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  • Promise • 박지민 (BTS Jimin Fanfiction)(Short Story)
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    A Park Jimin Fanfiction (Short Story) I was alone for my whole life, that even have no experience with friends. Always on the corner or at the back, nobody will even notice as no one cares But a picture, is what reminds us of the memories we cherish in our whole lives, even tho I don't jave a picture with someone I lo...

  • Promise
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    "Maybe if you didn't break your promise Jimin. Maybe if you didn't leave me, then maybe I wouldn't have to do this..... ......but the thing is you did" -afterall, nothing lasts forever...... why not just end it all now? {Completed} {Short Story} {May have some triggering scenes} {Will not include smut since I...

  • Apjeong Project | JJK
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    ❝ I don't know why my heart beats so fast, but i like that feeling. ❞ #ACHIEVEMENT(S) » 1st place in Map Of The Soul Awards (Jungkook category) START: 16 - 2 - 2019 PUBLISHED: 17 - 2 - 2019 END: -- STATUS: ON-GOING