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  • devil's backbone 🗝 tommy shelby
    466K 16.3K 34

    "Don't care if he's guilty, Don't care if he's not; He's good and he's bad, And he's all that I've got." She grew up watching them, fearing them. A young girl in Birmingham, being told to stay away from the Shelby family at whatever cost. Whispering their name as if they'd hear her, and knowing even then that if s...

  • Nicotine // [michael gray / peaky blinders]
    515K 10.7K 42

    "AFRAID OF NOTHIN' AND SHE CARRIES A KNIFE" In which she's practically a Shelby, and he's the new family member. [season 2 - season ?]

  • Infinite Shadows
    127K 2.2K 23

    Fanfiction based upon the television series Peaky Blinders.

  • My Next Mistake || Book One
    353K 7.5K 31

    Living in the boom of the 1920's, Olivia Rey works at a bar in London as a jazz singer. But not just any bar, Darby Sabini's. Little does she know she is going to catch the eye of one Peaky Blinder, Thomas Shelby. **Complete**

    Completed   Mature
  • Devil's Backbone (A Peaky Blinders Fanfiction)
    310K 6.4K 44

    Tommy Shelby and his peaky blinders have the run of Birmingham and are quickly expanding to London. When a mystery woman is seen out and about it causes a stir, but which family will meet there downfall on her arrival? Does Tommy Shelby need to watch his back?

    Completed   Mature
  • god is a woman (arthur shelby.)
    307K 9K 26

    in which arthur falls for the enemy's daughter.

  • the marriage (john shelby.)
    806K 20.2K 45

    in which an arranged marriage spawns true love.

    Completed   Mature
  • medicine (finn shelby.)
    409K 10.1K 28

    in which finn shelby teaches the love of his life how to love herself.

  • bitter (michael gray.)
    580K 14.9K 45

    in which michael gray is truly obsessed with the girl he claims to hate. previously named "the blinders girl".