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  • Love Doesn't Lie (A Dramione Love Story)
    2.2M 57.1K 81

    The Wizarding War had been won and professor McGonagall had filled the position of Headmistress of Hogwarts. Draco's father, Lucius Malfoy, had been send to Azkaban for all the things he had done and both Narcissa and Draco were lucky enough not to go with him, they got a second chance, under strict rules, from the Mi...

  • Perfect Two...
    331K 9.9K 67

    Hermione Granger the woman who has no luck when it comes to love, found her true love in Hogwarts. How would it be when she meets him again nine years later.. Perfect Two is a Dramione Love Story!

    Completed   Mature
  • My Daughter (Dramione)
    1.6M 49.3K 57

    It was the news that shocked the Wizarding World. Hermione Granger, the War Heroine of the Second Wizarding War is DEAD. Taken by an illness, she leaves behind a newborn daughter to the care of the Potters. Fifteen years later, her daughter, as kind and beautiful as her mother and as determined and witty as her father...

  • Dramione - A Sweet Yet Forbidden Love.
    1.1M 16.7K 52

    From day one Draco and Hermione fell for one another. The only problem was their secret relationship. Nearing the end of the war when the Dark Lord has the witches and wizards delcare theirselves as his followers Draco turns away from his family to stay with Hermione. How will their lives turn out once the war is over?

  • What Is This "Love" You're Talking About (Love Doesn't Lie Sequel)
    293K 11K 56

    Hermione walked through a narrow street before she finally arrived right where she wanted to be. Hermione carefully made her way through the crowd until she was standing right under the balcony of Juliet. Hermione smiled to herself and took in a deep breath. She made it. She had been traveling the past three months th...

  • Masked
    2.6M 76.6K 38

    What If the Yule ball was a masquerade ? What if no one knew who anyone was until the unmasking at midnight? What would happen when, 7th year, Draco Malfoy asks masked Hermione Granger to dance not knowing their true identities ? And what would happen at the unmasking once they would be revealed ? Set during 7th year...

  • Dramione - Hate Is A Strong Word
    597K 17.1K 38

    The war is over. Everyone has to retake the previous year at Hogwarts. Hermione Granger is made Head Girl and Draco Malfoy is made Head Boy. Tensions rise between the two. Ron starts acting very different, which takes it's toil on Hermione and Ron's relationship. What could be causing his sudden attitude change? And w...

  • Simply Irresistible
    11.1M 310K 34

    Draco gave a cocky grin. "I am going to give you a makeover." "I'm sorry what?" "You heard me Granger, I'm going to give you a makeover that will make every man want you,and make Weasley die of regret. You will be simply irresistible." Now Complete!

  • ILLUSION | A Dramione Fanfiction
    320K 8.1K 16

    One year after the great second wizarding war the returning seventh year students officially celebrated graduating from Hogwarts. After a tampered punch bowl and night that ended in disaster, Hermione Granger found herself pregnant with the son of the man that had been her childhood bully. Ashamed and traumatised four...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken Without You (Dramione Story - Draco/Hermione)
    347K 8.1K 17

    Hermione and Draco were enemies. At least, that's what everyone thought. They had maintained a secret friendship for years. They had even thought about being more than friends. But, will one person ruin it all?

  • The Love Is Still Alive (Novella to Undying Love)
    217K 6K 14

    This is a novella of Draco's Undying Love! Draco and Hermione have twins called Haillie and Dray, they hope their relationship will improve with children... but did it? Read on and find out how Draco and Hermione cope with everything. Draco's jealousy takes part and Hermione's past comes back...

  • Lumos Maxima
    49.7K 1.8K 7

    ❝Potter is dead, the Order of the Phoenix is in ashes, and Hogwarts has fallen. Bury the dead, mourn your lost, and surrender yourselves to Lord Voldemort. Those who resist, will be killed.❞ warning: this is not a happy story.

  • A Wonderful Fortuitous Love
    3.9M 113K 67

    "You see, Draco Malfoy, without your sarcastic replies to endure each morning and that arrogance only you could carry, I find myself somewhat missing you." Draco thought the biggest problem living for a year under the same roof as Hermione Granger was the probability of them killing each other. He never thought it wou...

  • Wonderstruck
    1.1M 27.8K 37

    Its been five years since the war. Five years since the terrible tragedies occurred. Five years since Harry Potter, along with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, saved the Wizarding World. Everything had settled down, and life was perfect. Until Hermione's world began to unravel, that is. Hearts will be broken. A Ma...

