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  • Diversity for Dummies
    4.6K 197 2

    A thirty day writing challenge -- because the world around us isn't a white-washed, heterosexual, able-bodied, one-religioned, cisgendered ideal. The world around us is a beautiful place, and maybe its beauty is only accented by the crazy people within it.

  • A Study in Femininity
    29.8K 732 2

    A 30 day writing challenge surrounding femininity in all its glory.

  • The {Im}Perfection Dare
    36.5K 1.1K 2

    Why are you on this website right now? What made you join? Why are you reading this? Maybe you like to read, maybe you write. Either way, I'm challenging you, or daring you rather. To be yourself, completely and utterly be yourself. For 30 days. So, do you accept?

  • Amore [30 DAY CHALLENGE]
    10.8K 259 1

    30 day challenge based on love.