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  • Kookie Bunny||J.Jk x Reader Fan Fiction|| ON HIATUS
    368K 12.2K 49

    You were a human doctor from a hybrid shelter and you were doing well with your job especially because you love hybrids. You always adore them and care for them-predator and prey alike. Jungkook, a bunny hybrid, was already out on the streets eversince he was a child. He was used and abused. Long story short, HE HATE...

  • Polar Opposites || Jungkook ff hybrid AU
    110K 3.5K 21

    [SLOW UPDATES BUT STILL ACTIVE] In a world where both humans and hybrids exist, Y/n is a doctor at a shelter center for hybrids that have really no where to go. Most of which have been either mistreated or abandoned or both. The shelter takes in a bunny hybrid that was found in unstable condition and had little to no...

  • Kalokagathia | JJK ✔
    969K 45.8K 58

    Kalokagathia (n.) - the good and beautiful in a person. A bunny hybrid Jungkook x reader AU. Book (1/3) from the Kalokagathia Universe. Started: June 1, 2020 Completed: January 11, 2021 Translations available: Italian by @Jungkookssi_wife Spanish by @d-destinypotter Also published on AO3.

  • Safe 『BTS ✘ Reader』✎Hiatus✎
    235K 8.5K 16

    In the world of hybrids, individuals of rarer species are in more danger. Logically, that makes sense. But, it's hard having to hide your identity and fend for yourself. All you want is to feel safe. • • • ❥BTS AU ❥Hybrid AU ❀Started: 『March 19, 2020』 ✎Currently on hiatus✎ ❆Ended:『Pending•••』

  • Hidden ✔️| Hybrid!J.JK x Reader
    341K 7.3K 15

    WARNING!!! THIS IS 18+!! DO NOT READ IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR INNOCENCE! Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out people had been desperately looking for a cure. Thankfully, Dr. Kim Taehyun managed to successfully create a vaccine, ending the virus once and for all. What he didn't expect, however, was for his d...

    Completed   Mature
  • My bunny (Jeon Jungkook ff)
    82.6K 3.1K 15

    Hyeon had everything - good looks, lots of friends, money, her sister was always hidden in her shadow. One day, Hyeon runs off and leaves everything to Iseul. What Iseul didn't know there's a hybrid who wouldn't welcome her happily...

  • My Jealous Hybrid 21+
    108K 1.8K 15

    /COMPLETED\ Y/n is a cat hybrid, But she is a high maintenance one and has her heat almost every week. The hybrid store is almost sold out. Hybrids getting adopted here and there. Sht thought she would never get adopted....... Nobody wanted a high maintenance cat..... Untill......

  • My Little Fox (hybrid Jimin X reader)
    1.5M 67.9K 60

    It all started when you found a wounded hybrid fox on the ground. You couldn't walk away and leave knowing he's suffering. (Hybrid Jimin X reader) FluffxFluff. (No smut)

  • My Cat Boy | ^ -ᆺ- ^
    1M 44.1K 52

    [ completed ] She found an abandon cat and took it in and then it magically turned into a human! Can you believe that?! - Yoongi x OC

  • ᴘᴇᴛ sɪᴛᴛᴇʀ | Jungkook x Reader
    133K 3.6K 16

    Y/N is a university student working as a pet sitter. You receive a request by a big-boned man to take care of his bunny, Jungkook. While you pet sit, unusual events happen between you and the bunny.

  • My Black Cat
    77.3K 2.6K 19

    Your cat is a lovely black baby that you had since you could remember. One day your fur baby changed and don't know what to do.

  • rare find | ✔
    133K 6.2K 26

    [ completed ] "as much as i love you, we can't be together. i'm a hybrid, why would you want to be with me?" "i don't care what you are, as long as you're mine." • she isn't your typical hybrid, and he isn't your typical human. y/l/n y/n, a hybrid that has been through so many situations that shaped her to become how...

    Completed   Mature
  • Animals to Human |JJK FF [SLOW UPDATES/EDITING]
    104K 2.9K 29

    "Who told you to call me Noona?" .... "Ok, fine, whatever. Now will you tell me why you are stripping?" .... Then Jimin came over and tried to lick me.

  • Dangerous Love // Hybrid!BTS AU - Hybrid!Yoongi x Reader //
    967K 35.7K 44

    You never knew your life would end up like this. Seven hybrids under one roof. Seven male hybrids and you. That fated some dangerous love. This is my first reader book (apart from my one shot book), please give me some feedback! - Highest Ranking #4 btsxreader - TRANSLATIONS: Italian - @kiradoronzo Credits: Book cove...

