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  • These Lies of Gold (book one)
    31.9K 1.7K 43

    An orphan. A prince. A long lost secret. When Kalia, an orphan from the streets, finds out she is a commoner and not gifted with a magical ability like her brother, her one chance at a better life is gone. With no other options left, she is forced to accept a position as a maid in the royal palace. Having accepted he...

  • The Silent Thief
    82.5K 3.6K 31

    Grace is a hired thief, the most famous thief in all of Spain because of her unchallengeable skills, impossible heists that she's pulled off, and eerie silence in which she does them. To the world, she is thought to be a boy that everyone calls The Silent Thief. But behind the mask and hood, she is a twenty year old g...

  • The Troublemaker's Ghost | ✓
    1.9M 96.1K 37

    What would you do if your apartment is haunted by a smoldering hot ghost, who is planning to make your life a living hell if you don't move out? RUN! But Grace Summers is determined not to. Possibly because she's broke and her only choice lies in living in her father's apartment. In one night everything chang...

  • You Are the Shell to My Tortoise | ✓
    1.1M 72K 82

    Nolan, an unapproachable guy who ignores the existence of all his schoolmates, sleeps in all of his classes. Normally, this wouldn't be Chelsea Arnold's problem--she does her best to pay attention in class and attends gym like a good, normal student. Unfortunately, she just so happens to be his assigned desk partner i...

  • Rosaline | GALATEA ✔️
    1.4M 4.4K 5

    *FIRST THREE CHAPTERS AVAILABLE HERE* Rosaline Sinclair is on the run. After barely escaping with her life, Rosaline flees Los Angeles to the streets of New York City. Desperate for a job, she struggles to stay hidden from an unknown enemy. Damon Cohen is to be feared. He works as the right-hand man to one of the most...

  • A Secret Service [NOW PUBLISHED]
    23.3M 1.1M 61

    Now available in paperback! "I LOVE IT!" - CarniaHolmes "I'm going to break your nose, because I don't like your face," Carter said. She pointed to Zac. "I'm going to dislocate your other shoulder, just to make them even." She cocked her head and gave the main guy a sickly sweet smile. "I'm going to break your...

  • Lilah
    59.3M 1.4M 48

    #1 in Young Adult #9 in Badboy #1 in Cold #3 in Goodgirl #1 in Sweetheart #14 in Love *Currently available at Amazon!!!* He'd never met someone with such a bubbly personality. Not to mention the wildness and odd phrases she'd say every five minutes. He hates it. He hates how he can't stay away from it. He hates what s...

    Completed   Mature
  • When the Sun meets the Moon
    589K 32.1K 45

    Cursed by the Moon. Alone. She can only survive. *** Try to read this story, you might be surprised. *I do not own the rights to the cover's picture. Pinterest picture modified with great care and love by @Major-Dice #2 #projectwomanup 26/08/19 #1 #moon 08/09/19 #1 #sun 15/01/2021

  • The Powerful One.
    3.5M 112K 2

    The Golden wolf is a myth among werewolves, no one has seen it and who ever has, didn't survive to tell anyone. Six hundred years and Andorra Hannah still looks the beautiful age of eighteen, she is quick, powerful and deadly. Everyone has heard the myth of the werewolf elder but no one ever expected her to be a woman...

  • Wishes | ✔️
    54.8K 3K 35

    A girl with a heart of gold, beauty, and grace. Not to mention a dragon as a pet. What could possibly be wrong? Probably the fact she's trapped inside a lamp. __________________ Re-edited as of 5/22/2021 : new edits and changes to the plot

  • Echo ➳ Once Upon A Time
    5M 145K 77

    Loneliness taught her. Trauma raised her. Betrayal drove her. Bloodlust marred her. True love saved her. But none dared to tame her. ───────── "Every story I ever read, every movie I ever watched, Rae Hood was always the one doing the saving. What happened to that?" "It's funny," The practically immortal girl scoffed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Høød ➵ Lord Of The Rings
    473K 17.9K 59

    You've undoubtedly heard the tale of Robin Hood, but what if I was to tell you they got it all wrong? First of all, Robin is female. {All characters other than my own belong to J. R. R. Tolkien}

  • face claims ⇢ etc
    4.6M 57K 140

    created with the hope of helping you bring your oc to life [highest rank: #4 in random, #1 in faceclaims]

  • Marley Meets Josh
    11.2M 342K 33

    After years away, Marley and Josh return to their hometown high school and fall in love. Can their relationship survive sex, lies and secrets from their past? ***** Forced out of boarding school after her mother's death, high school student Marley T...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Shadows
    69.4K 2.1K 49

    16+ Mature Content - Contains mature themes, sexual content and strong language. You're found in an unknown place and without any memory. Who are you really? Who is the mysterious stranger that helps you along the way? You come to learn that you are far from being a simple girl and more than one man has their eye on...

