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  • Once More (Time-Travel Andreil) [The Foxhole Court]
    61.5K 2.3K 32

    When Neil wakes up in a very familiar car sitting next to a ghost, a little more than 7 years younger, he was more than a little freaked out. Last thing he remembered was going out for Andrew's 25th birthday. He hadn't been sure what to expect. He hadn't even been sure why he'd done it. He was left adrift in too tight...

  • If I Know You
    3.4K 552 16

    For hundreds of years, the fae have been capturing young royals, trapping them in sleeping curses where they wait for a true love's kiss that never comes. Prince Roran of Ki's dream of a solitary, food-filled future is squashed the day the gods declare that he's destined to wake Princess Phillipa of Marden. Their fam...

  • Teague's Breeder (Sample Only) Published May 15th 2020
    1M 34.7K 43

    ***Teague's Breeder will be published on Amazon Kindle and in print May 15th, 2020. It will be removed from Wattpad on May 10th, 2020. Only the first five chapters will remain on Wattpad*** WARNING: Mature. Contains Sexual Situations, Dubious Consent, Language. MMF sexual situations. Bisexuality, Homosexuality, Hetero...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unforgivable - Sample Only! *To Be Published Oct 30 2020*
    755K 33.6K 53

    Unforgivable will be removed from Wattpad on Oct 20 2020 and published to Amazon Kindle! Lyri is a rejected she-wolf, but only she and her mate know the devastating truth. Her pack lives in ignorance of their alphason's betrayal of his truemate. Instead his choice is celebrated and loved. Fiercely determined to gain h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Searcher
    245 37 5

    A sheriff has searched for his missing sister. She's been missing for 8 years and he feels partly responsible for her disappearance. one night, he receives a tip that she's been seen in a dilapidated house that has reputation around town of being haunted. He doesn't really believe in the old stories but he has to...

    Completed   Mature
  • This Was a Home Once & Other Stories
    12.4K 741 2

    Includes the 2020 WATTYS SHORTS WINNER. * once upon a time two people fell in love they thought it was happily ever after but it wasn't ***** Short stories about loss, love, and living in a queer sort of world. Featuring the winner of the 2020 Wattys Shorts Award, This was a Home Once, and a story previously paywall...

  • Perfectly Imperfect
    145 13 2

    Charlotte is an aspiring artist and college student, always wanting to play it safe when it comes to life. When she needs inspiration for a piece she's working on, she decided to ditch her norm and take a spontaneous trip to New York City. There, she runs into Dorran - a co-worker from back home and someone she's dete...

  • Daughters of Fate (Book 1)
    32.2K 4K 30

    One soul. Two lives. One destiny. ***** Torn apart by the gods, twin sisters, Sheala and Cassandra, are each anointed by the Fates to end the war raging upon Geiha. The sisters, one of the light and one of the dark, find themselves on the opposite sides of the conflict between the remnants of the ancient Kingdom of Hi...

  • LEMON BOY | short story ✓
    10.9K 767 2

    Jack Robinson is a little more than world-crushingly-in-love with Nolan Skinner, who is well-known for being both stoic as well as intense. He knows Nolan feels the same way - but, is it enough to guarantee them working out? Jack wants a lot of things. None of them as badly as Nolan. - An entry for @lgbtq 's Song Fict...

  • Bear Town
    4.3K 456 4

    [🏳️‍🌈COMPLETED: Wattys Shorts Finalist] Following the death of his brother, Drew's parents leave him to his own devices. Unable to cope and incapable of grieving alone, Drew is turning invisible. Forced to relocate for spring break, he stumbles over what could be his salvation in the woods behind his grandfather's h...

  • The Snow Dragon | A High Fantasy Flash Fiction (495 Words)
    273 34 1

    ⭐ 2019 Aim To Engage @HighFantasy Writing Prompt Winner ⭐ The dreaded Snow Dragon terrorizes towns near the White Peak Mountains, spreading destruction and chaos during the blizzards that pound the region. After the most recent attack that left the village of Courona burned to the ground, Mav and Shelle are on the hun...

  • Julien: A (Slightly Christmassy) Short Story ✓
    1.1K 118 1

    Julien wasn't supposed to come back home from college for the holidays. Julien wasn't supposed to be something Finneas needed to confront. Julien wasn't supposed to still be Finneas's favourite person. Funny how some things work out.

  • Sugar [18+]✔️
    1.7M 60.5K 50

    His eyes connect with mine and I find myself frozen in place. Reese whispers something in Draven's ear and leaves the room, closing the door behind him, leaving Draven and I alone. Why he chose to leave us alone after what has already occurred between us will remain an unsolved mystery for now. *** What people are sa...

    Completed   Mature
  • 1980s HORROR FILM | short story ✓
    822 80 2

    Greyson Minnette is hopelessly in love with his best friend, Jamie. (HOPELESSLY.) A night by themselves and a cheesy horror film might be just the opportunity he's been searching for. --- Based on the song "1980's Horror Film" by Wallows.

  • Kickflip | bxb
    146K 11.1K 21

    Summer, 2003. An easygoing teen skateboarder and his insensitive best friend must navigate their changing friendship when a flirty boy comes between them. ***** Sixteen-year-old Matteo is a simple dude. It's 2003, his brother is fighting in Afghanistan, and his best friend Logan is obsessed with gay jokes, but Matt do...