  • Sanctuary (✔)
    193K 8.7K 19

    YN is a young girl, bright and ambitious, but due to her busy schedule, she's been unable to make any real friends. When an ad for Saint Mary's Sanctuary catches her attention, she never expected her life to be changed by a certain hybrid named Jimin. Hybrid! Jimin x Reader Also posted on Tumblr and AO3 under chimchim...

  • Taehybrid (Bts hybrid au)
    212K 9.7K 24

    25 years ago hybrids were first introduced to the world and now they've taken over. After their mistreatment and abuse from "owners" they took power and revenge. Humans disappeared and some were killed. There is no trace of humans now. You are 19 years old and human. You've been hiding ever since hybrids took power an...

  • Cute Little Hybrids//Hybrid Bts x Female Reader//
    175K 4.5K 29

    Read at your own risk this story is very lighthearted. You may die from all the cute pics of animals and kpop idols. I will not take responsibility to the deaths. "I love you guys" you say to the group of 7 male hybrids. "We love you too (Your name)" they yelled back. The hybrids were Hobi, Tae, Jin, Joonie, Jungkook...

  • Paw Prints | Hybrid! Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung
    196K 8.7K 14

    Luna passes by that dark alley every day, knowing that there's a dog hybrid there, hiding in the shadows. Taehyung is content with his new life as an adopted hybrid, ignoring his dark past that lingers around the corner. On a rainy day, Jimin is protected by the cold droplets by a stranger's umbrella and as he looks...

  • Lone Wolf: BTS Hybrid AU (Yoongi x Reader)
    83.4K 2.5K 11

    "Y/N, do you love your life?" "I-I guess...?" "Then why are you here, wasting your time following the lone wolf?"

  • Instinct (Discontinued)
    79.7K 2.4K 11

    (Sorry that I've stopped writing so early) BTS x reader (Werewolf) You've caught the attention of seven lovely, beautiful, gorgeous men. You, an ordinary-looking, feisty girl. Feelings blossom, instincts take over and none of them can let you go... so they agree to share.

  • BTS Hybrids.
    47.2K 1.2K 14

    basically another one of those where you adopt hybrids. I will make it different though. you wanna know how? READ IT.

  • How I Met my Hybrid |M.YG|
    429K 14.6K 24

    "WHAT THE FUCK HOSEOK!", I ran to the room when I heard the sound of Yoongi's yelling. "What's wrong, what happ-". The actual fuck. There Hobi was. On top of Yoongi. On top of Yoongi's naked body. On top of Yoongi's naked dick.

  • My Supposedly Stuffed Bunny || j.j.k
    254K 7.6K 51

    Park Y/n, little sister of Park Jimin, was given a gift for Christmas from her dad who was rarely home. It was a cute grey stuffed bunny with a yellow bow tie. Everything was normal until one New Year's Midnight got Y/n's life f(FLOWER)ed up "Hi Y/n-ssi" Ranking #1 - idekanymore Ranking #2 - koreanfanfic Ranking #2...

  • The Hunt
    1.8M 83.4K 84

    Y/n is abducted by a pack of hybrids, however, she's not as helpless as they initially assumed. Hybrid BTS, Jimin x Hybrid Reader. Started Sept. 5, 2019.

    97.8K 3.5K 27

    [HIATUS] a world where hybrids and humans coexist. you meet a beautiful kitten hybrid sitting alone in a dark alley. would you take the risk of saving him even after knowing that he's a special hybrid? if you love hybrids and jimin pls do check out this book. please support this book and share it with fellow ARMYs an...

  • Blue Bunny - Jungkook x Reader (Hybrid 18+)
    4.9K 141 4

    "Jungkook... I think I'm allergic to you." You awaken from a very drunken night only to discover that there is a mysterious bunny man in your bed. A hybrid, to be exact. Faced with the sudden reality of your drunken antics from the night before, you must now take ownership and care for this bunny hybrid that you drunk...

  • BTS hybrids x reader
    183K 4.5K 31

    Reader x BTS hybrids

  • Bunny | Jeon Jungkook ✓
    333K 21.7K 18

    "What the hell? What kind of person names their bunny 'Jungkook?'" "What kind of mother names their child 'Jungkook?'" Moon retorted. Started: 02/19/2018 Finished: 02/26/2018 Edited: 06/05/2018 [bunch of fluff]

  • My Bunny Is A Human
    88.8K 3K 25

    After Areum's brother, Park Jimin, brought her an adorable bunny and named it Jungkook. When the time had come that Jimin has to leave to study to Canada, Jungkook unexpectedly transforms into a human. BTS Hybrid