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  • Wakanda RP
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    Ever want to visit Wakanda? Or maybe even live there? Well now you can! Welcome the Wakanda RP, where you can build weapons with vibranium, become on of the guards or even help T'challa rule. You can maybe even become the next Black Panther! Wakanda Forever!

  • "No, This is Kansas." ~OCs
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    Where you can find all of my OCs! Or more details about them. (Most will be Marvel tho.)

  • ✪ Avengers RP! ✪ { REOPENED }
    14.6K 333 45

    Ever wanted to help save the world? Or even destroy it? Ever felt like you were meant for more than an average citizen? Ever wanted to fall in love with and Avenger or a Villain? (I see you Loki lovers.) Welcome to the Avengers RP! Where you can travel to Asgard or jam out with the Guardians of the Galaxy! Go to schoo...