  • My Beast (✔️)
    4.3M 130K 36

    Part vampire. Part demon. Part werewolf. He's the most feared creature out there. His name alone causes people to tremble with fear. I didn't know him or any of his kind existed until recently. Imagine my surprise when I find out that I'm his mate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm bad at descrip...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓
    14M 640K 53

    "You're an asshole," I blurted. "You're such an asshole that your actual asshole is jealous." Silence. What the hell did I just say? Out of all the insults, I choose one that makes the least sense? Damn it, why couldn't I just have been born normal... Wait, never mind. Psh, screw sanity. "Can we keep her?" Tyler sud...

  • My Best Friend's Brother | ✔
    12.1M 324K 56

    He was her best friend's brother. She was his little sister's best friend. He was a player. She had a crush on him. --------------------------- Ariel has always liked her best friend's brother. She knew that he only thought about her as nothing more but his little sister's friend. They had a great friendship regardles...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Sun And Moon
    1.3M 36.6K 27

    She's probably psychotic. She's unbelievably innocent, doesn't even know the meaning of most cuss words. She loves her pictures and has a horrible sense of direction. She blindly trusts whomever she stumbles upon, causing them to either be touched or take advantage of her pure heart that only wishes to love everyone...

  • Violence Is The Key
    217K 5.6K 39

    Street fighter Crystal is all alone. She moves from town to town just to keep away from them, but what happens when she meets the bad boys of this town. Can Crystal keep her secrets and not harm anyone. What happened when people from her past show up? 'You can't out run your past' Secrets will be revealed, but which...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mackenzie | √
    1M 42.3K 83

    Highest Rank : #6 in Romance #24 in Teen Fiction She was smart. She wanted three scholarships. She was struggling. She was strong. She was pretty. She was Mackenzie. He was hot. He didn't care. He didn't want any girl too close, but he wanted attention and affection. He was... ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Bea...

  • The Bad Girl
    1.6M 33.6K 93

    Cindy Lowe, the daughter of the #1 most dangerous mafia leader in England. She is confident, dangerous, intelligent and has a body "to die for". Cindy moves from London to New York due to her father's business. New city means a new school and new friends. But what happens when Cindy takes an interest in a certain bad...

  • Angel Face - Oliver Queen 🌷
    116K 3.8K 40

    Harleen Merlyn is the youngest daughter of Malcolm Merlyn and grew up in Starling City her whole life. Despite being Tommy's younger sister she spent most of her days with the trio; Oliver, Tommy, and Laurel. Although, she was closer with the two boys than she was the Lance - she spent her nights getting into trouble...

  • The Alpha
    1.9M 37.6K 20

    Mature content Sexual themes Strong language Violence He was so much bigger than me. His large broad shoulders and frame towered over my shaking figure. It seemed like every muscle in his body was clenching, including his sharp jaw. His dark eyes were ablaze with anger as he stared me down, I squeezed my eyes shut...

  • Vacant Soul| Nicholas Scratch
    164K 3.6K 32

    In which no one knows that the Devils sarcastic daughter roams the earth freely, in a small town called Greendale. ---- Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina FANFIC Nikolas Scratch x OC Part 1: 10/27/18-10/10/20 Part 2: 1/9/21-???

    15.9K 385 4

    "Alright dude, go trip over a knife." "Excuse me?" (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) (Season 2 - ?) (Nicholas Scratch x OC) Copyright | 2019 | @marueph

  • Dark Wings (Dark World #1)
    598K 19.8K 33

    Domick slid into the seat next to me and looked over. "Did you see how he was looking at you?" What? "H-he's not even my friend, just a partner sometimes." I managed to stammer out. "Trust me, he wanted to be more than just a partner." Domick sneered the last word. A surprised laugh escaped me and I leaned towards him...

  • •𝐢𝐧 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐝𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫•|Henry Hart x oc|
    295K 5.9K 40

    Elvira Sanders was Henry Hart's neighbour and a really close friend, she left Swellview and moved to California when she was three years old. What happens when she comes back eleven years later? Will Henry remember her? Will she find out about his secret? Read to find out. ***...

  • Out of The Woods (COMPLETED)
    971K 31.9K 33

    Aurora is forest nymph who lives in the lost city of Arden, a lost civilization of faerie folk who live among the trees. She's never left the forest or seen the outside world as it's strictly forbidden. However, curiosity pulls her outside of her little world and into one that's much more enticing, in the form of dark...

  • Two Gangs and a Golden Girl
    23.4M 1.1M 70

    "I didn't ask to be in the middle of your ego-battle," I grumble. Blake pins me to my locker, hands resting on either side of my head. "Well, you got it in anyway, Darling," he whispers. His face is inches away from mine and damn me for licking my lips. I am NOT falling for these guys. And then, at the corner of my e...