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  • Volume 3-A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated
    52.3K 1K 21

    This story is not mine. For offline reading purposes only. Please support the story here 👉👉👉 Bai Pingting has always been contrary the saying, "A woman's virtue is ignorance". Although she serves the Marquess of Jing-An as a maid, she leads a life fa...

  • Volume 2-A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated
    63.2K 1.3K 27

    This story is not mine! For offline reading purposes only All credits and rights belong to the author Feng Nong and translation group CKM Scans. Support the story 👆👆👆👆 Bai Pingting has always been contrary the saying, "A woman's virtue is ign...

  • Volume 1-A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated
    90.4K 1.9K 28

    This story is not mine! For offline reading purposes only! All credits and rights belong to the author Feng Nong and translation group CKM Scans. Please support 👆👆👆👆 Bai Pingting has always been contrary the saying, "A woman's virtue is ignor...

  • Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable Consort
    1.3M 50.7K 200

    Author: 安步奕奕 (Anbu Yiyi) Translator: June, Lilian Alyschu&Co Chapters: 1 - 200 One imperial edict and the family's calculation, the sweet, adorable her met the cold him that was up high. She became his little princess consort. Everyone said that Prince Ying of Western Xuan Empire was shockingly ugly, cold-blooded and...

  • Checkmate Your Heart (将心) | √
    22.9K 581 4

    Author: Celine Gu Xi Jue A story about a 'sick cat' and a 'jerk'.

  • Villainess Reincarnation Book 1: Escaping the Plot
    201K 6.3K 23

    Elle is a bookworm. She read all kind of book, from fairy tale to biography. She dies of over reading. More like, she read too much that she forgets to eat or do anything, so she ends up dying. Elle was then reincarnated into a villainess in one of her books. The book is called "Noble in Love", the book she hated the...

  • Rebirth of The Villainess: Little Miss Perfect
    914K 31.4K 57

    Tory was born in a rich family, she grew up to be perfect as her parents wants her to be. However Tory felt empty all she did was to kill, earn and watch her enemies to ruins, she was a very ruthless Mafia boss. She heard of this 'Otome game' her friend was blabbing about, she did gave it a chance and got addicted to...

  • Just Blame Me For Being Blind In the Beginning
    903K 21.6K 68

    PLEASE NOTE !!! - THIS IS NEITHER MY STORY NOR TRANSLATION. JUST FOR SHARING PURPOSE. ALL RIGHTS GOES TO THE RESPECTIVE AUTHOR. Author - Ban Li Zi Chapters - 61 + 4 side story Translator - Twelve months of May Description Hot and glamorous '18th tier' actress, Pei Ying, is actually a conservative woman who hasn't eve...

  • Wipe Clean After Eating
    293K 9.4K 45

    Xia Ye is pressured by her mother to either land a golden rice bowl (good paying job) or find a golden turtle (rich husband). So the stakes are high at her latest job interview. Driven by desperation, Xia Ye comes up with a devious plan to drive away the other candidate. Of course, things do not go as plan when the ot...

  • His Emotionless Wife
    1.2M 32.5K 76

    She was an assasin an agent, or a puppet perhaps. She don't know what is emotions, she's like a robot that follow orders.. They said that she lived to kill. But she was killed because of knowing what is emotions. Perhaps now that she is reincarnated she'll know what love is. But she was a proclaimed trash of Zhong cla...

  • Quick Transmigrations: Destroy Harems System!
    572K 21.8K 75

    Ko-fi : Qiu_Yue Patreon: Qiu_Yue This reverse harem novel, Qiu Yue didn't like at all. She wondered how she'd ended up with such a system, did her hate for harem reach such heights? Female Lead has opened a free tofu stall. Male lead is annoying Qiu Yue with passion. This poor main character who isn't an assassin...

  • Another World: Book I
    2.4M 103K 71

    In the novel "The Prince and the Peasant", the male lead prince Chen Heng Li was once betrothed to the Western Border's General first daughter, Bai Fan. But the male protagonist never really liked Bai Fan as she was rude and unruly. As the plot unravels, Chen Heng Li met the female lead, Ming Shu, who was an orphan. B...

  • A Goddess's Journey Of Transmigration - Volume I
    118K 4.8K 60

    Kartara is a goddess of creation. While lazing around in the Divine Realm, she decides that it's boring and runs away to the mortal realm. Something goes wrong in the spatial tunnel she's traveling through and she ends in a world she's only seen in books: a world of cultivation. Cover Credit goes to Korean_Kitteh This...

  • The General Wants to Hug and Sleep
    250K 7.2K 23

    A story about a general with insomnia, and a girl who is looking for a husband to keep her tea house. NOT MY STORY By Qian Cao

  • Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman
    36.2K 681 17

    An engagement paper to lock one's destiny. With her family facing financial difficulties, she marries into the family of the richest man in Qingzhou as his wife. Her Mother-In-Law's doubtfulness; her husband's childhood sweetheart; her mean elder sister-in-law; her narrow-minded younger sister-in-law... Being inferior...

  • Black Bellied Prince's Stunning Abandoned Consort
    10.4K 152 4

    NOTE: THIS IS NOT MINE. Description Because her appearance was not breathtaking, the Emperor breaks off their engagement and bestows her instead to the bloodthirsty, ruthless, and cold-blooded Second Prince (Wang Ye). On her wedding night comes endless humiliation, the genuine Princess Consort becoming a deserted wome...

  • The End Of The World's Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby
    1.8K 41 4

    NOTE:NOT MINE. For offline purposes only. Shao Qing's only regret in life is that she blindly fell in love with a worthless man. She gave up everything for him, but in exchange was run over by his conniving mistress when she was close to her delivery date. Fortunately, Heaven left her a way. Crimson rain fell from the...