Thing Called Love)
    523K 15.1K 82

    NOTE: Not my story nor did I translate this. for offline reading purpose only ALL RIGHTS GOES TO THE RESPECTIVE AUTHOR Author: Ban Li Zi For Translation Visit: Description When they were studying, Ding Meng was a student who excelled in studies, whilst Qiao Yi Chen was a pro...