  • Granger Family Reunion
    406K 5.6K 21

    Hermione Granger is now a successful and beautiful business woman. Her cousins think otherwise because they haven't seen her in 20 years. A reunion is happening and who knows what's going to happen? A husband, kids and success. They are in for a surprise. Story completed in June 2018

  • What Happened?? (Dramione)
    277K 8.5K 30

    'Ten he said. Ten not eleven or half one, definitely ten,' Hermione thought as she paced their small kitchen worriedly,'what if he got in a fight or something was wrong. No he was with harry nothing would go wrong.' *unedited feel free to point out mistakes*

  • What Happened Next?? (Dramione)
    26.7K 911 15

    As Ron's release draws nearer the Malfoys are on edge. Hermione is constantly protect, not allowed to be anywhere on her own. Even having Hogwarts up their security to protect their children. But what if he wasn't after Hermione this time? What if this time he had a plan, a plan that he could pull off? xxxxxsequel to...

  • Let them watch
    244K 4.5K 25

    Hermione is heading back to Hogwarts to redo her 7th year with her brother....wait WHAT? How will her two best friends react to the news and what happens when a new relationship or two unexpectedly blossoms between unexpected people?

  • Dramione - The Soulmate Law *EDITED!*
    339K 6.5K 55

    *COMPLETED!!* Ever since Hermione caught Ron cheating on her with Lavender, she's been heartbroken. When she goes back for her seventh year at Hogwarts, little does she know that she will be facing a new law ...

  • Hermione...Zabini?
    100K 2.2K 8

    We all know Hermione Granger, Brains of the Golden Trio, war heroine. But, it that who she really is? Yes? No. What happens when Hermione was not a Granger? What happens when she finds out that she is adopted? What happens when she finds out that she is a Zabini? Will she accept it or will she run away? After The Gold...

  • The truth about Hermione granger
    262K 4.1K 31

    As her 18th birthday was coming close, Hermione started to notice a change in her appearance, longer hair, darker skin, brighter eyes. She didn't think much of it till her 18th birthday when everything took a different direction than she had planned!

  • From granger to zabini!
    137K 2.6K 14

    After the war the wizarding world is changing for the better. Most students return for their last year at hogwarts. Hermione finds out that she isn't a granger but a zabini twin. She learns of a secret power that was hidden along with her true self by a concealment charm. This is a Dramione and also a blinny story. S...

  • The Long-Lived Secret
    107K 2.3K 30

    How would you feel if you were told that your whole life was a lie? Hermione, Ginny, and Luna are in for a surprise when they find out a secret that has long been kept. Find out what happens to the girls in The Long-Lived Secret.

  • Hermione's New Life
    72.1K 2.2K 8

    It's been three months since the Light won Final Battle that took place at Hogwarts. Hermione has found her parents in Australia and restored their memories successfully. She also has some interesting news that her Mum and Dad have just given her. She's not really a Granger. No, indeed not. In fact, she is the Missing...

  • Dramione why us (veela story)
    113K 2.5K 13

    This is a story where the golden trio return for the 7th year and hermione has been chosen to be head girl and malfoy has been chosen to be head boy He has changed which made granger fall for him the only problem is the malfoy doesn't know why she chose him over her friends but the Whats making them fall head over he...

  • You Take my Breath Away ( A Dramione Veela Story )
    186K 4.3K 16

    The bad have gone good. The dirty have become the clean. Enemies become friends. Veelas are everywhere and searching for their mates. What could go wrong at Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Read to see what happens to Hermione, Draco, Ginny, and Blaise.

  • Blind Love (Dramione Veela)
    125K 2.6K 18

    This story is how the veela, Draco, finds his mate, Hermione, and falls in love with her.

  • I Would Love to Hate You, Draco Malfoy
    436K 7.4K 47

    Maybe Hermione Granger isn't all she is cut out to be when she is in the arms of Draco Malfoy. (Currently editing, slowly but surely.)

  • Undeniable Truths
    438K 12.2K 61

    Hermione Granger, smartest which of her age, mother, and newly divorced. Trying to make it in the world she grew up in without her best friends. Draco Malfoy, bachelor for life, and an ex-Death Eater with a past. Who has kept it hidden for four years. But what happens when the past refuses to stay where it belongs? *...

  • With you in my Arms
    4.7M 74.8K 99

    One night was all it took... for their lives to change in most unexpected ways, for them to have to face their past and for love to find a way. A classical love story with a few twists featuring Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger in the leading roles.