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    30.5M 357K 35

    "Fuck you!" I hissed as he held me back from punching him. For a split second his grip loosened, giving me the opportunity to slap him again - yet as soon as I tried to hit him, he swiftly pushed me backwards, causing my back to collide with the wall. Still struggling, I looked up to see his obsidian eyes piercing in...

  • Model Behaviour
    1.2M 40K 27

    Ever had a gorgeous life drawing model you wanted to get your hands on? Olivia Reilly most certainly did. Known to over-think and over-analyse everything she came across, she spent a frivolous hour with Eddie - her life drawing model - doing exactly the opposite. She always thought Eddie was sexy, silent and intense...

    Completed   Mature
  • You're Not Alone. {Book 1}
    839K 1K 6

    Francesca is in her senior year, life was pretty much alright until she gets accidentally pulled in a time portal & finds herself entangled in a whirlwind of revenge, betrayal mysteries and romance. Circumstances force her into becoming a demon slayer by joining forces with a hauntingly charming stranger who has dark...

  • His Royal Ballerina. (completed)
    871K 3.5K 6

    A magical tale between a ballerina who comes across a prince who can't feel pain. she gets involved in a dangerous quest which will change an ordinary ballerina's life. will she get back what was lost? or lose herself in this enchanting story of a prince and his royal ballerina. Read the Review done by @angellover36...

  • Her Royal Match
    718K 2.3K 6

    Set in the late Victorian era of 1890 when women liberation was still a distant dream, Princess Marine , a certified doctor & a rebellion in the royal family is one among few ladies who struggled to make a difference in a male dominated society. After her elder sister Emma dishonored the family reputation by eloping w...

  • Armor
    3.1M 130K 41

    Isabella, future queen of Gardia, unlike any lady of her time, is no damsel, but a fierce warrior. Though respected by men and shunned by women she fleetingly wonders what it would be like to fall in love. The Head Knight of Jaria, enemy nation of Gardia, Aiden has resented women for most of his life and relishes in t...

  • The Mail Boy
    1M 24.4K 25

    Victoria Grey's life was anything but normal. Her mother was an author, whose genre of choice was writing books for pregnant mothers. Her father was an eccentric archaeologist and history buff. Victoria didn't inherit anything from her parents except for their quirky personalities. Both sarcastic and strange, Victoria...

  • Once Upon A Time
    94.8K 1.3K 24

    Based on the classic novel North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell, this modern story of John and Margaret takes them on a magical adventure filled with intrique, suspense, and romance. John Thornton spends all his waking hours working in the family business. In his leisure time, he hunts for antique books. When one litera...

  • WANTED: Love of my Life
    3.7M 183K 54

    Angela's life pretty much sucked until she met Giacomo. Tall, dark and handsome, he would be everything she could wish for - if he weren't a penniless and homeless illegal Italian immigrant who happens to be four years her senior. Or is he? Penniless and homeless, that is. The truth that slowly unravels seems to be fa...

  • Captain Jack Sparow and I: A Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfiction
    130K 3.8K 16

    Lady Catherine Waters is the Governor's Daughter and has lived in Port Royal her whole life; that is until she is knocked out by the blast of a cannon ball and kidnapped by the notorious pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Under a fake name and an undying hatred for pirates, Catherine Waters will soon experience the...

  • The Return Of Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch/OC/Star Trek oneshot)
    2.3K 42 1

    50 years after the capture of the infamous war criminal known as Khan, the new Captain and crew of the Starship Enterprise collide with an unwelcomed old foe. [mainly fight sequence]

  • Ameria
    820 29 3

    Lacy Dawn is a first year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but before she leaves for school, a golden egg appears and hatches for her. Not understanding the bond between Lacy and the dragon, the wizarding officials take the dragon, Ameria, away while Lacy is in class. How will rider and dragon b...

  • Legend of the Dragon Riders
    174K 6K 21

    Every one hundred years five guys all over the world are chosen between the ages of 17 and 21 to become dragon riders. They are chosen to rise above the dark five that try to wreak havoc and to destroy anything that is good in the world. The only thing that was differnt about this generation of riders was that the fir...

  • The Girl behind the Throne (Editing)
    7.4M 92.6K 40

    its hard being the secret best friend of the next king, for Tess and James their friendship spanning twelve years changes when Tess comes back from the boarding school she attended for three years, to see James as no longer a boy but a man. Causing her to ask herself is it possible to be best friends with a future kin...

  • Savage Cinderella
    3.7M 78.2K 33

    Eighteen-year-old Brinn Hathaway has survived on her own in the Northwest High Country of Georgia since she was left for dead in a shallow grave by the man who kidnapped her as a child. When a young nature photographer, Justin Spencer, catches the wild girl on film and the two form a tentative friendship, Brinn must d...

  • Mission: One Direction
    7.7K 157 15

    You may know One Direction the hot new boy band taking the world by storm from UK and Ireland. What you may not know is that that is their cover. They are really spy agents. You know like for the CIA but bigger. After screwing up a mission the boys are given a mission that they don't like a mission that will change t...

  • Love Olympus
    2.3M 19.6K 21

    As a child Venus had an Imaginary friend like any other kid. When she wakes up one morning to find him claiming he's not really imaginary, but her Kupid. Things take a drastic turn as he reveals he's accidentally gambled away her life for a game.