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  • Asterism
    220K 10.8K 39

    ☆ as·ter·ism /ˈastəˌrizəm/: a prominent pattern or group of stars, typically having a popular name but smaller than a constellation ☆ Praise for 'Asterism' "I freaking love you and this book author. The Aidley story is the best series I've ever read. There is something about their connection that touches me like no o...

  • Lettie
    1.2M 33.2K 43

    Born into the Romano family after seven generations of no females birthed, Scarlett Isabelle Romano aka Little Lettie is the most loved and protected little girl ever with her father being her best friend, her mommy being her biggest supporter and her brothers being her knights. Not to mention her grampa, gramma, papa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Life of a little sister
    2.1M 49.2K 40

    6 Brothers. 6 overprotective, annoying, ill tempered, pig headed, strong, caring, thoughtful brothers. It's not easy, but who's life is? They're a pain in the butt but without them I wouldn't be the person I am today, ~ Read how Lydia deals with her overbearing brothers :)

  • Sofia Mandela and her soldiers [Part I And Part II]
    1.1M 29.9K 69

    Coming back from her trip in London Sofia finds out that her mother had cancer and it was her last day to live. Sofia stays with her heartbroken until she passed. The next day her father, a CEO of the biggest company in the world, shows up and takes her with him. But is her father who he claims to be and what's this...

  • Hopeless Romantic | ✔️
    113K 6.3K 59

    It's been a year since Clay, otherwise known as Porkchop, planned the graduation event in Newport Beach. The event where a handsome Tyler Hamilton caught Clay off guard by kissing him. Clay, up until that day, had never kissed a boy before. At 24 years old, Clay finally has come to terms with his sexuality: he's bisex...

    Completed   Mature
  • Before Summer Ends
    198K 5.8K 35

    WATTYS 2018 WINNER ❝What happens in summer, stays in summer.❞ • • • • • Six lightning tattoos swear the drunken memories and hazy hookups of six teenage kids to secrecy. • • • • • Copyright © 2021 by spirabilis | All Rights Reserved

  • Love Always, Ireland
    677K 28.7K 40

    Annie Jacobs travels to Ireland for one final college assignment. All is going well until she accidentally insults one of the biggest musicians on the planet - Travis Sparks. One thing leads to another and...what happens in Ireland must stay in Ireland... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reliving Yesterday ✔
    368K 15.1K 44

    Alexandra Hale is the perfect, lovable girl-next-door who has a hatred for thumping music and a soft spot for her hyperactive friend. Parker Wesley is a Dad's nightmare extraordinaire, with a dark secret he keeps hidden from everyone, even his own father. When the secrets of his life come in to haunt him, Parker find...

  • Best Friends with the Player ✔️ (The Player #1)
    12.9M 467K 42

    player (n) : a male who is skilled at seducing women and is only interested in sex. Santana Marie Klaus has always had a crush on her best friend, Daemon Matthews ever since he saved her from a big bully making fun of her pigtails. A crush that has remained unknown to Daemon for just as long. A crush tha...

  • Mommy's Little Secrets (Left #1)
    905K 27K 25

    Sabrina Harrison and Josh Parker have been best friends since the beginning of freshman year. During high school, they began dating and planned to continue dating all through college too. Little did Sabrina know that the plan would change with a simple note after she just found out she was pregnant. Four years later...

  • Fighting For Life (published)
    14.2M 246K 56

    Aubry Hill is a quiet girl with a scary past and even scarier future. Aiden Clark is a guy who is pissed off at the world because of the tragedies that seem to follow him around everywhere he goes. Both are similar in more ways than they know, and will soon find out just how deep their bond can actually go. What happ...

    Completed   Mature
  • You're Mine
    8.7M 257K 72

    "You're mine. And no one else's, got that?" Hunter asked looking down at me with a serious expression displayed on his face. Cover by: fatii227 ^_^

  • Just Press Send (Just Press Send Book 1)
    991K 47.4K 42

    Eighteen-year-old Nat falls for five different boys during her first month at college, but never openly admits her crushes - until one night she drunk texts all five of them. She finds her freshman year turned upside down as she navigates the world of first love. ...

  • Never Met a Girl Like Her | ✔️
    3.5M 130K 47

    "Wanna watch?" She rolled onto her back and smiled, drawing her lip between her teeth as her hand trailed down her front and dipped between her legs. I swallowed and snatched her wrist. "Mmm," she softly moaned. "Alright. You can do it for me." Leonie, a heart broken, emotionally damaged seventeen year old, meets...

  • Her Saving Grace
    2M 53.5K 44

    Kayla Green is not your typical girl. She is known and she has friends. People talk to her because of her easy going personality and caring attitude. Even though Kayla seems happy at school and is always chirpy, she didn't have things easy at home, so she uses school and her friends as a way of escaping her problems...

