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  • Dating Father Time's Daughter (Book 1)
    8.1K 1.7K 55

    Joe Means was the prototypical "average-Joe," until the day he met a Time Keeper named Pixie. Ever since, he's gone from flipping burgers to twirling scythes and ensuring the balance of time. This is "Dating Father Time's Daughter" Cover made by: royalhues KB2 Pro...

  • Awakening
    178 20 7

    Morgana Huntswolf was the most powerful vampire ever to roam the earth, and she's been missing for two years. Now, The Huntswolf clan believes their matriarch's lost spirit has been reincarnated in Grace Whitall. After finding Grace, The mysteriously silent vampire hunter Elle, is determined to protect her at all cost...

  • Eve
    2M 148K 47

    -Featured Story -Wattys 2016 Winner Eve's a vegan zombie, and she really doesn't care what you think of it, so shush it. All she wants is to get by and find some pigeons or a fat rat - anything without a name she can eat before she starves to death in What's-Left-of-Los-Angeles, California. Because I don't care what y...

  • Alien Diamond (Season 1)
    186 20 8

    Ashton and Ryan Emmet, twin brothers from planet Earth, along with Alicia Willis, Ryan's girlfriend, go on through the Milky Way Galaxy alongside others to stop the resurrection of the Great Empire of the Klih'otsu, an ancient alien civilization that used to inhabit the Milky Way Galaxy until their extinction 1.8 Mill...

  • Flashing Lights (Boy x Boy)
    117 20 5

    Set in a futuristic Tokyo, two of the strongest detectives in Japan work together to solve the murders of numerous high profile celebrities. The more they investigate however, the more they begin to question their own ideas of reality. (Authors Note: Feel free to leave feedback and comments on the story and don't be a...

  • Evolution from the Ashes of Extinction: Re-evolution
    1K 329 183

    Note: This is written in movie script format, you have been warned. Note: Make sure to read Evolution from the Ashes of Extinction first After escaping the facility after 24 years of experimentation, Pure now runs the Destiny Fort as a hero and the commander of the Destiny Team. They faced many battles, enemies an...

  • ʙʀᴇᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴏꜰ ᴅᴀᴡɴ
    405 98 26

    *********HIGHEST RANKINGS********* #587 in blood #467 in teenagers #96 in spirits #57 in garnets #4 in betrothed #133 in mystery-thriller #916 in revenge Jonathan Jameson is found dead early hours of Saturday morning, but no clues leading to the suspect. What changes it all is when it is revealed that he died having...

    43.5K 2.8K 34

    [ BOOK ONE of The Immortal Series] Alana has always felt there was something about the dreams she had that were different from normal. That's why she tried so hard to paint them...maybe getting them out there will keep these nightmarish monsters and eerily fairy tale like beings from plaguing her peaceful sleep. How c...

  • Otherkind
    120 13 5

    Quince Island is a small island located in the south Pacific Ocean, though it is no ordinary island. Its residents have extraordinary gifts, the sources of which are unknown. When fifteen-year-old Natasha Fields finally gets her powers, her life changes dramatically, and family secrets are revealed; including some abo...

  • Crimson Qi, Exiled Beautiful Lady Falls in Love with a Shy Demon
    43.7K 3K 99

    An unlucky noblewoman precipitates a civil war and falls for a half-demonic beggar with a self-destructive healing talent. Summary: Tien Lyn was born lucky, but her luck ran out fast. Tossed like a pebble by the currents of politics and magic, she lives in the accursed 'interesting times', on the eve of a civil war. H...

  • The World Of Eirene
    170 14 3

    The passage of time has brought about many worlds. Amongst those worlds, a goddess, Eirene, was given life. Shortly after her birth, she created a world of her own . A world she loved and held close to her heart. A world filled with beauty and chaos. One without name. Out of love, Irene spoiled the lives she created...

  • Doorways
    51.1K 588 4

    Taylen is loving her first year of college until a routine drive home catapults her into a medieval land where trust is a luxury she can no longer afford. Alone in a land ruled by suspicion and strange social dictates, she must discover others she can rely on if she hopes to survive long enough to find a way home.