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  • The Abyss of You
    915 106 7

    Lea is confused. Like most 25-year-olds, she's got a lot of things to figure out. The past few months have been pretty rocky. She's been doing her best to get her life back on track. But coming back from a depression, moving out, kick-starting her career as an event planner, and meeting an amazing guy might be a litt...

  • Beyond the Lines - Vol. III
    454K 33.4K 81

    When yet another curveball puts Andy and Lex's relationship into serious jeopardy, the stakes become higher than they've ever been, forcing the couple to fight not only for their love but also for their lives. ***** Life seems hell-bent on keeping A...

    Completed   Mature
  • Below the Lines - Vol. II
    913K 53.9K 80

    As it turns out, the man Andy fell in love with is more of a mystery than she first thought. When they give their relationship another chance, it's not long before Lex's secrets begin to unravel, threatening their happily ever after. ***** Heartbrok...

    Completed   Mature