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  • Anarchy of the Mice
    6.5K 992 80

    "Nibble, nibble. Until the whole sick scam rots through." When anarchist-hackers the Blind Mice begin crippling the country's worst corporations -- the "Despicable Dozen" -- with web and software attacks, the public yawns. When they blip the power grid and penetrate municipal databases? Annoying but hardly a crisis. W...

  • Blackquest 40
    96.3K 5K 60

    ** WATTYS 2018 WINNER ** Big Tech meets Die Hard in this techno-thriller Kirkus Reviews calls "a clever, spirited tale with a brainy, nimble heroine at the helm." From IndieReader's 5-star (highest rating) review: "Bond weaves an entertaining tale filled with deceit, robots, Russians, and tech entrepreneurs that all c...

  • Deception
    184K 13.7K 37

    "Science is magic comprehended, and magic is science misunderstood." ___ The evil kingdom of Gatál has conquered the peaceful kingdom of Halcía and has ruled the land with an iron fist for the past sixteen years. When an infamous Gatál press gang captures a young Halcían peasant, Helena de Grazia, she has to make a c...

  • A Thread in the Tangle (Legends of Fyrsta #1)
    252K 6.5K 16

    ✴︎Featured on Wattpad✴︎ In a shattered realm where gods breathe and battle, sixteen-year-old Isiilde must find her feet among people who both despise and crave her kind. She trembles on a precipice, caught between the lust of men, the greed of kings, and an eternal struggle for dominance. As three powerful kingdoms v...

  • Sci-Fi Shorts
    10.9K 1K 31

    Science-fiction short stories, mostly from the less-serious end of the spectrum. You'll find zombie presidents, talking sharks, world-endangering sub-woofers, coffee-toting terrorists, an unhealthy number of 80s references and a whole lot more. There might even be a force-challenged Jedi or two.

  • Marked ✔️
    237K 16.1K 91

    Four unmarked survivors. One totalitarian government. A fight to keep their humanity intact. 100 years into the future, the E-91 virus has thrust the world into chaos. For Rachel Wilson, survival hasn't come easy. For the last fifteen years, she's lived in the wilderness, just out of reach of the Council of Nations...

  • Skiathos || 2018 Wattys Shortlist - Sample Chapters
    16.9K 387 5

    || Sometimes in Space Things Disappear || Nadja Bikram traveled to the distant and alien world of Skiathos to work one problem, a puzzle that had vexed her for seven years. But on reaching the savage desert world, she found the planetary survey team she was to join in disarray and its leader missing. It was up to her...

    65.3K 9K 45

    Specialist astronaut Evelyn Slater encounters a small, badly damaged, ancient alien artefact on the first ever space-junk elimination mission. Where was it from? Who'd sent it? International governments impose a security clampdown. Evelyn leads a team of hand-picked scientists who make amazing discoveries within the a...

  • Risen
    2.9M 4.5K 3

    Imagine living a full life, dying months after your beloved wife passes and being buried. Only to wake up 300 years later, called out of the grave to fight a final war against an alien invasion. Join Max Niekro, formerly living and now Risen as he deals with this reality as the forces of Earth, both living and dead...

  • Cataindar
    822K 42K 66

    #1 for a month on the Fantasy-Action Hotlist. Wattys2015 Winner. Fourteen-year-old Luisa is focused on staying under the radar at her rough London school, relieved that the summer holidays are soon to begin. Exploring the ruin of an abbey at night, Luisa falls into the underground land of Cataindar. The catains a...

  • King of the Woodlands
    162K 11.5K 41

    *GOING THROUGH RE-WRITING* "They say the Woodland King's voice makes the rivers flow fast, and his claws could shred men into ribbons of flesh and bone." Every one hundred years, the feared Woodland King captures an unfortunate human from the kingdom of Llewellenar to serve him until their death. When twelve-year-old...

  • Gunlaw
    200K 9.4K 49

    A complete fantasy book. Technically ... a weird western. Gunslingers, hex witches, dogmen, minotaur, trains that run further than you can imagine ... Mikeos Jones is a gunslinger, faster than thinking, part of the gunlaw, a man who can seldom afford the luxury of looking past the end of any given day. Jenna Crossard...

  • Exile: The Book of Ever
    79.7K 5.5K 30

    Centuries after the Fall, the United States has been wiped away. The crumbling remains of the great American empire are home now only to savage, lawless tribes and packs of ravening Damned-the twisted children of the apocalypse. Most of those few who survived humanity's destruction spend their short lives in a violent...

  • Kiss of the Dragonfly
    45.3K 4.9K 68

    Marked for an ancestor's crime, she's the key to a tyrant's ambition. Petra Drakhorn, sixteen year-old goatherd, is determined to raid draken nests with the men of her clan. Better that than the marriage into an allied clan that upland tradition demands. But her path isn't hers to choose. Her flawless birthmark, a ge...

    1.4K 217 66

    Escaping her trailer-trash background for a summer job as a forest ranger in Wyoming, Mary Browne deals with various hazards, natural and human. But when she moves to Jackson Hole, and starts playing with her band, The Feral Sluts, she steps unwittingly into a life-or-death game that makes the wilderness seem safe...

  • Majority [#SFF] [#Ooorahs] #1
    67.4K 8.8K 76

    START HERE. ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ In a galaxy where popular opinion is instant law, someone unpopular is about to change everything. ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ All minds are networked together. The Majority collectively votes to punish or promote anyone for the slightest thought. Cater to your orbiters, and they'll vote to give you candy or s...

    Completed   Mature