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  • The Legend of Zelda: Princess of Time
    25.9K 707 34

    The Legend of Zelda: Princess of Time "My Fate, My Destiny." ~Princess (Name)~ Your seven years of waiting had begun. Tells a story about how the Princess of Time stands strong from the hardships, pain and ruin lurking in the future. She is willing to risk her life for the sake of her loved ones and how she willingly...

  • I'd Give My Life | BotW Link x Reader
    1.8K 82 9

    You've been scorched by the blazing sun in the Gerudo Desert, drowned by the the rapids of Zora's Domain, frozen by the frigid air of Rito Village, and sweltered by the incandescence of Death Mountain. What else will Hylia throw at you? Being passed around the province's of Hyrule was tough, not being anywhere you re...

  • Yes Captain (Botw Link x reader)
    2.4K 75 9

    As we all probably know, Link, champion of hyrule, was a very different person before the strike of calamity ganon. This is a story of said champion, and another talented knight, you. If you hadn't already realized, this takes place 100 years before the game Breath of the Wild takes place. Fair warning, my update sche...