  • Cast Party ✓
    1.8K 138 2

    "CANDY GRAM" BONUS MATERIAL When anxious Nick Buckingham is trapped overnight at his friend Josiah's house, will he be able to keep his feelings in check? For him, the answer is a very likely "yes", though he has always been one to deny the truth. ~This is a non-canon one-shot, voted on by "Candy Gram" readers.~

  • Candy Gram ✓
    255K 14.2K 20

    EDITORS' PICK (November 2019) || COMPLETE Nick Buckingham is three things if nothing else: salty, antisocial, and the quintessential gay theatre nerd. He's content to drift through the rest of senior year throwing himself into productions to avoid his peers - until it arrives. As an anonymous classmate begins courting...

  • Chasing Starlight 💫
    2.8K 538 30

    14+// Ashleigh Rendwick never meant to make the star that bound her life to Will, nor did she know the repercussions it would have ten years on. Now, at sixteen, that world of stars is long forgotten. When her path collides with Will and Alründ at a music festival, she can't shake the feeling that she's met them befo...

  • Royal Glass Hearts: Immortal Secrets {A Reverse Harem Romance}
    37.6K 1.7K 19

    Five immortal males. One heir to the Glass Throne. One huge secret. It should have been as simple as Kira laying low and not drawing attention to herself at the Academy. But laying low when your mother is the infamous Cinderella, and you are one of the last sirens, is harder than it sounds. Especially when you acc...

  • Your Mark on Me
    221K 8.7K 54

    *Age-gap romance* 16 year-old Scarlett has two goals in life: becoming a concert pianist, and getting the man of her dreams to love her back... despite the fact that both seem just as impossible! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scarlett co...

  • Primal Fortune
    12K 1.7K 21

    Glamour, mischief, and mystery made Halloween the perfect holiday for a werewolf fortune teller like Ivy Winters. That was until one meddling tarot card decided to stack the deck in favor of complete and utter chaos. Starting with a sexy, matching tattoo attached to very much still human veterinarian. An entry for the...

  • Sleepwalker
    9.1M 372K 26

    When the quiet girl in Clayton Hugh's chemistry class comes knocking on his door at five in the morning barely covered up in her little pajamas, inattentive, and drooling like crazy, he has no choice but to take her inside. But once Lucy Walker wakes up inside a room she has never seen before wearing an over-sized t-s...

  • Kissing Wounds | ✓
    327K 18.5K 32

    After graduating from high school, Mathew sets out to do a two-year missionary service like everyone else his age. Mathew thought that his only problem would be him adjusting to the city as someone who's lived in a farming town all his life. he didn't expect to get so focused on helping Nathaniel recover from his past...

  • Goblin Bride ✔
    623 39 2

    where a certain Goblin King searches for his bride but is in for a pleasant surprise #teamupchallenge #rebelslackers #oneshot #1000words Prompts: 1 - Another blind date 2 - A do-gooder ghost Curve ball chosen: Cigarettes in Hell by Oasis Team Name: Rebel Slackers Teammates: @Dark_Writes - Horror @ESHurricane - SciFi @...

  • Terra (The Vulgari Hybrids, #1) ✔
    636K 40K 50

    COMPLETED ღ (MATURE) Highest Rank: #3 in Werewolf, #25 in Fantasy ❧ What if you were someone who's not supposed to exist? What if everything you love had been taken away from you? You'd lived your whole life with only one goal, revenge. But then you see him... And everything falls apart. He's a full-blooded wolf. She...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Elements of Rage | ✔
    1.1M 37.3K 47

    |COMPLETED| Her name says it all. Rage Falls. Always one to get angry, Rage was also one to get even. And why wouldn't she? With powers unlike the world had ever seen, Rage was ready to show everyone how they made her feel. \\ Original RHHEA Rankings: #1 in Fantasy #2 in General Fiction #6 in Action #13 in Paranormal...

  • Jonah Clarke Is Not Gay
    5M 220K 35

    WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Daniel Evans is trying not to let his crush on Jonah Clarke get in the way of their new found friendship, because Jonah Clarke is definitely not gay. Placed third in the Valentine's Day Contest hosted by @taygetsthegay

  • Forgotten
    634K 28.4K 34

    A reverse harem themed werewolf story. When Alex moved from New York to Oregon, she started dreaming of five wolves. She thought it was just something else her brain had invented to traumatize her after the pain of the last six months. Now she'll have to learn how to get through high school, while dealing with her sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm With The Band [completed]
    2K 109 1

    ...except I'm not. Not anymore. Not since I left four months ago in the middle of the night, after sleeping with my husband's best friend. That my husband is the lead singer of Euphoric -- yeah, bet you didn't know Mal had a secret wife! -- and his best friend is Big, the drummer, just means this sh*t's gotten complic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mountain [18+] ✔️ Complete
    400K 12.6K 28

    Four best friends. One mountain. One delightfully sexy mountain guide. It's a recipe for a great vacation, but nothing is ever what it seems. Warning: There's erotic scenes up in here. Beware graphic depictions of steamy descriptive sex. Also coarse language and drug use.

    Completed   Mature