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    A T@gged FanFiction Everybody has secrets. Some are bearable, some... not so. I guess you could say Arabella Fischer's would be in the 'not so' section. But that doesn't mean they won't get out someway... and this way may include a stranger hidden behind a monkey mask. [***i do not own the television or any characters...

  • Ink and Blood [T@gged Fanfic]
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    The Ghost. Not only had she lived a life unknown to all, but when she dropped off the scene, for a while, it was hard to tell she was truly gone. Marigold Sanderson was born into a small family that hardly had the money to take care of her. After years of being in and out of debt, when Marigold turned fourteen, she be...

  • heartbreaker | brandon darrow | t@gged [paused]
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    "It would be a privilege for you to break my heart."