  • You're mine (#1)
    15.2M 459K 40

    ||#1 Teen Fiction|| *Book 1 of the You're Mine series* Damon Queen- the dangerous, arrogant billionaire who doesn't like it when people disobey him. He never hesitates, he could kill with cold blood and cares about nothing. Natalie Sene- the girl with a troubled past, sometimes too feisty and just wants to be free. W...

  • You're Back (#3)
    532K 17.6K 19

    READ FIRST: "You're Mine" And "You're Free" **************** It's been 5 years since the death of Natalie Sene, who committed suicide in Damon Queen's penthouse. Or at least that's what he thinks happened. As the 30 year old billionaire's business blossoms, he finds himself interested in his young assistant Rachel...

  • I Need You To Love Me [published]
    6.5M 1.5K 4

    [PREVIEW] Together they are nothing more than madness, but they say there's always some madness in love. Six years have passed since he destroyed her life. Four years have passed since she's brought him to his knees. Ace became the youngest boxing champion in the world. He's dangerous, heartless, and always gets his...

  • The Silent One ✔
    4.8M 154K 60

    They say that the silent ones have the loudest minds. After pleading guilty to assault and grand theft auto chargers, Evangeline Sanders is sentenced to two and a half years in a Juvenile prison. Upon her release, Eva is put in the custody of her grandparents in San Francisco. She starts her new school with a dangero...

  • The Broken One ✔
    186K 8.2K 46

    They say that two broken people can either create something whole or break each other further. Playboy Ned Carter is forced to quit his old habits when his best friend gets pregnant. His friend Sam hires his single adaptable ambitious sister Sarah to teach Ned how to be a gentleman, in hopes of him ending up in a mean...

  • The Way We Were Before
    5M 120K 50

    Easton was Luna's closest friend until a family tragedy tore them apart. Five years later, a mysterious invitation brings them back together - and Luna's life will never be the same. ***** It's been five years since a deadly fire took the lives of L...

  • Here We Go Again.
    168K 4.2K 69

    Jo Carter, is a teenage girl that lives in New York, she's sarcastic, funny and not your typical girly-girl type but she's a bad bitch for sure. She goes to Jamison High. She's almost a class clown that, makes everyone laugh and the teachers love and hate her you could say. That's when a new guy comes into the view. N...

  • The Silence | ✔️
    4.1M 174K 45

    Arian Moore is living a life of hell. Married to an abusive top dog Lawyer, she has never felt more alone in her life. But when she meets Aiden Emerson, she feels a new sort of hope for a better life. But Aiden has some secrets of his own. He has blood on his hands and a dark and dangerous ethic. "I just didn't want...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Spawns
    5M 176K 51

    The Spawns are back in town. With Cole and Jayden freshly out of their first year of University, Lilibeth in vacation for the summer and Maika finally out of her boarding school, mischief is on the horizon. But their summer takes an unexpected turn when Dakota Taylor, Cole's cousin, arrives. She's just as crazy as the...

  • The Benefits of Sexting
    14.9M 508K 53

    Danny's life gets turned upside down when she receives a mysterious sext from the school's notorious bad boy. ***** Danny Ashmore never imagined starting her senior year off with a broken heart and a pregnant sixteen-year-old sister. As her sister's...

  • Stuck With The Cassidy Boys
    452K 9.8K 50

    When Emerson Davis loses her Mother in a car crash, her dad turns to abuse to let out his anger... Until he's arrested! Emerson is sent to live with Holly and Mike Cassidy and their 8 sons, what could go wrong? All the boys fall for Emerson but they aren't aware of her past, or her secret badgirl complex

  • The Babysitters
    3.5M 196K 48

    A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY #1 IN HUMOR "SATAN!" Gabby grinned, out of the blue. "Dude, why on earth will you find us a ship name? That too SATAN?" I complained, while Jenny slapped her forehead. * Rebellious, fierce, and outspoken. Samantha Harris is everything you could ask...

  • I Got You |✔ (Available on InsNovel)
    9M 46.8K 9

    Wrong Place. Wrong Time. Right Guy. ◇Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction, #1 in New Girl, #2 in Thriller, #5 in Featured, #5 in Bad Boy◇ (TwistClichè) ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ And before I could even begin to process what emotions I saw in him, he had stepped closer, pulling my face to his. At...

  • Gangleader's Girl ✔
    824K 18K 50

    ||Highest Rank: #11 in Humor|| She is innocent, bubbly, kind and sweet. She always helps others even if it be a bloody murderer. She always do things before thinking. She is Angela Woodson. ♡•♡•♡ He was dangerous, ruthless and a gangleader. He never helps others. Never thought about it. He never thinks before he kil...

  • Madam Mafia
    13M 341K 88

    Rose Amor is the school nerd. She wears big black glasses and keeps her long black hair in a ponytail. She stays out of drama and keeps to herself. She knows that's the only way to hide from her past, so she's happy like that. No risks = no trouble. Ryder Brown is the school's new student, soon to be the schools, bad...